Wednesday, February 08, 2017

NEW REVIEW : The Practice Wife by Marissa Monteilh

4 out of 5 books

Misha is a 44-year-old real estate agent who yearns to be married with children. She thought that she had a future with Carson but it was not to be. They broke up and Carson got married the next day. Misha is on the road to single motherhood as she prepares for IVF with her frozen eggs. She’s so focused on the upcoming procedure that she has no time for another relationship. But when Dr. Devonta Hill suddenly enters the picture, Misha may be having second thoughts. Will Misha give him a chance?

Marissa Monteillh paints a very accurate picture of how the dating scene is for a professional woman in her 40s with The Practice Wife. There are so many women out here like Misha who spend time “cleaning up” a man and get nothing in return. Monteith does a good job of including heartbreak, humor, and an unexpected love story in this novel. The Practice Wife is a refreshing read that would be a perfect book club selection.

Reviewed by Radiah

NEW REVIEW : LUST by Victoria Christopher Murray

 5 out of 5 books


 Being a granddaughter of a pastor, Tiffanie’s life has basically been laid out for her. Everything changes when she meets Damon. Damon is a very successful businessman in the entertainment industry and a former drug dealer. Their life together seems like a match made in heaven until Damon's best friend and former partner Trey gets out of prison. Trey blames Damon for everything that has happened to him and wants to get payback. Trey will stop at nothing to bring down his former friend and whoever else is in the way, including Tiffanie. 

Author Victoria Christopher Murray does an amazing job of telling the story of Tiffanie who leads a structured life. I've always enjoyed reading the novels of VCM, because of how she brings you into the story. You can imagine how the characters feel emotionally, their looks, and how they deal with each situation they encounter. Her stories deal with situations that you can understand. 

Lust is definitely a good book and keeps you at the edge of your seat until the last page. You will not be disappointed with this novel by Victoria Christopher Murray. 

Reviewed by Jackie

New Review : The Perfect Affair : Angela Henry

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