Thursday, June 30, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Elbert Lewis Jr. - The Dawn of Man

The Dawn of MANElbert Lewis, Jr.
The Dawn of Man
Available Now!
2 out of 5 books

Mark Olson is a law school graduate, former Marine and trained federal investigator. Mark and his partner are on assignment investigating the brutal murder and rape of a young black girl named Treanna Johnson. While interviewing some of Treanna's teachers, Mark saw someone that looked familiar...moreso a ghost from the past. Could it be his old marine buddy that served with him in Vietnam 40 years ago? The same man that he saw killed? If so, why does he looks like he has not aged? And how could this be?

These questions are soon to be answered. Logan is a teacher that took an interest in Treanna Johnson and wants nothing more that those responsible for the death of Treanna to be brought to Justice. Really, that should be the furthest thing from Logan's mind since the whole planet may cease to exist in the near future and will be responsible for saving the human race.

Dawn of Man by Elbert Lewis Jr. was a very difficult read for me due to the scientific otherworld terminology and details. The story started out decent enough and then soon became dull and, for lack of a better word, boring. Although, I am not really a reader of science fiction, maybe readers who enjoy this genre may get into this book more than I did. Mr. Lewis is definitely a thought provoking author but unfortunately, this just wasn't my cup of tea.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Rhonda Bowen - Man Enough For Me

Man Enough For MeRhonda Bowen
Man Enough For Me
Available Now!
4 out of 5 books

Jules Jackson was starting to succeed in her career. She had friends that loved her, but she had not found that one true love...not until she met Germaine Williams. Germaine is a successful businessman who's also looking for that one special person. There's just one problem: Germaine is holding onto a secret that he cannot let anyone find out about. With Jules, each time she meets someone, she gets a feeling that there's something not right, and immediately breaks it off.  When Germaine and Jules meet, it's like magic. They are so into each other, and they both think they have found "the one." Well, Jules starts to get that feeling that something is not right, and soon finds out that Germaine is not all that he says he is. 

When I started to read Man Enough for Me, it started off slow, and I was starting to lose interest in completing this book. But as I read on, it started to pick up because of Germaine's secret, and I wanted to know how Jules would take it and if she would stay with him after finding out. It started to pique my interest because the suspense started to kick in and the storyline started picking up and I could not put it down until I knew what Germaine was hiding. I thought Ms. Bowen did a good job with interjecting some of the drama that actually happens today. All in all, I enjoyed Man Enough for Me, and I'm looking forward to reading future works by Ms. Bowen. 

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Michele Grant - Sweet Little Lies

Sweet Little LiesMichele Grant - 
Sweet Little Lies
Available Now!
5 out of 5 books

Journalist and three times engaged Christina Brinsley has had her share of bad romances. When a young brash delivery man named Steven comes to her rescue from one of them, she thanks him but won't give him the time of day. He's too young, not on her level, and she doesn't have the heart to take another disappointment from a man. Will her attitude change about him when they meet again? Or five years later?  

Professor Steven Williams hadn't forgotten about the woman who made him a man five years ago and a success today. But will she give him any serious consideration now?  

Sweet Little Lies by Michele Grant is a sexy, smooth, and spicy read for summer romance! I really loved this book. It just melts into your mind. I wish this would become a movie one day because it would be great to watch.  Sweet Little Lies is a great book that you are sure to enjoy.

Reviewed by Dee Stewart for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Gwyneth Bolton - At First Kiss

At First Kiss (Kimani Romance)Gwyneth Bolton
At First Kiss
Available Now!
5 out of 5 books

After 10 years, Troy Singleton and Jasmine "Jazz" Stewart are still at each other's throat. When their best friends got married 10 years ago, Jazz thought Troy was the sexiest, most arrogant man she had ever met. Troy thought Jazz was a real looker but not worth all the drama. Even though Troy thinks Jazz is one of the most annoying women he knows, when he sees her in distress, he comes to her aid. According to the will of Jazz's recently deceased mother, she has got to get married in order to claim her inheritance. Jazz, a self proclaimed serial dater, has not given her heart to any man and Troy, a player to the end, will never give up his player card. When these two marry for convenience, they both enter a world that is both foreign and intriguing. Will Jazz and Troy be able to overcome all the obstacles that are thrown at them and make their marriage of convenience one that can last a lifetime?

At First Kiss by Gwyneth Bolton is a great read. Bolton is a writer that does a excellent job of developing primary and secondary characters. All of the characters in this book are very likable and help draw you into the story. She also develops the plot and setting in a way that keeps you turning page after page to see what will happen next. There was also a humorous aspect between the main characters that has you routing for their relationship to survive.  I highly recommend At First Kiss.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Portia A. Cosby - Disgruntled Wives Club

The Disgruntled Wives ClubPortia A. Cosby
Disgruntled Wives Club
Available Now!
5 out of 5 books!

Sometimes we wonder why we're in a dead end relationship and why we continue to stay when there is only one person doing all the work. Meet the women of DWC (Disgruntled Wives Club). Dana, Willow, and Crystal were not only best friends, but they all held memberships in DWC.

Dana Hall is tired. She has been pulling all the weight in the household. Her husband, Ric, had more excuses and lies than anyone she knows, and she had come so close to leaving, but her two boys made her stay in this marriage. Dana has turned a blind eye to to his late nights, text messages and e-mails. But Dana has reached her breaking point when she comes across a videotape. Dana must make a choice, but will the consequence of her decision break up her family for good?

Willow Townsend's life is spinning in an upward tornado. Willow loved and was loyal to her husband Vaughn,  and she would do anything for her husband. But Vaughn is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He can be the sweetest, most attentive husband; but then seconds later, he snaps and she's the one holding ice packs. When Willow realizes her birth mother wants to meet her, she has a deadly encounter with her husband. Will Willow continue to defend her abusive husband, or will she realize that she does not deserve to be abused and seek justice?

Crystal Moss is married to an R&B Superstar, Dante. Crystal understands that in her husband profession, there are plenty of temptations...including groupies. Crystal had a motto; as long as Dante didn’t disrespect her or bring home anything to her, then there relationship was good. Things take an awful turn when Crystal is diagnosed with a STD. Crystal must decide if she will walk away from the glitz, glamour and well as her marriage.

Disgruntled Wives Club by Portia A. Cosby is a must read from beginning to end. I think everyone can relate to this novel and the author did an excellent job of telling each woman’s story, I’m sure we know someone or can relate to each of the main characters in this book. Hands down, Disgruntled Wives Club is a great book. If your looking for a great read, Disgruntled Wives Club needs to be on your list.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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Friday, June 03, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Alexis Grant - Sizzle And Burn

Sizzle and Burn (The Men of Delta Force)Alexis Grant
Sizzle And Burn
Available June 28th, 2011
4 out of 5 books

It has been 10 years since Dr. Mia Santiago has seen Captain Ryan Mason but the minute the two are reunited, it is like no time has passed. But a lot has changed about the girl from Spanish Harlem and the boy from Bed-Stuy. Mia now has her PhD in geology and Ryan is Delta Force in the US Military. They both got the career they wanted, but neither has had much luck in the love department. When Ryan realizes Mia is the one that he has been sent to protect, and Mia realizes her life is in danger, the stakes become higher. Now that these two have found each other again, will Ryan be able to keep her safe?

Sizzle and Burn by Alexis Grant is a good read. Grant does a fantastic job of developing the primary and secondary characters in the story. She also does a great job of keeping the story flowing. There were some underdeveloped parts in the plot that seemed as if they didn't fit. Had they been developed more, they may not have seemed so random. However, it was not significant enough to take away from the overall plot. I would still put Sizzle and Burn on the must read list.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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