Friday, February 29, 2008

The Forthcoming: E. N. Joy - Me Myself and Him

Me Myself And Him
Available Now!

Locksie grew up in the church-against her will- thanks to her holier than thou mother. But now that she's all grown-up, she's her own woman and church is the last thing on her mind; her live-in boyfriend, Dawson, is the first. Locksie has shared a wonderful three years with Dawson without half the drama that her clients in the salon she manages has had in their relationships. But lately, Locksie begins to feel as though something is missing from her near perfect romance. When she goes to her favorite aunt, Mary, for some guidance, she doesn't like the direction her aunt is trying to steer her in. Locksie quickly realizes, though, that she can run from her problems, but she can't hide from the truth.
Hannah is one of Locksie's faithful clients who tries to offer her some advice, but Hannah's got issues of her own. She's struggling in trying to forgive her husband for the affair he had, while at the same time be a stepmother to the child who was a result of his affair. And all the while with the child's mother taunts Hannah every chance she gets.

In Me, Myself & Him, the characters are torn between holding on to the person they believe is the love of their life, or having to let go for the one thing that's missing from their life.




Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Forthcoming: Michelle Taylor - Troubles Won't Last Always

Michelle Taylor
Troubles Won't Last Always
Available Now!
Trouble Won't Last Always is an exemplification of beauty, strength, and confidence as four women's search for love bonds them together. Mia's search for love takes her in all the wrong places in turbulent relationships. Imani, the rock of the women, holds onto her sanity with prayer and perseverance. Jasmine, the extravagant one of the bunch, exemplifies the phase "one life to live." Summer is the more "settled" one of the group and basically maintains the peace.
Mia has some obstacles to overcome in her life just for being a black woman and being a highly intellectual one at that. As each of these women share an unspoken bond and each has tremendously different lives that intertwine into one, it becomes impossible for them to cope without the strength and knowledge of the other. Mia's problem is that she desires love, but love fails her every time.
The ultimate failure of love is when she loses all of her children in a fire. Mia discovers that at this point perhaps a higher calling is seeking her attention. However, she feels that it's almost unrealistic to think she could turn to God at this point in her life. The women find out that life keeps on going in spite of the pain, and although it hurts like hell, they discover that in spite of it all, God becomes a resting place and life begins anew.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Forthcoming: Various Authors - Girls From Da Hood 4

Various Authors
Girls From Da Hood 4
Available Now!
Like its predecessors, Girls from da Hood 4 introduces you to women from the streets of Brooklyn who know how to be on that grind. In “Prada Plan,” you meet Disaya Morgan. She is a person of meager beginnings who vowed never to be that way again. She’s about making money and doesn’t care what she has to do to get it. If it’s dangerous, that just means the payout will be that much sweeter. But when she learns that one of her business dealings is about to go horribly wrong, she’s looking to get out for self-preservation. Could it be too late? Enter Disaya’s world of mind-blowing sex and quick cash as she puts you on to the Prada Plan.  In “Real B!tches Do Real Things,” Jada Simone is one of the realest “b!tches” in New York. She keeps it hood, and the hood loves her for it—until she writes a tell-all book. Now the hood that once loved her for keeping it real has ostracized her. It’s left to Jada to make things right. This story will have you guessing until the most surprising end! In “Last Woman Standing,” Londa is highly respected on the streets of Brooklyn for being a female hustler. She started making her paper with her partner, Blake, but when he gets sent upstate, she maintains by holding down the blocks by herself. She doesn’t need her good looks to get her money like other girls in her hood, and that’s why even the male hustlers give her respect. Still, with all of the money and power, Londa is looking to settle down. But as anyone from the streets can tell you, settling down is not that simple, especially when your partner gets out of prison. Now Londa is learning of lies, betrayal and deceit that she never saw coming.When she is asked to make one final score, will she fall victim to the corruption around her or will she come out of this as the last woman standing?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Forthcoming: LaTonya Y. Williams - Messin' Up - February 26, 2008

LaTonya Y. Williams
Messin' Up
February 26, 2008

As a troubled teen, Daneisha gave her mother, LeQuisha, pure hell. Now she's all grown up with a fierce attitude. While her baby's father Lamium is working to become the next drug lord in Jacksonville , she is enjoying the glamorous life. But, it's not enough for Daneisha, who engages in risky sexual escapades to feed her expensive tastes.

Ignoring criticism from her mother that she barely spends time with her own son and needs to get her life together, Daneisha sets out her own destructive path. But, it's only a matter of time before Lamium learns of her extracurricular activities.

High drama, intrigue, and suspense combine in this stunning new novel.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Forthcoming: Teri Denine - Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Teri Denine
Whatever Gets You Through The Night
Available Now!
At 26, newlywed Bari Jordan has achieved more than most women her age, especially when she lands a highly-coveted position as an advertising executive at one of New York City's top companies. But maintaining such an important position requires long hours and lots of time away from her perfect husband Earl and their love nest. Her high school sweetheart is having trouble of his own working for his father at their family-owned paper mill and struggling with unresolved family problems that have tormented him since childhood. With no one at home to talk to and Bari too busy climbing the corporate ladder of success, Earl begins to feel alone. Not to mention his ego is challenged when he loses his job and Bari becomes the sole breadwinner. After Earl is lured into an underground world of deception, he emerges as a dark, sinister stranger to Bari--terrorizing her and spiraling their relationship into an emotional abyss. And when Bari's life become at stake, she turns to a Jamaican spiritualist for help. But will the spiritualist and the talisman that her grandmother handed down to her be enough to save her from a path where even angels would fear to tread?

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Forthcoming: Carleen Brice - Orange Mint And Honey

Carleen Brice
Orange Mint and Honey
Available Now!

Broke and burned-out from grad school, Shay Dixon does the unthinkable after receiving a “vision” from her de facto spiritual adviser, blues singer Nina Simone. She phones Nona, the mother she had all but written off, asking if she can come home for a while.

When Shay was growing up, Nona was either drunk, hungover, or out with her latest low-life guy. So Shay barely recognizes the new Nona, now sober and with a positive outlook on life, a love of gardening, and a toddler named Sunny. Though reconciliation seems a hard proposition for Shay, something unmistakable is taking root inside her, waiting to blossom like the morning glories opening up in Nona’s garden sanctuary.

Soon Shay finds herself facing exciting possibilities and even her first real romantic relationship. But when an unexpected crisis hits, even the wise words and soulful melodies of Nina Simone may not be enough for solace. Shay begins to realize that, like orange mint and honey, sometimes life tastes better when bitter is followed by sweet.


Monday, February 11, 2008

On The Line w/Radiah Hubbert - February 2008 - Electa Rome Parks

February 2008

Electa Rome Parks talks to Radiah Hubbert about:
- Her newest novel 'Ladies Night Out'
- Her work in the anthology 'These Are My Confessions'
- Her upcoming projects
- Her thoughts on the AA Fiction market
- And Much More!!!

Click here for our Exclusive Audio Interview
with the Author of 'Ladies Night Out'

Electa Rome Parks

Friday, February 08, 2008

On The Line w/Radiah Hubbert - February 2008 - Valerie Wilson Wesley

February 2008

Valerie Wilson Wesley talks to Radiah Hubbert about:

- Her new novel 'Of Blood And Sorrow'
- Her children book series
- Her literary journey
- Her advice to aspiring authors
- Her thoughts on the book industry
- And Much More!!!

Click here for our Exclusive Audio Interview
with the Author of 'Of Blood And Sorrow'

Valerie Wilson Wesley