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NEW REVIEW: Jason McCammon - The Ancient Lands: Warrior Quest: Search for the Ifa Scepter

The Ancient Lands: Warrior Quest: Search for the Ifa ScepterJason McCammon -
The Ancient Lands: Warrior Quest: Search for the Ifa Scepter -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Attention: To any movie producers, script writers, or someone that is looking to make that next book into a blockbuster movie. Look no further...The Ancient Lands: Warrior Quest: Search for the Ifa Scepter by Jason McCammon is "that" book.

At the age of fifteen, Bomani cannot recall a time when he ever felt worthy of the crown of his father, the King of Ufalme. Bomani always felt like he lived in the shadows of his older warrior brother, Mongo. One day, he overheard his father telling one of his advisors that the drought would affect the kingdom's livelihood, and the only way the drought could be lifted is by the retrieval of the Ifa Scepter. That night, Bomani steals the map from the King's advisor and sets out on a journey for the Ifa Sceptor. Shortly into his journey, he meets a girl by the name of Farra.  Farra is a young sorceress who is just attaining her powers, and the magical sacred bond between her and her wolf pup has just begun. From here, Bomani and Farra venture into the "Forbidden Expanse." Their search for the Ifa Scepter proves to be quite difficult, and they must fight to stay alive.

The Ancient Lands: Warrior Quest: Search for the Ifa Scepter by Jason McCammon is a magical adventure filled with warriors, sorcery, magical runes, hungry panthers, ogres, sprites, flying creatures, shape shifters and so much more. This was an awesome debut. I really could see this book brought to life on the big screen. If you enjoy fantasy-type books, I would recommend The Ancient Lands to readers of all ages.

A quote from the book that sticks out for me: "Life is full of, what ifs. Ask yourself, what if you succeed."

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews 
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NEW REVIEW: Nicolette - The Paper Chase

The Paper ChaseNicolette -
The Paper Chase -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

Kay Whitaker is back with even more drama than ever. Kay looks to get revenge on her sister, Kim, for sleeping with her husband. But did Kim really sleep with Kay’s husband, or was it just an assumption? Meanwhile, Kay is going through a bitter divorce with Gregory, and she’s trying desperately to get him back. With her dwindling back account, Kay needs to make some fast money and devises a plan to do just that. But her plan starts to spiral out of control, and Kay soon finds herself on the run. With double crosses and a murder charge looming, Kay needs to disappear quickly. Will she come out of this unscathed?

The Paper Chase is an exciting sequel to Paper Doll by Nicolette. Nicolette once again brings us into the chaotic life of Kay Whitaker. Just when you think that Kay’s behavior couldn’t get any worse, there’s a curveball thrown in that proves you wrong. This story moves very fast and will keep a reader’s attention until the very end. Nicolette also surprisingly includes a character from her second novel, Friction, which kept things very interesting. This book is full of deception, secrets, and murder that will have you wondering what’s going to happen next in this saga. The Paper Chase is a book that will leave you begging for the next installment of the series.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Anthony Fields - The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice (Wahida Clark Presents Publishing)Anthony Fields -
The Ultimate Sacrifice -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

Antonio ‘Ameen’ Felder, Luther Khadafi Fuller, Vernon Boo Dammons, and Harold Umar Howard are all incarcerated at Beaumont Penintentiary. Khadafi masterminds the murder of snitch Keith Barnett, and the other three friends participate in the heinous crime. All are facing a life sentence when this incident’s investigation points to them. Ameen makes the ultimate sacrifice and accepts the charge with the strict instruction that Khadafi is to take care of his family with no excuses.

Khadifi embraces his freedom on roller skates as he dives headfirst into the game of murder, money, and mayhem in DC. Khadafi’s uncle, Marquette, orchestrates the killer in his ruthless mission to cease and dominate any and all that Marquette will target for gain as well as personal vendettas. Upon their release, Boo and Umar fall captive to Khadafi’s spell in their quest for money, and their promise to Ameen becomes irrelevant.

The Ultimate Sacrifice is an incredibly fast-paced read that engrosses the reader with its vivid and realistic depiction into the lives of cold blooded killers and their victims. Anthony Fields masterfully delivers a very common plot, but his proficient skills allow his natural talent become a prevalent stamp that make this read an extraordinary tale. Life, death, hope, despair, love, loyalty, selfishness, atonement, and sacrifice runs its course throughout the pages of this thrilling read as it challenges the reader to consider the consequences of promises made and promises broken. A thoroughly developed and enjoyable novel! Major kudos Mr. Fields! Kudos, my brotha!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Trisha R. Thomas - Un-Nappily in Love

Un-Nappily in Love
Trisha R. Thomas -
Un-Nappily in Love -
Available Now! -
3.5 out of 5 books -

Venus and Jake are back again with more issues than ever before. Jake has embarked on a new career as a movie star and is living in the spotlight. But things get a little complicated when his sexy co-star Sirena Lassiter wants to rekindle their relationship from the past, a past that Venus knows nothing about. Sirena also has a secret that could make Jake’s life a living nightmare. It also doesn’t help matters when Venus is feeling like the third wheel in her marriage and wonders what will become of it. Will the price of fame be too much for Venus and Jake?

Un-Nappily in Love is the sixth installment of the Nappily series by Trisha R. Thomas. Thomas brings back the beloved characters of Venus and Jake and throws in a few new interesting ones too. You get to see how Jake’s sudden movie star status disrupts his home life and causes a new set of problems (i.e. the paparazzi.) Trevelle Doval and her storyline could have been left out of this book because it added nothing to this story. There is a shocking twist in this book that readers won’t see coming. But the ending of this book was too unrealistic and too clean to be believable. It looks like there could be a little room for another installment, but it’s hard to imagine where else Thomas could go with these characters. It’s time to end this series because things are just getting way too outlandish. Un-Nappily in Love is still an entertaining read by Trisha R. Thomas.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Delilah Dawson - Wanting It

Wanting ItDelilah Dawson -
Wanting It -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

When Eileen, owner of the online dating service Orchid Souls, needs some "test" subjects, she turns to her friend Jenna to help her out. Since Jenna opened her floral shop, she has not had anytime for romance. So, for Jenna, this is a much needed break. When Eileen has the breakout party for Orchid Souls, Jenna happens to meet Troy, a businessman looking for a little adventure of his own. Like Jenna, Troy has no social life either and thinks that Orchid Souls is the place to take his mind off his business...just for a little while. When Troy and Jenna get together, sparks fly, and neither Troy or Jenna can stop thinking about one another.

When a business opportunity pops up, Troy finds himself in front of the lady he cannot stop thinking about. Not knowing who he really is, Troy plays a little cat and mouse game. Both of them are enjoying the chase, but how long will Jenna be able to keep up his secret before Jenna finds out?

Wanting It is the third and final book of the Orchid Soul trilogy. Author Delilah Dawson hit this one out of the park. I enjoyed how she kept the interest of the reader throughout the novel, and if Jenna was going to find out who Troy really was or not. This is not your normal sappy love story. There was some twists, turns, and juicy parts that made this book a real page turner. If you have not read the prior two books, Up All Night and Better on Top, I highly recommend them. You don't necessarily have to read them, because Wanting It can stand on it's own.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Queenetta Ross-Davis - The Illusion of Everything Sacred

The Illusion of Everything SacredQueenetta Ross-Davis -
The Illusion of Everything Sacred -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

The Illusion of Everything Sacred by Queenetta Davis-Ross is a dramatic episodic fiction illustrating the volatility of marriage and the elusiveness of perceived happiness.

With only hours preceding Queen's wedding, a group of friends are soon about to discover that those they held sacred and at the highest regard was nothing more than an illusion. Queen's sister, Tamia, has been keeping the fact that Devin, her husband of twelve-years, has walked out on her. Everyone, including Tamia, thought that they had the perfect marriage. More than anything, Tamia wants answers to questions such as...why? But Devin refuses to talk. Tamia finds herself stooping to a level that she would have never imagined, and she is about to be pushed to the point of no return.

Deborah is a beautiful, educated and successful woman who is married to an obsessive, controlling man named Michael. Deborah is tired of putting her all into a marriage just to be treated so poorly. The lack of respect that Michael obviously has for Deborah and their marriage has come to a head. Something has got to give. Jackie is the single one of the group, quick to speak her opinion on each and every one of her friends' relationships. No matter who's feelings she may hurt, she is blunt and holds no bars. Queen is just about to walk down the aisle when someone from her past resurfaces and threatens to destroy her happiness.

The Illusion of Everything Sacred by Queenetta Ross-Davis is a story of love, marriage, infidelity, friendship, secrets, lies and drama. From the explosive beginning to the climatic end, this story had me quickly turning the pages. The author does an excellent job in portraying each character's deep emotions into words. This is a story that any woman who has been cheated on or has been "the other woman" can definitely relate to. Aside from some editing issues, The Illusion of Everything Sacred was a great story.  I look forward to reading the next installment in the series.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Sasha James - Two + One = Ecstasy

Two + One = EcstasySasha James -
Two + One = Ecstasy -
Available Now! -
3.5 out of 5 books -

Rock Phillips is back with a whole new set of issues. After leaving the relationship with Dirk and Munro, Rock returned to London to be with his former girlfriend, who is now pregnant. Things don’t work out as planned in London, so Rock returns to New York. He wants to embark on a new polyamory relationship when he meets two successful business women named Elle and Clarke. But will they conform to Rock’s lifestyle, or will they run away from it? Rock also has to decide if being in this type of relationship is good for him in the long run.

Two + One = Ecstasy is a follow-up to One + One = Three by Sasha James. James did a good job of continuing this story with Rock since Dirk and Munro’s story was pretty much done in the previous book. You see the different emotions that Rock goes through when he returns to his life in New York. The story was thought-provoking in the way it showed how he struggled with living the polamory lifestyle and possibly wanting more for himself in the future. The only downside to this novel is that the ending could have been a little more imaginative. Two + One = Ecstasy is still a decent novel by Sasha James.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Stella - Swing Lowe, Sweet Chariote

Swing Lowe, Sweet Chariote -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Chariote Lowe is valedictorian of the class of 1988 at East Technical High School and has a promising future ahead of her. Despite her age, she’s witnessed a lot of harsh realities. Her mother is a drug addict and uses her body as a pawn for her addiction. Chariote has been raised by her grandmother, whom she adores and respects, but just as she’s close to reaching her goal, fate intervenes with the feel of cold steel in her hands. Ace, the local drug dealer with the most clout in the neighborhood, has an attraction to Chariote. Their relationship unveils Chariote’s alter ego whot is cold, callous and unflinching in demeanor as she finds herself assuming the role of murder for hire.

Swing Lowe, Sweet Chariote becomes a mantra in this read as Stella portrays the life of an innocent teen that becomes caught up in a game of danger and death. Editing problems as well as structure proved to be minor distractions. This read addresses immaturity, manipulation, deceit, greed, murder...and would have been a better read with more depth added to character development as well as consistency.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond - Powder Necklace

Powder Necklace: A Novel (Wsp Readers Club)Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond -
Powder Necklace -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

To protect her daughter from the influences of boys and the fast life, Lila's mum sends her to school in Ghana. In her mum's mind, the move to stay with Auntie Irene was for her good, especially after seeing her in the living room with a boy. As innocent as the visit or play time was, Lila's mum was not hearing that. It was settled that she was sending her to Ghana.

Auntie Irene and a few of her classmates offered her tidbits on how to make her time in Ghana a little less complicated. Unfortunately, Lila learned that Ghana was as complicated as a Rubik's cube. Her classmates call her "broni" (translation: white girl) because of where she comes from and her looks. It is almost like the haves and have not with Westerners being the haves. Where does this crazy thinking come from?

Born in Ghana and raised in London, Lila is not used to drinking water which is bad in scent, taste and color, or food being filled with weevils (pantry pest beetle). But in Ghana, it’s all part of her world. At Dadaba School, having water meant you had someone who loved you, money and a relationship with God. If you had no water, then you were poor and you couldn’t bathe. Many of the girls who had no water would go through the final act of bathing, the final act being powder on your neck.

At the end of Lila’s first week at Dadaba School, she wrote to her mum begging her to allow her to come home. Her mum’s response will be one turning point in Lila’s life; "Lila, it doesn’t matter what did or didn’t happen anymore, I just need time." Another pivotal point was Lila’s mum calling her to come home, not because she missed her but to meet her new man. I applaud Lila’s thought process about life, relationship and people’s motives, especially that of her mother.

Powder Necklace by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond was a fantastic journey of a girl coming-of-age story across three continents. The dynamics she dances with from London to Ghana to New York is truly what kept this reader turning page after page. Lila starts out in the story as a frightened little girl with many questions and small ideas about faith, to a young lady who’s able to answer many of her own questions about her mother and knowing she is born again and has triumph over much. Her new mantra is "What doesn’t kill you will make you strong."  Powder Necklace will definitely be a 2011 book of the month discussion for our book club.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Gwyneth Bolton - Make It Last Forever

Make It Last Forever (Kimani Romance)Gwyneth Bolton -
Make It Last Forever -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Karen Williams and Darius "D-Roc" Rollins are soulmates. They have been lovers in all their past lives. In this particular life, Karen is the director of a youth center that she founded after her best friend was killed. Darius is a rapper/actor who is looking for a way to honor his cousin's memory. When Darius enters the youth center, he and Karen both feel a connection. Within a week they both know without a doubt that they are destined to be together-forever. However, there are individuals who will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Can their love in this life stand the test of time?

Make It Last Forever is a unique read by Gwyneth Bolton. Bolton does a fantastic job carrying you back in time to give you insight on the main characters' past lives. She also does a marvelous job of painting a picture of their timeless love. The twist and turns that the author throws at you also adds to the intrigue of the story line. Make It Last Forever definitely stretches the imagination!

Reviewed by Tenecia of Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Kendra Dunn - The Preacher's Daughter

The Preacher's DaughterKendra Dunn -
The Preacher's Daughter -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

The Preacher's Daughter is the story of a preacher's daughter named Shar and her love for a dope boy down the street. Since Shar was twelve-years old, Sean Rodgers a.k.a. Slay has had his eye on her. Shar's exotic looks and being a good girl (not like the average hood rats around the way) attracted him even more. He is determined to win Shar's heart. Right before Shar is headed off to college, something dramatic happens that changes her plans and ultimately the course of her life.

Shar is blinded by the love she has for Slay and the money that affords her the best of everything. She gets into a relationship with Slay even though she is well aware of the fact that Slay has a woman by the name of Aleesha. Aleesha is an older woman that has been with Slay since day one. She knows that she will never be Slay's main chick, but she chooses to stay. Shar is also tormented by Slay's uncontrollable anger and abuse. Will Shar stay, or will she wise up that love is not supposed to hurt?

The Preacher's Daughter by Kendra Dunn was an excellent debut novel. It is a story of having to choose between love or your family. It also shows how a man of God turns his back on his daughter after always preaching the "good word" and the topic of forgiveness. Even though he should have been putting up a fight to bring his daughter home, he instead lets her go. She soon learns that all the material possessions in the world just is not enough for the pain she experiences. I am looking forward to reading the sequel to find out just how this story will play out. I would definitely recommend The Preacher's Daughter by Kendra Dunn!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Various Authors - Flexin' & Sexin' II (Anthology)

Flexin & Sexin Volume 2Various Authors -
Flexin' & Sexin' 2 -
Available Now! -
3.5 out of 5 books -

Hit'Em Up 2 by Erick S. Gray is the continuation of the story Mr. Gray had in the previous Flexin' & Sexin' anthology. In order to really understand this story, you will need to read the first part before reading this one. Afrika has his crew out snatching up innocent females (those he thinks will not be missed), and taking them out of the country to be sold as sex slaves...never to be seen or heard from again. A kidnapping goes terribly wrong, and one of the victims just so happens to be the daughter of someone very important in the community. The police are in search of those responsible, and Afrika puts a hit out on his worker Bay in an attempt to try to leave no one to connect him to this elaborate operation. Bay is determined to get the girls that set him up, leaving his best-friend dead and Bay hanging on for life.

Moving Weight by Ashley & JaQuavis is the story of Dysha and how her life has been turned upside down within 24 hours. With a bag full of money and the one person that she knows she can trust just being murdered right before her very eyes, Dysha is on the run for her life. Determined to get out of the state as fast as she can, Dysha knows with certainty that she will be safe. When she cops a ride from a handsome stranger, she feels as if he may be her angel in disguise. The question he?

Butta Love by Treasure E. Blue is about Maleka Tidwell, a woman who is a sexually frustrated, married woman. Her best friend takes her out to a club on her birthday, and it turns out to be a night she will never forget. There she meets one of the handsome strippers that soon turns her out with a little thug love. What started as a means of quenching Maleka's sexual thirst soon turns out to be a more than she bargained for.

House of Sin by J. Tremble is the story of a handsome young man who is desperate to make money. Enrolled in college, he does the unthinkable and uses money he borrowed from a loan shark to pay his college tuition. With the time drawing near, Jerome takes on a job as an exotic dancer at House of Sin since it seems like it will be a means to some quick, easy money. He will soon see that all that glitters is not gold.

The Breath Taker by Dashawn Taylor is the story of a man that prowls the chat rooms who goes by the name The Breath Taker, and he will literally take your breath away. He lures beautiful, innocent young women to meet up with him and he kills them.

Joy Ride by Nichelle Walker is about a woman named Joy who runs one of the most exclusive underground businesses called the Doll House. When a client walks in, Joy breaks her number one rule to never to mix business with pleasure. Joy decides she really wants to keep this particular client to herself. So she masquerades as someone else and goes by the name Crave. Crave and Joy may be one and the same, but her client also has an alter ego.

Flexin' & Sexin 2 is a collaboration from some of the hottest street-lit authors out. My favorite story would have to be the one by Erick S. Gray. I would love to see his story into a full fledged novel. Besides Mr. Gray's story, one of the other stories in the book is left to be continued until the next installment of Flexin & Sexin drops. Unfortunatley Mr. Gray has left his story to be continued twice now. It is bad enough to have a novel left hanging and have to wait for the sequel. But to have a short story in an anthology left hanging until the next anthology is totally annoying. If your going to write a short story-just end it.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Cairo - Daddy Long Stroke

Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents)Cairo -
Daddy Long Stroke -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Perfect Body, model looks, and dark chocolate skin equipped to make any woman weak in the knees. Meet Alexander Maples a.k.a. Alley Cat who's better known as Daddy Long Stroke.

From an early age, Alex had his way with the women in and out of the bedroom. Alex was a "no strings" commitment type of a guy. With his charisma and the right choice of words, Alex enjoyed free vacations, money and the best designer clothes...all on the expense of women.

Alex made sure he was very clear with the women he dealt with. He didn't do relationships; Alex was definitely not a one woman man. Alex has had his share of bad experiences, drama, stalking, and unnecessary B.S. to last him for a lifetime. But with all those things happening, Alex is still not deterred to changes his ways. With the New Year approaching, will Alex see his faults and try to change his lifestyle, or will he remain the dog that everyone thinks he is?

The various women in Alex's life are all different and unique in their own special way. They all have a skill and a purpose for being in Alex's life, until he feels they have met there expiration date. Vita, a "little person" who Alex met online, has low self-esteem and falls hard for Alex. She wined and dined him to no end since nothing was too good for her Alex. Alex warns Vita time and time again to not fall hard for him, but she doesn't listen and gets the shock of her life when Alex does one of the most unthinkable things. As a result, he betrays her trust and breaks her heart. Cherry is Alex's out of state candy who is a successful real estate agent who spoils Alex and gives him anything he wants. But when Cherry propositions Alex, will he make the life-altering decision?

Cairo does an excellent job of painting a picture of a womanizer. Daddy Long Stroke takes you on an adventure of the twists and turns of a man who has to come to terms with a possible sex addiction. The need and urge to have sex and deal with unstable women can lead to deadly and dangerous consequences. The detail in the story had me on the edge of my seat, and at some points had me laughing at the crazy situations that Alex found himself involved in. Daddy Long Stroke is must read for both sexes to get a better picture of how some indivduals live there life walking on a tightrope. I am excited to read Cairo's next book.
Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Khalil Coleman - Time & Place: 'In The Life of B and K'

Khalil Coleman -
Time & Place 'In The Life of B and K' -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

B and K are two young men in high school who are growing up in the hood. They are torn between doing the right thing despite their circumstances or to participating in destructive behavior with their boys in the hood. B and K are introduced to a whole new world when they visit their friends on the other side of town. They wonder if they could ever experience some kind of normalcy in their own neighborhood. Armed with a renewed sense of purpose, B is ready to help clean-up his own neighborhood, but is K ready to do the same? Both young men are faced with choices that could alter their lives forever. 

Time & Place 'In the Life of B and K' is a thought-proving short story by Khalil Coleman. Coleman grabs your attention from the very first scene in this story. The characters B and K are characters that a lot of young men and women can identify with. You can feel the hopelessness and frustration of B and K as they wish for something better in their own lives. The overall message in this story is that you always have a choice in what path you want to take in life. Time & Place ‘In the Life of B and K’ carries a strong message that should resonate with today’s youth.
Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Richard Jeanty - Hoodfellas II: American Gangster

Hoodfellas II: American GangsterRichard Jeanty -
Hoodfellas II: American Gangster -
Available Now! -
3.5 out of 5 books -

What happens when you go to a foreign country to get away from the stresses of life? Enter into the world of Hoodfellas II, where you will be taken on a journey of kidnapping, murder, corruption, and sex.

Deon had landed on foreign soil, unfamiliar to the traditions of Haiti but filled with high expectations. Deon came to Haiti to leave his troubled life behind him, but things take a turn for the worse. Deon and some of his closes friends are not used to the Haitian way of life. Looking into the faces of poverty is surreal to them. Always having to stay on guard, it's hard to just relax and let down his guard. But when Deon gets kidnapped, it becomes survival of the fittest mode. Will Deon make it out alive, or will he see his last days in Haiti?

Hoodfellas II definitely takes you into the grim and grit of Haiti. During his encounter, Deon comes across many characters that emerge and show their true colors. One in particular is Jean Paul, who opens his home to Deon. Jean Paul is back to his homeland after catching a case in the States. Jean Paul wants to take care of his friend while they are visiting and possibly invest in businesses together. But when Deon is kidnap, and after doing some research and realizing he was the intended target. Jean Paul goes into beast mode to save his friend as well as revealing some secrets that he thought were airtight close.

Hoodfellas II by Richard Jeanty is a truly different kind of street tale. Being that the story takes place in a foreign country; the author paints a good picture the poverty and improvishment up close. It shows the extreme things that can cause an individual to do whatever they have to do to survive. I have read several books by Richard Jeanty and this book shows his ability to continue to create strong novels with a purpose.
Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Sasha Campbell - Confessions

ConfessionsSasha Campbell -
Confessions -
Available Now! -
3.5 out of 5 books -

Nikki Truth is a bookstore owner by day and a radio talk show host at night. Those seeking out relationship advice are quick to call into the show "Truth Hurts," wanting Nikki's blunt yet insightful advice. The only problem is that Nikki can't seem to take some of the advice she dishes out to her listeners. Her love life is in shambles. Her husband Donovan is over in Iraq and after receiving a letter from him, she feels as if her marriage is over. In trying to move on, she meets Kenyon, a widower that seems too good to be true. Everyone else tries to warn her about Kenyon, but she chalks everything they say up to rumors or hating.

Nikki's best friend, Trinette Montgomery is married to a wealthy CFO who seems to be out of town more than at home. Trinette is fine with this arrangement because it gives her time to indulge in extracurricular activities...all for monetary gain. Will Nikki realize that she is about to lose the best thing that ever happened to her before it is too late? Will she be able to let go of the demons of her past in order to learn to really trust and forgive?

Confessions by Sasha Campbell is a story of friendship, love, lust and lies. Confessions is a story of two friends who are going through their own problems with their husbands. One is trying to cope with the destruction of her marriage, and the other is thinking that she has her husband wrapped around her finger. Little do either of them realize…they are both wrong and that the truth does hurt. The story had a very slow start, but all-in-all, Confessions was a pretty good read.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews
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