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NEW REVIEW: R. L. Byrd - Looking For Sweet Love

Looking for Sweet LoveR. L. Byrd -
Looking For Sweet Love -
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Turn the dial on your radio station to K-103.5. The Love Forum is now on the air in Dallas, TX area. For six months, the ladies will be discussing the most intimate parts of their lives, ranging from their love lives (or lack there of), the ups and downs of dating, and the things that women will put up with...all in the search of looking for "sweet" love.

Radio personality Melissa a.k.a. Lis is in a relationship with a man that she loves with all her heart. More than anything, she wants to spend the rest of her life loving this man. Although he loves her just as much, he just is not ready to make that type of commitment, even after Melissa informs him that she is carrying his child.

Jessie is the main character. Jessie is the director of marketing for Data Commn International. Jessie reflects on her past loves and relationships with men and discovers that she has put up with things she should have never accepted. She turned a blind eye to certain things just to have a piece of a man instead of the whole man.

Brit works for American Airlines as a flight attendant. Her boyfriend Brass is thuggish, sexy and has charm that can have women ready to drop their panites. Brass has no job, but is always up on some type of illegal scheme that he involves Brit with.

Pat is the married one of the bunch. Her husband Donnell is emotionally and physically unavailable to her. Pat has the overwhelming feeling that her marriage is falling apart right before her eyes.

DeDe is dating a married man that is providing the finer things in life for her. He bought her a house, a car and is paying the bills, not to mention providing the most mind-blowing sex.

V has self-esteem issues concerning her weight, not to mention that her husband has left her for another man. This leaves her as a single mom on the quest of finding a man.

Lastly there is Darlene, who got fed up with dating men of the same race. As a result, she begins to date someone outside of her race. Things seem to be just too good to be true between the two of them, and she begins doubting that his love is real.

Looking For Sweet Love by R.L. Byrd was a fantastic read. The writing makes you feel as if you are really listening to an actual radio show. You will find yourself rooting for the ladies and feeling their pain. The author does an excellent job in portraying each characters emotions and thoughts. I absolutely loved the way the author pulled this story together. It damn near brought me to tears. R.L. Byrd is definitely an author to keep a watch out for.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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