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NEW REVIEW: Pat G'Orge-Walker - Don't Blame The Devil

Don't Blame the DevilPat G'Orge-Walker -
Don't Blame The Devil -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

For the past 40 years or so, Delilah Dupree had chosen her career over the family. Her son, Jesse, had gotten married and had a family of his own. When Jesse's wife dies, Delilah believes that it's finally time to mend the fence and try to have a relationship with her family. Little does Delilah know, Jesse wants nothing to do with her. But she decides that it's time to change his mind, and she cannot do that on her own. So she enlists the help of her ex-husband, Deacon Pillar. Deacon Pillar thought that Delilah was dead and gone until he saw her in the church's parking lot. The Deacon has some demons that he would like to keep buried, but with Delilah knowing his past, that's a little hard to do. She threatens to tell his new woman all about his sordid past unless he helps her. Delilah got more than what she bargained for because the Deacon's new woman is nothing to play with. What will the Deacon do?

Author Pat G'Orge-Walker gives you a colorful outtake on what happens when you say you're a child of God, but don't act like it. Don't Blame The Devil is hilarious. The relationship between Deacon Pillar and Delilah will have you laughing from start to finish. I really enjoyed how the author subtly explains how God will be with you every step of the way...you just have to trust in Him. This novel also teaches you the lesson that you are responsible for your own actions, and no one is to blame but you. In Don't Blame The Devil, you can identify what each character goes through, and how it is hindering their walk with Christ. Even though this book will have you laughing out loud, it also raises the question, "Am I walking the right path with the Lord?" Don't Blame The Devil is a great read and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Sylvia Lett - All Night Lover

All Night Lover (Dafina Contemporary Romance)Sylvia Lett -
All Night Lover -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Cassie Randall's ex-husband, who she's been married to twice before, has decided he wants to be a family again for his campaign, but Cassie is not making that mistake a third time. She has decided that she needs to return home to be close to family and get away from the madness of her ex-husband. When she arrived back home, she thought her life was about to become less complicated. That is, until she met a notorious playboy named Dr. Adam Hart. Cassie is not interested in getting involved with someone like Adam because he can't give her what she wants...a family. That is fine with Adam because he is not looking to get married...EVER! Even though Cassie and Adam are totally wrong for each other, they can't fight the strong chemistry they share. Cassie and Adam push each other to look deeper at who they are and what they really want, which may not be so different after all.

All Night Lover is a great book by Sylvia Lett. The main characters Cassie Randall and Dr. Adam Hart are very well developed by Lett. She does a wonderful job of developing the plot and keeping the story flowing. All Night Lover is a good mix of romance with a little suspense and mystery thrown in. All Night Lover is a very good read!

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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Contest for A Kettle of Vultures by Sabrina Lamb (Winners Announced!)

A Kettle of Vultures: . . . left beak marks on my foreheadContest for A Kettle of Vultures by Sabrina Lamb - Details Inside...

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NEW REVIEW: Pamela & Joel Tuck - Color Struck

Color StruckPamela & Joel Tuck -
Color Struck -
Available Now -
5 out of 5 books -

Like family reunions, storytelling answers many questions. When children have a storyteller in the family, it helps them to understand their importance, similarities and differences between their siblings and other family members. When a family member tells a story of how their parents met and where they came from, it gives the child more knowledge of who they are and where they come from. Grandma Bell leaves fingerprints for her three granddaughters after she notices some tension between them, and she asks “What ails you?”

Pat proceeds to tell Grandma that since her cousin Cherie started attending honor classes and hanging out with her "light-skinned friends," she has been acting uppity. She also mentions how Cherie disowned her and Renee and even made Renee cry. After confirming with Renee that what Pat was saying was the truth, grandma comes to two conclusions; 1) Renee has a color problem and 2) its about time the family secret is told. It is a secret that she kept while her husband Buck was alive out of respect for him. From this point on in the story, we are privileged to partake on a journey which begins in 1947, a journey of family, in-laws and secrets surrounding light-skinned and dark-skinned folks.

Color Struck takes the reader to Greenville, North Carolina to a house that William “Buck” Steele built with hands of love and filled it with even more love and family. Grandma Bell was Buck’s baby doll, and his love for her was long, which is more than we can say about his mother or father Emma and Silas Steele.  They were both bitter and just plain ole mean. They treated Bell less than human for years because of the color of her skin. By the grace of God, He kept her and her obedience granted her favor.

I wish I could’ve read Color Struck by a fireplace because you escape right into the book when "listening" to Grandma Bell tell her story. This was one of the most emotionally-charged books I’ve read. Page 59 of the book starts the chapter with a reflection quote: “A family is where you’re supposed to be nourished and grow, isn’t it? How did Grandma become the beautiful person she was with such strong roots? Especially with little sunshine and all rain.” How Bell lived with her abuse is discussed in the book, and Grandma Bell tells each of her granddaughters so that they don’t repeat this color cycle. Color Struck by Pamela and Joel Tuck is an excellent read.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Harold L. Turley - My Darkest Hour: The Day I Realized I Was Abusive

My Darkest Hour: The Day I Realized I Was AbusiveHarold L. Turley
My Darkest Hour: The Day I Realized I Was Abusive -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Mr. Turley basically pens an enlightening documentation of physical and mental abuse. He also explores the cycle with which the abuse begins, continues, and grows to become a hideous monster that destroys relationships. The introduction takes you on a visual journey of a little boy enduring the bullying and the anger that is birthed from the incident. It also talks about watching his mother suffer abuse at the hands of her husband, which eventually spills over onto him as he challenges the ogre.

My first impression with My Darkest Hour was that the book would entail a short storyline, but in reading it, I felt like I was viewing a documentary. Mr. Turley paints a picture of different stages of abuse, whether it include mental or physical brutality, while also giving a cause and effect point of view. Biblical scriptures are added features to this storyline. I think the author accomplished his goals with My Darkest Hour because it was just as the synopsis identified it to be. A practical picture of life as the recipient of abuse as a child, the sight of the prey becoming the predator, and the anger and anguish that everyone suffers at the hands of violence.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Drexel M. Johnson - And Then There Were Three

And Then There Were ThreeDrexel M. Johnson -
And Then There Were Three -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Enter into the world of the military, and the familiar “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” philosophy sets the tone for this book by Drexel M. Johnson. The story revolves around three characters: Clarence Hodkins, Specialist Petersen, and Malcolm Preacher. A house party goes wrong when a fellow soldier is raped. Homosexuality, secrets, lies, and deceit play out in And Then There Were Three. Friendships are tested, lovers begin to intertwine, and controversy ultimately arises.

The topic definitely peeked my interest, as I am a big fan of controversy and taboo subjects. But when reading And Then There Were Three, I found it hard to finish the novel. It has a lot of military jargon, and it was quite helpful to have a medical terminology guide to help understand some of the words being used. But the storyline dragged, and that made it hard for me to even complete the read. I definitely feel that the subject in And Then There Were Three is a must in this day and age, but some things within the storyline could have been eliminated to grab and hold the reader's interest.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Carl Weber - Torn Between Two Lovers

Torn Between Two LoversCarl Weber -
Torn Between Two Lovers -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Lorraine Farrow is trying to get her marriage back on track. In doing so, she realizes that she needs to stop her affair with Michael. But Michael is not willing to let her go that easily. Michael becomes obsessed with stalking her and trying to win her back. Lorraine is determined to make her marriage work even though she is not being sexually satisfied by her husband Leon and still fantasizes about Michael.

Leon has been seeing a shrink to help with whatever it is that is causing him to lack in his duties in the bedroom. He is attractive to Lorraine, but when it comes to the physical act, he is quick at the draw. In going to therapy, Leon discovers some painful secrets from his past that he's been keeping buried in his subconscious. When all is revealed, it just may cost him his marriage to Lorraine.

Jerome is back and his stalker Peter is still up to no good, trying to make Jerome suffer by destroying any and all potential relationships. Peter is determined to make Jerome his, and nothing will stand in his way.

Town Between Two Lovers by Carl Weber is a tale of love, lust, lies and plenty of drama sprinkled throughout. The book is a very short but quick read. As the drama unfolds, you find yourself trying to figure out what is about to happen, but you will be shocked when it all unfolds. I felt the story was a bit rushed and not as good as Big Girls Do Cry. Town Between Two Lovers is not a bad read, but I felt it was just okay.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Harriet Wilson - Secret Betrayals

Secret BetrayalsHarriet Wilson -
Secret Betrayals -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Secret Betrayals by Harriet Wilson is a novel of three friends: Jasmine, Toya and Chante. The book puts you in mind of that old TLC song, "What About Your Friends." "Sometimes you have to choose and then you'll see...If your friends is true, they'll be there with you through the thick and thin."

Jasmine Reeves seems to have it all. She has a man that truly loves her, she's educated, and she has a great job. Unfortunately, she has commited the ultimate betrayal in friendship: she is sleeping with her friend's husband. She knows she is wrong, but she has fallen for him and refuses to let him go...no matter who she hurts in the long run.

Toya Johnson is single and uses what the good Lord blessed her with: a banging body...and she will use it to get anything she wants. Toya is also very outspoken and will tell you what she feels, no holds barred. She finally meets someone that can tame her wild ways, but her past will eventually catch up to her, threatening her chance at happiness.

Chante Summers is married to a successful businessman that is able to provide her with the finest things. Sadly, this is not enough for her. Chante is not satisfied with her mundane routine and her husband does not excite her sexually anymore. So she decides to take matters into her own hands and begins having an affair. Sadly, the person she is having the affair with is making a fool out of her.

Secret Betrayals by Harriet Wilson is a fast-paced read and full of drama. It will have you laughing out loud and constantly shaking your head over the antics and scandalous behavior of these women. Secret Betrayals could have easily been a five star read. My suggestion for Ms. Wilson would be a little fine tuning by getting a better editor and taking the time to make clear the time frame that lapsed in between each memorable moment. Other than that, Secret Betrayals was a very good debut. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Reviewed by Leona of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Teresa D. Patterson - Spin Cycle

Spin CycleTeresa D. Patterson -
Spin Cycle -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Greta Stevenson is a middle school teacher that is still in mourning for the loss of her husband. No one knows the real reason why her husband died. Greta has not been with a man since her husband, so she is in dire need of some sexual fulfillment. When the handsome and recently divorced principal, Austin Johnson, shows up to do a load of laundry at the local laundromat, he does more than just a load of clothes. Throwing caution to the wind, they let their hormones get the best of them and end up in all kinds of sexual positions.

Larry Newsome has been trying to get at Greta for the longest. Greta has let it be known from jump that she does not get involved with anyone she works with. Larry respects her decision, but secretly has been crushing on her hard. When he gets ahold of a piece of evidence that shows Greta in an uncompromising position with the new principal, Larry gets angry. He gets so angry that he starts blackmailing both Greta and Austin. Little does anyone realize, there is someone else that has been keeping a close eye on everyone and is intent of exacting revenge on the one that did her wrong. When everything comes to a head, this whole situation will spin totally out of control.

Spin Cycle by Teresa D. Patterson is a story of lust, lies and deceit. It will make you cautious of what you do in public since there is no telling who can use your dirty deeds against you. Spin Cycle was a fast-paced read that will keep you turning the pages to see how this story will play out.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: The Appetizer by Ni'cola

The Appetizer: When You're Not His Main CourseNi'cola -
The Appetizer: When You're Not His Main Course -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

Appetizer takes you into the world of three girlfriends named Yazmin, Monae, and Nia. The twists and turns of their story will have you on the edge of your seat. This book will have you asking, "Would you be satisfied with the appetizer, or do you want the full course?"

Yazmin's life couldn’t be better. She was expecting twins and in love with the man of her life, Trey. Things suddenly take a turn for the worse when Yazmin is in a life-threatening accident, causing the early arrival of her twins. Yazmin’s world is forever changed when the man she thought she knew as Trey has a gigantic secret that could ruin everything. Will Yazmin confront her boyfriend about his lies, or will other obstacles prevent her from getting her family back?

Monae was trying to finish school and also keep her man Malik happy at the same time. Malik felt that Monae never had enough time for him. He was serving his country in the military, and when they get together, he wanted all of her, not just some of her. As their relationship begins to crumble, Monae is really trying to do anything to save her strained relationship. Monae plans a surprise intimate birthday party for him, but what Monae doesn’t know is that she’s not the only one waiting for Malik to come home.

Nia has always had her share of problems with men. Bad relationships after another seem to be her track record. When DeVaughn comes into the picture, Nia is well aware that DeVaughn has a wife, but she is determined to do everything his wife is not doing to make DeVaughn hers. Things are going well until a old flame comes into Nia’s life. Trying to juggle two relationships begins to be tricky, and Nia resorts to drastic and shiesty tactics to see both men. But how long can this charade continue without someone getting hurt?

The Appetizer was a great read by Ni'cola Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell touched on some much needed subjects, including secrets, betrayal, and deceit. She shows how each woman handles their circumstances, which made it hard for me to put the book down. Every woman and man can relate to the scenarios in The Appetizer. Many things could have and would have been avoided if honesty and realness were displayed. Sometimes a lesson learned is needed to understand the consequences and ramifications of any and every situation. I will be waiting for Ms. Mitchell's next book, because The Appetizer was definitely on point.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Patricia Haley discusses 'Destined'


Patricia Haley is the award-winning, #1 Essence bestselling author of Nobody’s Perfect, Blind Faith, Still Waters, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, No Regrets, and Chosen. Originally from Rockford, IL, Patricia now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Jeffrey and their daughter. With an engineering degree from Stanford Univ. and an M.B.A. in marketing and finance from the Univ. of Chicago, readers are often surprised to hear that Patricia is writing novels, given her technical and business background.  She welcomes readers to visit her online at http://www.patriciahaley.com/ or join her Facebook fan page.

Urban Reviews:  Can you tell us about Destined?
Patricia Haley:  Destined picks up where Chosen left off, in the lobby of the family’s business which baby boy, Joel, has pushed to the brink of bankruptcy. The oldest brother, Don, returns from his exile in South Africa at the pleading of his mother and former love interest, Abigail who happens to still be in love with Joel. Although Don has gotten past his anger towards God and his father for giving Joel the best of everything, he is torn about coming back and wholeheartedly battling his out of control half brother for the ministry. Is he truly willing to give up a thriving new company, a budding relationship, and his peace in South Africa just to jump back into the pit of drama gripping his family in Detroit? Abigail’s plea and his mother’s broken heart draw him into the Mitchell feud. Ultimately he comes to realize that certain wars are inevitable if one is to fulfill their God appointed destiny.

Urban Reviews:  What initially drew you to write a story based on the biblical kings David and Solomon?
Patricia Haley:  Inspiration for the Chosen series came from one of my all time favorite characters in the Bible, King David. He is an imperfect man plagued with family tragedy, personal failures, and constant battles. Yet, he is remembered as someone highly favored by God. I’m equally intrigued by King David’s son Solomon who managed to squander away his noteworthy position of power, wealth, and godly favor after succumbing to his weakness for women. Joel plays the role of Solomon in Chosen and Destined as the son of Dave Mitchell. At the conclusion of Chosen, readers weren’t satisfied with only an epilogue ending. They wanted more. So, Destined was born.

Urban Reviews:  What has been the initial reaction to Destined by your readership?
Patricia Haley:  Feedback from readers and literary reviewers has been AWESOME. I am honored, thrilled, and relieved. One reader said, “I thought Chosen was a good book but it got better in Destined and I can't wait to read Broken.” Now the pressure is on to deliver another good story in the series for my readers who are anxiously waiting.

Urban Reviews:  Did you draw on personal experience or someone else's real struggles for the storyline in Destined?
Patricia Haley:  The character struggles in Destined are real world such as family strife, sibling rivalry, infidelity, impact of divorce on everyone, difficulty in forgiving transgressions, etc. Although I can’t point directly to any live person and say this is their story, I believe that the experiences are universal and relatable to many. I often say that my characters are everybody I know and nobody that I know. That’s what allows readers to relate and get engaged in the story – there’s enough truth to make the fiction feel real.

Urban Reviews:  Will we be seeing these characters in the future? Can you give us a sneak peek?
Patricia Haley:  The third book in my Chosen series is Broken scheduled for 2011. The family battle takes a twist when the estranged daughter, Tamara, returns to stake her claim, disrupting any short lived peace the family has managed to find. She spends much of her time challenging the Mitchell women to assume their rightful places in the family.

Website:  http://www.patriciahaley.com/
Facebook Page:  Click Here
Trailer for Destined:  http://www.patriciahaley.com/novels/destined.php

Read our review for Destined by clicking here
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NEW REVIEW: Patricia Haley - Destined

DestinedPatricia Haley -
Destined -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

After being rejected for being the CEO of the family's business, DMI, Don Mitchell decides to flee and go to South Africa. During his stay on the African continent, Don realizes that it was God's will that he let go of the disappointment and find his purpose in life. He creates his own company called LTI and finds the solitude that he needed. Dave Mitchell thought that it was best to put the company in the hands of his youngest child, Joel. As CEO, Joel sought the guidance of God on how to run the company. But the more he got wrapped in the power of being CEO of one of the largest companies in Detroit, the less he started to listen to God. Soon, Joel would put God on the back burner and started to run the company as he thought it should be ran. When the financial reports started to look a little shaky the CFO of the company, Abigail, decided something had to be done to stop Joel and the tirade on DMI. If she didn't, all would be lost. Don's mother, Madeline, was one of the founders of DMI and was determined to get Joel fired and put Don in charge of the company. They decide to call Don and tell him what Joel has been up too. Will Don make it in time to save DMI? Is he destined to take the rightful place as CEO?

Author Patricia Haley did a phenomenal job writing the sequel to Chosen. If you read the first book, you will understand what I am talking about. The storyline of Destined started exactly where Chosen ended, and that was something I love about this book. The author continues the story on the same path. Redemption and forgiveness are once again the focus of the storyline. Ms. Haley has no problem keeping your interest throughout the book. The way the author goes in detail about each character makes you understand the path they took and why they did it. And in all honesty, if you have not read Chosen, you really don't need to because Destined could be read as a standalone book. You never wonder what happened in the pervious book because there's enough dialogue for you to understand what is going on. Destined shows you that the Word of God never changes, but you have to change to understand what you are destined to do.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Felisha Bradshaw - Eyes on the Pryze

Eyes on the Pryze (Delphine Publications Presents)Felisha Bradshaw -
Eyes on the Pryze -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

In the streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Chase Pryze reigns supreme in the drug game. while his twin brother, Caine, leads the drug game in New York City. At the age of 22, neither one of these twins have ever met. Separated at birth, they both endure a rough childhood, and the only means of survival is to grind in the streets.

Chase's girlfriend, Phoenix, is attending the local college to be close to Chase. The love they share cannot be broken...or so Phoenix thought. When Phoenix looks out her bedroom window and notices Chase and her best friend together, she gets angry and instead of listening to either one of them, she decides to make the transfer to a school in New York. Here she meets Caine, and a downward spiral of events are triggered.

Eyes on the Pryze by Felisha Bradshaw was an awesome debut. Ms. Bradshaw does an excellent job in weaving together a story with many twists and turns. Although it slightly reminded me of another novel that I read years ago, Eyes on the Pryze was still a good story. I look forward to reading more work by this author.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Victor L. Martin - The Game of Deception

The Game of Deception (Wahida Clark Presents)Victor L. Martin -
The Game of Deception -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

After being stuck-up for his drugs and money, Ghetti, a young hustler, soon realizes his "boy" set him up. Ghetti catches up with the men that robbed him and after murdering them, he goes on the run. Ghetti is hell-bent on getting revenge on the person that set him up and ultimately rats him out to the cops.

Mance, Ghetti's cousin, owns and operates the local barbershop. He is engaged to be married. When Ghetti finds out who the lucky woman is that is to wed his cousin, will Ghetti be able to trust Mance? Is blood really thicker than water?

Amanda and Volanda are two homicide detectives working the double homicide. Amanda is married and is suffering from depression. Volanda has a secret, and she prays that her past will not affect her future. Will both Amanda and Volanda's personal lives interfere with the investigation?

The Game of Deception by Victor L. Martin is a story of greed, lust, love, lies, betrayal and murder. Mr. Martin does an excellent job in weaving together the characters and showing how six degrees of separation come into play. One thing I was really impressed about is that in The Game of Deception, Mr. Martin made it a point to touch on the topic of safe sex and the dangers of having unprotected sex. This is something a lot of urban/street literature books fail to touch upon.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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Contest for Smooth Operator by Risque (Winners Announced!)

Smooth Operator: A NovelContest for Smooth Operator by Risque - Details Inside...

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NEW REVIEW: Lutishia Lovely - Heaven Forbid

Heaven ForbidLutishia Lovely -
Heaven Forbid -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

At the request of Reverend Stanly Lee, Reverend Doctor Bishop Obadiah Meshach Brook, Jr. (Dr. O) comes out of retirement to restore order at the Gospel Truth Church. They are in much need of some reorganization because of Pastor Nathaniel Thicke. When trying to restore order, some of the congregation are not happy with the direction the leadership of the church is heading and decides to leave. Dr O. is not so sure that he wants to go back into ministry. That is, until a blast from the past appears. Will he decide to head the church, or head into the arms of someone that has not let him go?

While all of this is going on, Princess Brook (Dr O's granddaughter) has decided to give her life back to Christ and write a book about her college experience. There's just one problem...she has not talked to her parents about writing the book, and she has not come to terms with her destructive relationship with Kelvin Peterson. Soon she bumps into Kelvin, who still has feelings for her and does not want to let her go this time. Will Princess be able to hold steadfast to her faith in Christ or back peddle into a life that was spiraling out of control?

Heaven Forbid is the sixth and final book in this series by Lutishia Lovely. I have read all six books, and I can say that Ms. Lovely stayed on the same path. She gives you enough detail on each character that makes you want to know more about them. She has always given good narration in her stories. Heaven Forbid contains drama, love, and redemption. I like how the author does not come off as trying to preach throughout the book, but she does hit on some key points about infidelity and forgiveness. It saddens me that the series has come to an end. But all good things must come to an end, and Heaven Forbid ends on a high note.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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