Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Toshia Shaw - High Stakes

High StakesToshia Shaw -
High Stakes -
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Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps. But it also can be a city of sin if you can get involved in trouble. High Stakes takes a journey into three women’s life as they try to make changes, come up in the world, and encounter dangerous situations. The chances you take are like a "shake of a dice."  Shauna, Dawn, and Felicia became the best friends and enter into a world of stripping, drugs, prostitution, and lies. But who is able to maintain and keep their head above water before the smoke gets too heavy?

Shauna was a beautiful girl, but on the inside was another story. Growing up in an abusive household with no father around, Shauna was always searching for a father figure. Shauna thought she found the perfect man in Tony. He was everything that she was looking for: caring, kind, and attentive; that is, until he went to jail. Shauna held it down for her man while he was locked up. Shauna discovered she was pregnant and began stripping to earn some quick money. When Tony comes home from his stint in prison, he has changed for the worse. He becomes both verbally and physically abusive, drinks excessively and forces himself upon Shauna. Shauna is determined to make some changes in her life. In a chance encounter, she meets Omar, and her life suddenly changes. Will Shauna continue to endure the wrath of Tony, or will she take a chance and put herself first for a change?

Dawn is living her dreams. She was engaged to the perfect man and had a lavish home and cars at her disposable. Dawn's life is full of lies, and she goes from one extreme to another to keep her former life a secret, including disowning her best friends, Shauna and Felicia. Dawn put her own dreams and admiration on the back burner to become the "perfect" wife. When her lies come to light, Dawn will go to drastic extremes to keep her "perfect" life intact. But what at what cost?

Felicia moved to Las Vegas with big dreams of becoming a star. But when her dream is slowing fading, Felicia enters into the world of dancing. Prostitution slowly enters her scene as well as experimenting with drugs. Felicia needs help, but gets deeper and deeper in a hole. Will Felicia be able to get help, or will she see her final days in her grave?

High Stakes was a good read by Toshia Shaw.  It is especially good for young women who are greatly influenced and na├»ve. High Stakes shows how easy it is to lose yourself in a big city. High Stakes also shows that even when you face obstacles and challenges, there is almost always a way out. High Stakes demonstrates that if you believe in yourself, and put your best foot forward, you can make it happen. 

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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