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4 out of 5 books

Royce Jones has worked hard building an empire for his family in the funeral home business.  His lovely wife Lexi, is supportive and despite it seeming as if she's your basic trophy wife, rest assured, she knows how to handle business in all aspects.  The Joneses have three children, Lovie, their independent son who is an accountant, and two daughters, Charity and Hope.  Royce calls for a family meeting and informs the family of financial woes and everyone takes a stance regarding the trouble.  Lexi is mortified as she knows that the haters will gloat over there demise and Lovie steps in and questions his father about his business partner and life long friend.  The sisters are challenged to stand on their own two feet and blaze their own way in order to maintain their present lifestyle.  Financial challenges aren't the only problems plaguing this family...secrets begin to come out of hiding as each are threatened with having their folly exposed.  When exposure threatens the family's iconic name, how desperate can one get and what lengths will it push one to?  Can the foundation of which this family was built stand a crushing blow or will it crack and crumble?   The Joneses are proud and upstanding citizens, can they maintain their status in society or will they have to tuck tail and hide? 

The Joneses was an enchanting read.  There wasn't really any highly explosive scenes but it carried a very low key but smooth rhythm.  The character development was on point and consistent, everyone had a purpose and their scenes flowed effortlessly.  I was always anxious to read and delve further into the book.  The mystic edge was an enhancement as it captivated you with the development and unfolding of all the dirty little secrets.  The Joneses was indeed a pleasant read, and I can truthfully say it was not predictable, just enjoyable from all angles. My only complaint is that it ended with a cliffhanger so there is most definitely another part to this tale.  

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye

NEW REVIEW: Kiss the Ring: An Urban Tale by Meesha Mink

3.5 out of 5 books

Naeema Cole finds herself full of regrets as she mourns the death of her only child, her son Brandon.  A son she gave away at birth and only she and his guardian know her deepest secret.  Naeema has been rejected all of her life and because of her hard knocks, she tried to make sure that Brandon had better than she could give him.  She embarks on a mission to find Brandon’s murderer and avenge his death.  She finds herself amid a bunch of outlaws that have their hands in all kinds of mischief, whether it’s robbing a bank or carjacking for profit, it makes them no difference.  Naeema infiltrates this crime ring and deems the name ‘Queen’, a misfit that is attracted to Bas, the leader, and their flirtation allows her an immediate in.  Naeema’s real life scenario consists of an ex-husband that she’s still madly in love with and Sarge, a boarder at the place she calls home. 

Kiss The Ring entices you to travel with Queen as she begins this one woman vendetta of revenge.   A game of who, when, where and what for piques the curiosity as you watch the manipulation and word play proceed.  Will this mother abandon her original game plan as she becomes enamored with ‘the enemy…is she in too deep?’  When secrets are on both sides, which side will be exposed?  I found this tale to be creative, interesting with just the correct amount of mystique to keep me entertained and curious.  I found myself contemplating the different emotions such as compassion, forgiveness, loyalty, jealousy, sexual chemistry, devotion, tenacity and the depth of a mother’s love.  Although the window was open for a continuation, it was a great read!  

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye

NEW REVIEW : A Wanted Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey

5 out of 5 books

Agent MX-401 aka Reaper was supposed to go on a simple kill mission. But when things don’t go as planned, she finds herself having to improvise all on her own. The Laventille Killers (LK) are now hot on her trail since she killed some of their own. After a series of other small jobs, Reaper finds herself trying to keep under the radar while still gunning for the LKs. While on this journey, Reaper meets another woman that proves to be very helpful in her mission. But will she finally be able to take down the LKs unscathed or will she make the ultimate sacrifice?

A Wanted Woman reads like a non-stop action movie. Eric Jerome Dickey once again brings us a complex and mysterious character in Reaper. Everything from her physical characteristics and her skill set makes you want to know more about her. It was refreshing to see this be a female character and to see her be strong and vulnerable at the same time. Dickey describes the Reaper’s surroundings so well that you feel like you’re actually there. You can picture every single detail. This book has a solid conclusion but you wonder if Agent MX-401 will be in another book on her own or will she ever meet Gideon.  Eric Jerome Dickey proves that he’s still at the top of his game with A Wanted Woman.

Reviewed by Radiah

NEW REVIEW : The Realest Ever by Keith Thomas Walker

5 out of 5 books

Donovan Mitchell has not seen his best friend in 15 years. So when he tells his sexy, smart, super insecure girlfriend that his best friend is back in town, there should be no problem, right? Well, not when his best friend is very attractive, very shapely Kyra Reynolds. Kyra has had a rough life, but growing up Donovan was always there to protect her. So when she was shipped off to Arkansas to live with family after her mother was put in jail, Kyra's life took a turn for the worst. Now that she is back in Texas, she is determined to get her life back on track and if her best friend comes with the deal, that makes it even better. However, a deep, dark secret could ruin their friendship forever.

The Realest Ever is just that, real. Walker's characters and plots are so relatable. You feel as if he is writing about someone you know, or a situation you are familiar with. That is the element that make his books such a success and must reads. The Realest Ever does not disappoint!

Reviewed by Tenecia

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