Sunday, February 14, 2021

New Review : Scandalous : Nikki Michelle



5 out of 5 books                           


Saigon (Sai) along with his twin brother Chad are sexy successful criminal defense attorneys. But it’s Sai’s other job that is more exciting. Sai is an after hours male escort for the Gentleman’s Club. He only serves an elite clientele and he loves what he does. He fulfills every carnal desire of a variety of women. Once he’s rocked the world of one client, it’s on to the next one with no strings attached. But Sai’s own world is rocked when Chad reveals a devastating secret. Will Sai ever recover?

Scandalous is the perfect title for this book because that is exactly what you’ll find in this story. Nikki Michelle takes you into the erotic world of a male escort. This story is a quick read filled with titillating sex scenes that will both satisfy readers and leave them begging for more. Scandalous is a good erotic novella to heat up those cold winter nights.

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