Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Forthcoming - Shelia Dansby Harvey - Illegal Affairs

Shelia Dansby Harvey
Illegal Affairs (reissue)
March 6, 2007

When a group of thirtysomething professionals begin their studies at the historically black Monroe Law School in Texas, affairs commence. Raven Hollaway is a beautiful, confident, and untrustworthy woman. She sets her sights on a Texas senator and employs ruthless tactics to entice him. Callie Stephens, daughter of a respected judge who kills himself, is carefree, smart, and a great legal researcher. She gains the trust and respect of her peers and professors. Keith Dawson left a family in Atlanta to pursue a new life after an affair destroyed his marriage. His past hurts and doubts force him to remain platonic with the woman he really desires. Omar Faxton is a former football player. His good looks and enormous ego cause him to choose pride over ethics and revenge over forgiveness. When he finally chooses to do what is right, he discovers his change of heart has come too late. In the end, these students are very different than when they arrived, and their law careers are in question. And the reader has enjoyed a compelling read.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Forthcoming - Jacqueline M. Smith - I Am Your Fool

Jacqueline M. Smith
I Am Your Fool
March 6, 2007

Jayla, Karen, Latoya, and Jasmine are best friends. Jayla deceives her friends when she uses Latoya and Jasmine as an excuse to spend a week with her lover. Jayla and Karen have been friends since the first grade, and when Jayla starts seeing another man outside of her marriage Karen tries to talk Jayla out of cheating on her husband. But Jayla feels that her lover is providing her with all the affection and romance that her husband Carl doesn't. Jayla confides in Karen, all the details of her passionate affair, and when Karen tries to get her to see the harm that she is doing to her marriage, Jayla thinks that Karen is jealous and that causes the two friends to fall apart. But a traumatic event happens to bring them back together.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Forthcoming - Kimberly T. Matthews - The Perfect Shoe

Kimberly T. Matthews
The Perfect Shoe
March 7, 2006

December Elliot has it all together. She’s successful in her role as an account manager for a staffing company, is supported by the best of girlfriends, and has a wardrobe to die for . . . with matching shoes that are just right for every outfit. The shoes always have to be just right, so much so that December has a full-fledged shoe fetish. December’s love for shoes seems to govern her life and her rational. A sucker for the latest and most unique fashions, it’s not long before she finds herself in financial trouble, constantly spending money on not just footwear but anything that she believes will keep the perception of her image prestigious.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Forthcoming: Kenji Jasper - Snow (Vibe Lit)

Kenji Jasper
Available March 7, 2007
>From acclaimed author Kenji Jasper comes an edgy, gripping new novel that asks if family life turns a hustler soft—or just hardens his heart…
He Killed For Hate.
Life on the darker streets of D.C. can turn a clean kid grimy. Snow was one of those good kids—until a gang killed his next door neighbor and he decided to settle the score. But doing what he thought was right only plunged him deeper in a deadly game. Now he’s a killer for hire, a grown man who’s willing—and able—to do anything necessary to survive. But even a cold-blooded hit man has a heart…
Now He May Die For Love.
When Snow falls in love and becomes a father, he’s more willing than ever to do what it takes to support his woman and his baby girl. But what that means for a hit man and what it means for a family man are two very different things. When the clash between his home life and his street life threatens to explode, Snow decides to make one last score to put his family on easy street, and get out of the game. But as much as he wants to break out, there’s someone just as dangerous, and just as determined to keep Snow right where he is…
“A poignant look at love and family complexity.”—Booklist on The House on Childress Street
“A taut, visceral tale of desperation and desire.” —Booklist
“Impressive…loaded with strong characterizations and telling insights into hip-hop culture.” --Publisher Weekly on Dakota Grand
Kenji Jasper is a regular contributor to National Public Radio. His journalism has appeared in Essence®, Vibe, The Source, and many other publications. He is also the author of The House on Childress Street, Seeking Salamanca Mitchell, Dakota Grand, and Dark. A native of Washington, D.C. and a graduate of Morehouse College, he now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Forthcoming: Pam Ward - Want Some, Get Some

Pam Ward
Want Some, Get More
Available Feb. 27, 2007
A Gritty Street Tale Bristling With The Muscle And Teeth Of Iceberg Slim And Donald Goines
Trudy, a.k.a. “Trudy with the Booty,” knows what she wants and how to get it. But a better life far away from the jacked-up streets of South Central L.A. needs to be financed, and she can’t think about leaving without handing some sweet payback to Lil’ Steve, her slick talking ex. Ever since he started selling nude videos of her to the neighborhood men, Trudy can barely walk the streets. His demise would be the icing on the cake. But Trudy’s plan to get even and escape the ghetto is more than risky—it may be the worst mistake of her life. Having recruited a crew of hustlers, car-jackers, and homewreckers who hang out at the seedy nightclub, Dee’s Parlor, where she sings nights after working days as a bank teller, Trudy is ready to put her scheme into action—a heist that can make them all rich. There’s just one problem: Jimmy, a stone-cold killer who doesn’t like being ripped off. And while the best laid plans often do go awry, no one could have guessed where this wild, crazy ride takes this cast of bumbling lawbreakers and heartbreakers as they scramble over and under each other to get what they want.
A fast-paced, exhilarating drama with sharply drawn characters, sultry writing, and a fierce intensity of emotion, Want Some, Get Some is a brilliantly assured debut. A promising new talent, Pam Ward brings a woman’s sense of bravado to a boy’s game.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Forthcoming: Mike G - Young Assassin

Mike G
Young Assassin
Available Feb. 27, 2007

Young Assassin is a raw street tale that will have you watching your back. When Young Maurice Patterson, who idolizes his older drug-dealing brother Lemar, has to choose between right and wrong, all hell breaks loose. In a matter of days he goes buck wild and is implicated for a string of murders in the Washington, D.C. area. Somehow, Maurice gets hooked up with a fierce gang of hoodlums; and the moment they turn on him, he has to run for his life! BEWARE- because the streets have never seen anybody as ruthless as Maurice.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Forthcoming: Tia McCollors - A Heart of Devotion

Tia McCollors
A Heart of Devotion
Available Feb. 27, 2007

For two friends who are "sisters for life," finding a guy who's great and a good Christian takes a whole lot of faith.

Anisha Blake and her best friend Sherri Dawson are running on empty in the dating scene until Anisha meets the handsome and charming Tyson Randall at her local church. He is everything she could ever want: honest, ambitious, easy on the eyes, and religiously devout -- and he even has a good-looking friend for Sherri, too. But soon Anisha risks losing Tyson to a conniving woman from his past. And it certainly doesn’t help that Sherri has found out that Tyson’s friend Xavier is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With so much drama in their love lives, can Anisha and Sherri stay focused on their commitment to their faith?



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Forthcoming: Erika J. Kendrick - Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader

Erika J. Kendrick
Confessions of A Rookie Cheerleader
Available Feb. 27, 2007
A savvy young music exec for Rockstar Records, Hannah Love has a glamorous apartment and a tight pack of equally fine friends. But luxury and loyalty can’t protect her from a broken heart, courtesy of her super-rich fiancé.

To recover, Hannah accelerates her already high-octane life by pursuing a fantasy she’s had since childhood: to become an NBA cheerleader for the Chicago Diamonds. As she juggles promoting the hottest singer on the rise, dodges advances from Rockstar’s ultra-slick VP, and puts her body and her will to the test during cut-throat tryouts for a spot on the Diamond Dolls squad, she receives the full attention of the team’s star player, Max Knight.

Though the Dolls are strictly forbidden to date players, the heat between Hannah and Max builds on the sidelines. But as catty cheerleaders plot against her, and her boss at the record company secretly negotiates a merger that could leave her jobless, Hannah discovers that it may take much more than the lust for a hot man to hold her steady. It may take his love.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Forthcoming: Cole Riley - Guilty As Sin

Cole Riley
Guilty As Sin
Available Feb. 27, 2007

Desperate Times Lead To Desperate Measure. After a failed bank robbery attempt and a shootout with the cops, the heat is on! The robbers are forced to take a white woman hostage to make their get away. With her life on the line, the woman takes the desperate robbers to her house. Now with four hostages: the woman, her former judge husband, and their two children, the bandits are set to lay low in suburbs.


Monday, February 19, 2007




     Book  Launch  Party

@ OPUS 22




559 w. 22nd @ 11th Ave





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"I LOVED CONFESSIONS OF A ROOKIE CHEERLEADER!! As an ex-wife of an NBA player, it gave me insight into the lives of the 'OTHER' players on the team; as a woman, I appreciated the fantasy of true love with a smart, handsome, talented and wealthy prince charming, and as co-owner of the Hue-Man Bookstore, I can count on a great read for my customers!!"

--Rita Ewing, Author, Co-Owner, Hue-Man Bookstore


"After reading Erika Kendrick's irresistably juicy expose into the life of a professional cheerleader, I'm tempted to invest in a pair of poms and breakout in a herky.  Chock full of backstabbing divas, to-die-for couture and sizzling sex, CONFESSIONS OF A ROOKE CHEERLEADER is chick lit's newest must-have read.  Three cheers for Hannah!"
--Tia Williams, Author of THE ACCIDENTAL DIVA & IT CHICKS

"Erika Kendrick brings her A game to Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader! This funny,sexy story is a delicious dish on the life of a record label marketing exec, making her own mark on the Diamond Doll's half time court - and finding a real gem on the home team. This one is a winner!"
- Emily Giffin, Author of Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Baby Proof

"Former Chicago Bulls cheerleader Erika J. Kendrick covers friendship, romance and undergarment sabotage in this fun, scandalous, behind-the-scenes tale that rings delightfully true."
-- Upscale Magazine

-- Black Beat Magazine

"Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader's snappy dialogue and steamy love scenes fuel the buildup to a bombastic ending that will satisfy romance fans."
-- Publisher's Weekly Review

"Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader is a novel with a marvelously unique storyline that is both enjoyable and exciting. This is the perfect start to Erica J. Kendrick’s writing career."
~  E-LISTED! TOUR ~              


2/15 - Stanford University Author Night

2/28 - Rookie Release Party, OPUS 22   6-10PM

3/7 - Borders Express Renaissance Center
3/7 -
Shrine of the Black Madonna 

3/8 - Barnes & Noble DePaul University 12:30PM
3/8 - Spoken Word Cafe 6-9PM
3/8 -  Book Launch Party

3/9  - Shrine of the Black Madonna 
3/10 -  Medu Bookstore

                                NEW YORK
3/14 - Black Diamonds Author Night - TBA 
3/15 - Hue Man Bookstore


February 27th

ROOKIE Release Party
February 28th




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The Forthcoming: Tony Lindsay - One Dead Preacher

One Dead Preacher by Tony Lindsay
Tony Lindsay
One Dead Preacher
Available February 27, 2007
Smooth operator and security CEO David Price sets out to protect the sexy, smart, and saucy Sugar Owens from her husband, who happens to be a powerful religious leader. Sugar isn't as sweet as she appears, however, and in a twisted turn of events, the preacher man turns up dead and Price becomes the prime suspect.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Forthcoming: Noire - Thong On Fire

Thong On Fire
Available Now!

I was just a lost little girl forced to make it in a grown woman's world. A child turned out by the rulers of the game. When you get thrown into a snakepit you better learn how to wiggle! It's all about survival, baby. And not only did I learn the code of the streets, I made my own damn rules and got paid in the process. So listen close, but watch your pockets. I'm a Harlem girl. A scandalous chick. A ruthless mama. Me and this city are just alike. Grimy. And we never, ever sleep...

It's a hard knock life for Saucy Sarita Robinson and the rules of the game are clear: get yours or get had. When her father gets popped in an armed robbery and her mother turns to drugs, Saucy is left to scratch out a life for herself on the streets of Harlem, and this city-slick vixen refuses to become a victim.

Young, hot, and hungry for the spotlight, Saucy has a full package and uses her assets to get whatever she wants: 128th Street has its own rules, and she knows them well. With sex as her weapon of choice, Saucy hustles her way straight into the heart of the hip-hop underworld, preying upon any man -- or woman -- who might help her get ahead. But Hottt Saucy just can't get enough. Her calculating nature and insatiable appetite for power and prestige tempt her into dangerous waters, and before long she finds herself in too deep. The shot callers of the hip-hop world have a few tricks for Saucy -- a gutter plan to force her back onto the very streets that she came from.

But Saucy refuses to go down easy. She plots her revenge against some of the most powerful playas in the music industry, never suspecting that her enemies will fight back...and fight back hard.



Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Forthcoming: Niobia Bryant - Live And Learn

Niobia Bryant
Live And Learn
Available Feb 27, 2007

It’s 24/7 money to burn. It’s fancy houses, designer clothes, and luxury cars. It’s leaving no-pay jobs and crumbling projects to have everything mad cash flow can buy. And best friends Alize, Dom, Moet, and Cristal will do anything to get the glamorous life—and put the past in the rear-view mirrors of their brand-new whips. A savvy and smart business major, Alize had her childhood shattered by the divorce of her parents and is determined to never fall in love and risk being hurt. Dom learned early to use her sizzling-hot body to make much bank—and find an escape from her too dark looks and drug-addicted mother. Disillusioned by the faith and strict parents she grew up with, Moet figures hooking up with powerful men is now the real way to heaven. And streetwise Cristal has a master plan to get the security she never knew as a foster child.

To make these dreams come true, these sistahs will go after the East Coast’s biggest movers-and-shakers—superstar rappers, mega-successful moguls, and powerful thugs-for-life. But between the wild times and wilder men, one of them is going to gamble one time too many, one will play a player too far, one will take a dangerous chance, and one will face a hard real-deal choice. To survive, they’ll have to depend on each other and remember who they truly are to learn that the real good life doesn’t cost a thing...

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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Forthcoming: Stephanie Perry Moore - Chasing Faith

Stephanie Perry Moore
Chasing Faith
Available Feb. 27th, 2007

The author of Essence® bestseller A Lova’ Like No Otha’ returns with a thrilling story of faith, intrigue, and self-discovery.

Secret Service Agent Christian Ware’s no-strings-attached affair with her boss is no longer working for her. And being tied to a desk after an on-the-job shooting isn’t sitting well with her either. A working class kid from inner city Washington D.C., Christian didn’t grow up with much. But as an adult, Christian left her drug-plagued neighborhood behind, and went after all the accoutrements of a good life. Still, living a life most envy, she’s not happy. It’s finally a pregnancy scare that forces Christian to look beyond the material to the spiritual and make some changes in her life, starting with a new assignment—protecting Steven Stokes, a well-known and influential Black minister who’s a Democratic presidential candidate.

After deciding to end her self-destructive behavior, Christian lands in Atlanta, where the Stokes’s campaign is based, feeling like a new woman. She’s decided to put recent mistakes behind her and most importantly, establish a relationship with God. When the Stokes’s family becomes more than just an assignment, Christian begins falling for the Reverend’s sexy son, forcing her to make choices she didn’t expect. Christian’s never felt so much in need of prayer yet wonders if after so many years of doing the wrong thing, her turnabout may be too late.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Forthcoming: LaTonya Y. Williams - Missed Opportunities

LaTonya Y. Williams
Missed Opportunities
Available Feb. 27, 2007

Monica, a determined social climber, wants all the finer things in life. Her boyfriend, Kendall, is a good man, but he's made it clear he won't put up with her antics much longer.

Tamara follows her boyfriend of four years to live in a new city with the hopes he will soon propose marriage. But things don't work out the way she planned, and Barron is staying out all night. Desperate to save her relationship, Tamara has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep her man.

Overwight and unattractive, Darla is the total envy of her two single friends because of her marriage to her rich and handsome husband. Her marriage came with certain conditions, however, and until each one is met, Robert's commitment won't be completely honored.
Brandy is an around the way girl who is struggling as a single mother, and always one paycheck away from being evicted. After indulging in questionable activities, everything Brandy knows to be real is snatched away and her life spirals completely out of her control.

Missed Opportunities illustrates how these true-to-life characters must face the consequences of their choices. Was each decision worth the opportune cost? LaTonya Y. Williams delivers yet another account of love, lies, and deceit all wrapped up in one powerful novel.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Forthcoming: Ravi Howard - Like Trees, Walking

Ravi Howard
Like Trees, Walking

Available Feb. 20th

Whenever the phone rang at the home of Paul and Roy Deacon in the early morning hours, it often meant that someone had died. The family owned the Deacon Memorial Funeral Home and had buried the loved ones of Mobile, Alabama's black families for more than one hundred years. On the morning of March 21, 1981, the call was different: The body of nineteen-year-old Michael Donald had been found hanging from a tree on Herndon Avenue. The murder shook the citizens of Mobile, especially the Deacon brothers. They had called Michael Donald a friend.

As the brothers navigate through their teen years, they face familiar rites of passage—prom night, graduation, college life—but the family business forces them to confront the rites death brings for passage from this world to the next. Roy and Paul search for solace from the grief of their murdered friend, from church sanctuaries to cemeteries, protest marches to courtrooms, from the tree-lined streets of Mobile to the dark beach roads on the Eastern Shore.

The brothers and their hometown also have to face the ramifications of the first lynching in more than sixty years. Mobile had been as peaceful as its tree-lined streets were beautiful, but the murder gave the city its own sad chapter in Alabama racial history. Like Birmingham's four little girls, Selma's Bloody Sunday, and Tuskegee's experiment, Mobile had the murder of Michael Donald.

In this riveting debut, Ravi Howard explores a fictional aftermath of a true story that will both haunt and illuminate. The novel examines death, faith, truth, and justice, elements that often intersect and at times collide. An old tale set in modern times, Like Trees, Walking explores the complexities and the promises of America's New South.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Forthcoming: Paula Chase Hyman - So Not The Drama

Paula Chase Hyman
So Not The Drama

Available February 27, 2007

Hoping Del Rio Bay High will live up to her greatest expectations, Mina has big plans for infiltrating the school's social glitterati. After all, she's been mad popular for as long as she can remember—and she isn't about to go from Middle School Royalty to High School Ambiguity. But Del Rio Bay is a big school, so it'll take some plotting to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Good thing she isn't afraid of a little hard work—and that her playground peeps, Lizzie, Michael, and JZ, have got her back.

But it isn't long before Mina's big plans for securing her social status take a back seat to some drama that was so not expected. Lizzie's scored an invite from the beautiful people that Mina can only dream about, and not only is Michael tripping about being back in school, but now he's beefing with JZ. Worst of all, Mina's sociology class experiment to rid the world—or at least Del Rio Bay High—of prejudice is about to backfire. Because it might just mean she'll have to rid herself of her very best friend...

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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Forthcoming: Alisha Yvonne - Naughty Girls

Alisha Yvonne
Naughty Girls

Available February 27, 2007

Ivy Lee Jones and Candy Cane are a couple of sexy girls gone wild. Though their first introduction came a bit premature due to a near fatal catastrophe, their next reunion was coerced and proved timely in a sense of friendship and loyalty thanks to Stormy Daniels, an East Memphis baller who generously funded their needs. Ivy's had her share of trouble with the law, and with Candy's bad girl history, neither could afford to bring attention to themselves, especially not at the expense of a criminal-minded, Stormy Daniels.

After he insists the girls be down with him and his high-rolling crew, Ivy and Candy become each other's keeper and declare all-out war, trying to get from under Stormy's grasp. Just look up the meaning of fierce in the dictionary, and you'll find a picture of both Ivy Lee Jones and Candy Cane with sinister smiles on their faces. Together they become a force not to be reckoned with.

From the Essence® Bestselling Author of Lovin' You Is Wrong and I Don't Wanna Be Right, comes a fast-paced narrative of drama, deceit, and redemption. Alisha Yvonne is back with more unforgettable characters in this tale of just how naughty girls can be.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Forthcoming: J. Tremble - More Secrets, More Lies

J. Tremble
More Secrets, More Lies
Available February 15, 2007

More Secrets - More Lies tells the sexy, erotic tale of a scorned wife, with a new attitude. Secret, the wife of Tarron, a cheating business-man is out to re-claim her son, and husband who left her for Victoria, a woman specializing in seducing men. Tarron eventually finds himself caught up in a web of lies, seduction, and deceit. While he fights his brother in a custody battle for a child who is potentially not his, and disputes embezzlement charges at work, his sweet Victoria is up to her old tricks again. No one knows Victoria's underhanded intentions until she does the unthinkable. When her scandalous sexual agenda is exposed, she has to come clean and choose her lover, which will cause problems for everyone involved!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Forthcoming - Wendy Williams and Karen Hunter - Is The B!tch Dead or What?

Wendy Williams and Karen Hunter
Is The B!tch Dead or What?
Available Now

DJ Ritz Harper used every trick in the book to become a media darling in Drama Is Her Middle Name, shock-jock Wendy Williams’s exposé of a life she knows better than anyone. Playing a clever trick of her own, Williams left her heroine on the brink of death at the end of the novel. Now the second installment of the chronicles reveals what Williams’s readers are dying to know: Is the Bitch Dead, or What?

The drive-by shooting that brought her down forces Ritz to look back on her climb to the top and the people she loved, lost, used, and abused along the way. There’s the brief dalliance with Tracee, her best friend, and the romance with a man with some secrets of his own; the loss of her beloved Aunt M; and the recent appearance of the father who abandoned her and is now demanding a financial payoff and fifteen minutes of fame. At the heart of it all is Ritz’s need to figure out where the real-life Ritz ends and the radio bitch begins.

For the huge audience hooked on The Wendy Williams Experience and readers itching to find out what happens to the over-the-top star of Drama Is Her Middle Name, Is the Bitch Dead, or What? is packed with all the irresistible shocks and insider dish that make Williams the hottest voice in America today.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Black & Ugly Book Release Party! - Tomorrow Night In MD!

Come celebrate the Highly anticipated novel:
"Black & Ugly"
with author T.Styles

Where: Friendship Ballroom - Embassy Suites
1300 Concourse Drive
Linthicum, MD 21090

When: February 10th

Time: 8-12AM

Admission: $10.00

Horderves, Cash Bar, Live D.J., Pictures, and Prizes!!!!

The Forthcoming: Various Authors - Cuffed By Candlelight

Cuffed By Candlelight: An Erotic Romance Anthology
Beverly Jenkins, Gwyneth Bolton, Katherine D. Jones, and Simone Harlow
Available February 15, 2007

What do a farmer in the past and a correction and police officer in the present have in common? A desire that won’t abide by the rules of engagement. Cuffed by Candlelight is three erotic tales of women bound to uphold the law and obey the rules. But when desire and the rules clash, love and passion ignite with some handcuffs and a little candlelight.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Forthcoming: Dyanne Davis - Forever And A Day

Dyanne Davis
Forever And A Day
Available February 15, 2007

Two people born and raised in New Orleans,have drastically different lives until a storm unites them. But can love overcome secrets, corruption and economic class? Can true love survive Katrina?Light skinned, privileged and with the right last name, Jake Broussard knows none of the hardships and prejudices Torrie has suffered, but he knows he loves her.Chocolate beauty Torrie Thibodeaux, a resident of New Orleans lower ninth ward, doesn't feel so beautiful in a place where the ideal Black woman is light, bright and damn near white. But she wants only one man, Jake to think she'd beautiful and worthy to be loved.When Hurricane Katrina strikes the Big Easy, it brings Jake and Torrie together, but then they are forced to defend their love and fight against tradition, corruption and greed.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Forthcoming: Kiki Swinson - The Candy Shop

Kiki Swinson
The Candy Shop
February 15, 2007

Having no regards for people, their property and even her own life, Faith Simmons has done everything from selling off her life's fortune, to selling her body, and stealing, all because of her sweet addiction for The Candy Shop. Looking back ten years, who would have ever thought that this well-respected and very well paid thirty-one year old assistant principal for a performing arts school would trade in her six-year marriage, a two-story brick home in a gated community and a 2007 Jaguar, for a body riddled with track marks and a substance that gives her a better feeling than sex. When that candy, as she knows it, finally runs out; she resorts to the 'desperate times calls for desperate measures' solution; which will have her playing Russian roulette with the angel of death. And sooner than later, these episodes will catch up with her, so she will be forced to make some life altering choices, but will it be too late?

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On The Line w/Radiah Hubbert - February 2007 featuring Carl Weber

Carl Weber talks to Radiah Hubbert about:

- His new novel 'The First Lady'
- His literary journey

- His Urban Books publishing company
- His upcoming projects
- His advice for aspiring authors
- And Much More!!!

Click here for our Exclusive Audio Interview
with the Author of 'The First Lady''...Carl Weber
(right click with your mouse and select 'Save As' to download!)

On The Line with Radiah Hubbert
Exclusive One-on-One Interviews with Today's Top Authors!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Forthcoming: Deja King - B!tch Reloaded Part 2

Deja King
B!tch Reloaded Part 2
Available February 14, 2007

Deja King Presents Bitch Reloaded the gripping sequel to Bitch The femme fatale of the streets is back and she is deadlier than ever. Precious Cummings miraculously survives her brush with death, but the celebration is cut short when tragedy strikes. Convinced Nico Carter is the culprit for ripping her world apart, Precious sole purpose for living is to make him pay in blood. The street life that she had left behind is now calling her name as Precious wrecks havoc on anyone who stands in her way of getting revenge. During her path of destruction new enemies arise and old friends resurface only complicating Precious plans to bring Nico down. But soon, she realizes that everything is not what it seems. Will the dark road Precious is traveling lead to her own demise once and for all?

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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Forthcoming: Crystal Perkins-Stell and Anthony Fields - Bossy

Crystal Perkins-Stell and Anthony Fields
February 10, 2007

All bad bitches got a little good in them. Some diva's will only go so far to prove their love for a man. THEN.... There are those who we call the ride or die boo's. These are the dames that will go all out for their man to let him know that while Every Thug Needs A Lady, she can also flip the script and be that Down Ass Chick he needs her to be. Ride with Mercedes Cudjo as she takes you on a fantastic voyage from the heavenly hills of Dallas Texas, to the Nation's Capitol. As you flip through Bossy with vigor, you will see for yourself how Cudjo becomes that bitch many love hate, but as the mystery in this novel unfolds, you'll discover how Boss B's really do it and why when it's all said and done, they really don't give a damn.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Forthcoming: L.A. Banks - The Wicked

L. A. Banks
The Wicked
February 6, 2007

Damali and Carlos have finally tied the knot, but there is no happily ever after. There are bigger problems on the horizon. Eves son, Cain, has escaped his banishment in order to assume his fathers throne and is now the new Chairman of the Vampire Council. He is amassing a new army, which includes resurrecting one of the Neterus old foesthe deadly Fallon Nuit. But Carlos isnt about to let that happen. The coming battle will be the battle to kick off Armageddon.

(This is the eighth Vampire Huntress Legend)


Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Forthcoming: Danielle Santiago - Little Ghetto Girl (re-issue)

Danielle Santiago
Little Ghetto Girl
February 6, 2007 (re-issue)

After a successful life in the drug game, twenty-one-year-old Kisa Kane plans to retire -- settle down, find a good man, and raise a family of her own. Done with the thug life, she has everything a ghetto girl would want: plenty of money, drop-dead-gorgeous looks, and two thriving legitimate businesses. Until she falls in love with Sincere Montega, a powerful drug dealer whose down-and-dirty money pulls Kisa back into the world she is trying so hard to leave behind. With lies, cheating, and conflict, Kai, their newborn, may be the only reason for this couple to stay together, but their lives are inevitably changed in the most unexpected way, the only way the streets of Harlem can.


Friday, February 02, 2007

The Forthcoming: Relentless Aaron - Push (re-issue)

Relentless Aaron
February 6, 2007 (re-issue)

Reginald “Push” Jackson was a good kid from Harlem. He never meant to do anyone any harm. His parents raised him better than that…But then they were murdered and he was left on his own. And that’s when the real trouble began…

Street fights. Guns. Drugs. Push fought his way through the back alleys to become one of Harlem’s most powerful players. He made a name for himself for being tough. But he was loyal, too. Push would do anything to keep his loving sister, and his baby nephew, out of harm’s way—until the law caught up with him, and he landed himself in a federal penitentiary.

Fifteen years later, Push has paid his dues. Though he planned to leave the thug life behind once he got out prison, he suddenly finds himself back in the game. But this time there are new players, and the rules are more dangerous—and deadly—than ever…



Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Forthcoming: Shelia M. Goss - Roses Are Thorns, Violets Are True

Shelia M. Goss
Roses Are Thorns, Violets Are True
February 6, 2007

Roses are Thorns, Violets are True is not a story about your typical twin sisters. Rose's main goal in life is to stay in the spotlight; whether it be the star of her parent's eyes, or that of the silver screen. Violet, unlike Rose, prefers to remain behind the scenes and cherishes her privacy. In the past, regardless of the circumstances, Violet has always been able to forgive her sister’s hateful deeds. Well that is, until Rose does the unthinkable. Can these sisters ever be friends, or will they always stand divided? Violet Purdue gives a shocking interview about the life of Hollywood actress Rose Purdue, her twin sister, to a popular magazine. Violet voices her frustrations about Rose and her escapades, with the latest involving stealing her ex-husband, David, and tricking him into marriage. Violet also reveals to the reporter that she loves Rose, but she is still dealing with the pain of the betrayal.