Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Forthcoming - Shelia Dansby Harvey - Illegal Affairs

Shelia Dansby Harvey
Illegal Affairs (reissue)
March 6, 2007

When a group of thirtysomething professionals begin their studies at the historically black Monroe Law School in Texas, affairs commence. Raven Hollaway is a beautiful, confident, and untrustworthy woman. She sets her sights on a Texas senator and employs ruthless tactics to entice him. Callie Stephens, daughter of a respected judge who kills himself, is carefree, smart, and a great legal researcher. She gains the trust and respect of her peers and professors. Keith Dawson left a family in Atlanta to pursue a new life after an affair destroyed his marriage. His past hurts and doubts force him to remain platonic with the woman he really desires. Omar Faxton is a former football player. His good looks and enormous ego cause him to choose pride over ethics and revenge over forgiveness. When he finally chooses to do what is right, he discovers his change of heart has come too late. In the end, these students are very different than when they arrived, and their law careers are in question. And the reader has enjoyed a compelling read.

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