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Extensive List of Bargain Books on Sale @ Amazon (Part 2 of 2)

Extensive List of Bargain Books on Sale @

(Part 2 of 2)

A list of AA Fiction Bargain Books on by the likes of Donna Hill, Gwynne Forster, R.M. Johnson, Trisha R. Thomas, Nina Foxx, Kayla Perrin, Relentless Aaron, Jacquelin Thomas, Virginia DeBerry & Donna Grant, and more! Quantities are limited!

Bargain books are basically remainder books. Here's Amazon's explanation of these perfectly fine books:

"Bargain books are top-quality publishers overstocks and out-of-print titles that we purchase in bulk quantities and offer to our customers at deeply discounted prices. Bargain books include best-selling fiction and nonfiction, childrens books, classics, and fine illustrated books on a wide variety of subjects, including cooking, home and gardening, the arts, and more. Occasionally we also offer import editions of popular titles at great savings. The slight mark or stamp that may be present on the edges of a bargain book's pages is an industry's identification that it is an overstocked book and is not to be sold at the full price. Bargain books are not used, previously-read, defective, or inferior in any way. Keep in mind that quantities of bargain books are limited."

Hook Line and Single by Marcia King-Gamble - 5.49 (reg. 14.95)

The Nick of Time by Sam Culberson - $3.02 (reg. 14.00)

Body Chemistry by Dara Girard - $3.79 (reg. 5.99)

On The Line by Donna Hill et. al. - $3.43 (reg. 14.95)

Counterfeit Wives by Phillip Thomas Duck - $1.78 (reg. 14.95)

Gotta Keep On Tryin' by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant - $5.60 (reg. 14.95)

Divine Secrets by Jacquelin Thomas - $3.98 (reg. 9.95)

Passin' by Karen E. Quinones Miller - $4.47 (reg 13.99)

The Making of Isaac Hunt by Linda Leigh Hargrove - $1.48 (reg. 13.99)

Cosmic Rendezvous by Robyn Amos - $3.27 (reg. 5.99)

Eastside by Caleb Alexander - $7.18 (reg. 20.99)

No Girl Needs A Husband Seven Days A Week by Nina Foxx - $5.58 (reg 13.99)

Like Trees, Walking by Ravi Howard - $3.38 (reg. 13.95)

Joy And Pain by Franklin White - $5.60 (reg. 14.00)

Stand the Storm by Breena Clarke - $2.17 (reg. 14.99) 

Loving Cee Cee Johnson by Linda Leigh Hargrove - $5.60 (reg. 13.99)

Whatever It Takes by Gwynne Forster - $5.60 (reg. 14.00)

A Meeting In The Ladies Room by Anita Doreen Diggs - $3.24 (reg. 15.00)

Hollyhood by Valerie Joyner - $5.60 (reg. 13.99)

Naughty by Rochelle Alers - $4.97 (reg. 14.95)

Reasonable Doubt by Mark Anthony - $5.81 (reg. 14.95)

Men, Money, & Gold Diggers by Je'Caryous Johnson - $4.86 (reg. 14.99)

Not Easily Broken by T.D. Jakes - $6.00 (reg. 14.99)

Single With Benefits by Relentless Aaron - $5.73 (reg. 14.95)

Single Mama Drama by Kayla Perrin - $2.73 (reg. 13.95)

Jump At The Sun by Kim McLarin - $5.58 (reg. 13.95)

Kissed by a Carrington (Kimani Romance) by Linda Hudson-Smith - $4.45 (reg. 6.25)

Kiss Me Twice by Geri Guillaume - $4.31 (reg. 5.99)

Wicked Ways by Donna Hill - $3.26 (reg. 13.95)

Do You Take This Woman?: A Novel by R. M. Johnson - $5.14 (reg 14.00)

Blind Trust by Leslie Esdaile Banks - $6.00 (reg. 15.00)

From Here to Forever (Sepia) by Monica McKayhan - $6.95 (reg. 14.00)

Forbidden Games (Kimani Romance) by Deirdre Savoy - $2.81 (reg. 5.99)

Diamond Revelation by Sheila Copeland - $6.00 (reg. $15.00)

Other People's Skin: Four Novellas by Tracy Price-Thompson and TaRessa Stovall - $4.03 (reg. 23.99)

Like Sheep Gone Astray by Leslie J. Sherrod - $3.41 (reg. 12.95)

Marry Your Baby Daddy by Maryann Reid - $3.50 (reg. 14.95)

Sweet Bye-Bye by Denise Michelle Harris - $4.37 (reg. 18.50)

Better on Top by Delilah Dawson - $5.58 (reg. 13.95)

Hussey Place (Urban Soul Presents) by Leola Charles - $1.91 (reg. 6.99)

Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star by Heather Hunter and Michelle Valentine - $5.91 (reg. 14.95)

Conception: A Novel by Kalisha Buckhanon - $8.45 (reg. 21.85)

Red Polka Dot in World Full of Plaid by Varian Johnson - $4.23 (reg. 12.95)

Nappily Faithful: A Novel by Trisha R. Thomas - $4.10 (reg. 13.95)

A Perfect Place to Pray by I. L. Goodwin - $5.18 (reg. 12.95)

Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin's Is Dead by Pat G'Orge-Walker - $6.00 (reg. 15.00)

The Untelling by Tayari Jones - $7.71 (reg. 19.99)

We Take This Man by Candice Dow and Daaimah S. Poole - $5.84 (reg. 14.99)

Voices From The Other Side: Dark Dreams II by Brandon Massey, Eric Jerome Dickey, Tananarive Due, and L. A. Bank - $6.00 (reg. 15.00)

Lovestoned by T. P. Carter - $6.00 (reg. 15.00)

Slumberland: A Novel by Paul Beatty - $6.00 (reg. 15.00)

Extensive List of Bargain Books on Sale @ Amazon (Part 1 of 2)

Extensive List of Bargain Books on Sale @
(Part 1 of 2)

A list of AA Fiction Bargain Books on by the likes of Kimberla Lawson Roby, Carl Weber, Mary Monroe, Jacquelin Thomas, E. Lynn Harris, J.D. Mason, Francis Ray, Victoria Christopher Murray, and more! Quantities are limited!

Bargain books are basically remainder books. Here's Amazon's explanation of these perfectly fine books:

"Bargain books are top-quality publishers overstocks and out-of-print titles that we purchase in bulk quantities and offer to our customers at deeply discounted prices. Bargain books include best-selling fiction and nonfiction, childrens books, classics, and fine illustrated books on a wide variety of subjects, including cooking, home and gardening, the arts, and more. Occasionally we also offer import editions of popular titles at great savings. The slight mark or stamp that may be present on the edges of a bargain book's pages is an industry's identification that it is an overstocked book and is not to be sold at the full price. Bargain books are not used, previously-read, defective, or inferior in any way. Keep in mind that quantities of bargain books are limited."

Jacquelin Thomas - Samson - $5.82 (regularly 15.00)

Jacquelin Thomas - Redemption - $5.60 (reg. 14.00)

Jacqueline Thomas, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, J.D. Mason, Sandra Kitt - Have A Little Faith - $5.44 (reg. 14.00)

Tiffany L. Warren - Farther Than I Meant To Go, Longer Than I Meant To Stay - $5.20 (reg. 12.99)

Kimberla Lawson Roby - One In A Million (Hardcover) - $7.78 (reg. 19.95)

Tiffany L. Warren - The Bishop's Daughter - $5.42 (reg. 13.99)

Victoria Christopher Murray - Lady Jasmine - $6.00 (reg. 15.00)

Victoria Christopher Murray - Joy - $5.98 (reg. $14.95)

Victoria Christopher Murray - Temptation - $6.00 (reg. $14.99)

Kimberla Lawson Roby - Too Much of a Good Thing Audio CD - $3.76 (reg. $14.95)

Kimberla Lawson Roby - Sin No More (Hardcover) - $5.87 (reg. 23.95)

Angela Benson - Amen Sisters - $4.87 (reg $13.99)

Michele Andrea Bowen - Holy Ghost Corner - $5.60 (reg. 13.99)

Carl Weber - So You Call Yourself A Man (Hardcover) - $9.46 (reg. 24.00)

Mary Monroe - God Don't Play - $4.41 (reg $24.00)

Mary Monroe - Deliver Me From Evil - $6.61 (reg. $24.00)

Kendra Norman-Bellamy - Crossing Jhordan's River - $5.60 (reg. 13.99)

Kendra Norman-Bellamy - One Prayer Away - $5.10 (reg. 12.99)

E. Lynn Harris - Mama Dearest (Hardcover) - $10.40 (reg. 25.99)

J.D. Mason - You Gotta Sin To Be Saved (Hardcover) - $8.94 (reg. 22.95)

J.D. Mason - The Fire Down In My Soul (Hardcover) - $8.56 (reg. 21.95)

J.D. Mason - That Devil's No Friend Of Mine (Hardcover) - $3.85 (reg. $23.95)

Pearl Cleage - What Looks LIke Crazy On an Ordinary Day - $5.60 (reg. 13.99)

Pearl Cleage - I Wish I Had A Red Dress - $5.19 (reg. $13.99)

Connie Briscoe - Sisters And Brothers (Hardcover) - $9.63 (reg. 24.99)

Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant - What Doesn't Kill You - $5.60 (reg. 14.00)

Brenda Jackson - The Playa's Handbook (Mass Market Paperback) - $2.27 (reg. 7.99)

Latoya Willis - Chained By The Game - $4.56 (reg 15.95)

Christopher Herz - The Last Block In Harlem - $7.48 (reg. 14.95)

Diane McKinney-Whetstone - Trading Dreams At Midnight - $4.58 (reg. 13.99)

Vickie D. Stringer - Dirtier Than Ever (Hardcover) - $9.60 (reg. 23.99)

Vickie D. Stringer - Still Dirty - $6.00 (reg. 15.00)

Blair Underwood, Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due - In The Night Of The Heat - $5.76 (reg. 15.00)

Blair Underwood, Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due - From Cape Town With Love - $10.00 (reg. 25.00)

Teri Woods - Dutch - $6.00 (reg. 14.99)

Stacy Hawkins Adams - Worth A Thousand Words - $5.20 (reg 12.99)

Stacy Hawkins Adams - Dreams That Won't Let Go: A Novel - $5.20 (reg. 12.99)

Stacy Hawkins Adams - The Someday List - $5.20 (reg. 12.99)

Tia McCollars - The Truth About Love - $5.60 (reg. 13.99)

Francis Ray - And Mistress Makes Three - $5.60 (reg. 13.99)

Francis Ray - Any Rich Man Will Do - $5.58 (reg. 13.95)

Lift Me Higher (Kimani Romance) by Kim Shaw - $2.56 (reg 6.95)

Prostitute Flange by Kenneth Devon Hawkins $2.04 (reg 17.00)

Blood Pressure: A Vampire Testament by Terence Taylor - $4.02 (reg. $14.99

A Wish After Midnight by Zetta Elliott - $6.48 (reg. 12.95)

Love Actually by Nakiesia Reid - $1.30 (reg. 13.50)

Flirt by Tracy Brown, K'wan, and Angel Mitchell - $5.89 (reg. 14.99)

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NEW REVIEW: Nisa Santiago - Return of the Cartier Cartel

Return of the Cartier Cartel (Part 2)Nisa Santiago -
Return of the Cartier Cartel -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

After a little investigating, Cartier discovers that Jason is doing more tricking and treating the California chicks than hustling to take care of his family. Upon confrontation, the two agree to head back to their stomping grounds to pound the pavement in seeking retribution for the culprits that did Monya and Shanine so dirty. Cartier’s Cartel connect once again with a common quest, although their past insecurities and jealousy continue to cause division within their clique.

Cartier’s alter ego surfaces as she tries to assume the secondary role with her husband until he frustrates her with his lackadaisical attitude toward her major concern. Can Cartier gain control of the Cartel and lead them fearlessly and united in seeking vengeance for Shanine and Monya? If the ladies are pushed to choose between the loves of their lives and the love of their crew, which will they choose? Their original allegiance was unconquerable in the past, but is it enough to motivate them to channel the negative energy to be productive as they strive to satisfy their thirst for blood? So many choices, so many different avenues, so many decisions, and so many emotions play a pivotal role in Nisa’s continuation of Cartier’s Cartel. Ms. Santiago’s growth is evident and I have to say that the Return of the Cartier Cartel was a much, much better read than its predecessor! Great job!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

Order your copy of Return of the Cartier Cartel (Part 2) today!

NEW REVIEW: Marcia E. Woodruff - Flames of Deception

Flames Of DeceptionMarcia E. Woodruff -
Flames of Deception -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Candice George is the CEO of the George Modeling Agency in Philadelphia. Candice’s boyfriend, Hamilton Barker, stresses Candice out with his philandering ways, his lies, and continuous treachery. A frustrated Candice ends their relationship and finds herself in the arms of police officer named Damon Hunter. Damon is a good man that is more than happy to satisfy her every need. Melina Divine and Candice have been best friends since grade school, and when Melina’s mother died, Carl George took Melina into his home and raised her as his very own.

What seems to be a very simple storyline of love and lies soon transforms into a huge tale of betrayal, trickery, and deceit overflowing with secrets, sexual exploitations, and immorality. Will Hamilton accept Candice’s ending their relationship peacefully, or is she just a trophy piece that he wants to have on his shelf? Is Damon too good to be true? Was it her beauty that really captivated Damon, or does he have an ulterior motive like everyone else in Candice’s life? Melina owes Candice and her family her life, but does her loyalty belong to the George’s or to her own selfish whims? How will all of these characters that have surrounded this one pawn evolve as their true quests are revealed? Candice George is only guilty of giving her love unselfishly.  Can her heart and mind sustain the scars that she will have to bear when the Flames of Deception erupt in a fiery and lethal flame? Marcia E. Woodruff did a magnificent job with this piece. The suspense was amazing and the ending was fantastic!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

Order your copy of Flames Of Deception today!

NEW REVIEW: Nahisha McCoy - You Showed Me

You Showed MeNahisha McCoy -
You Showed Me -
4 out of 5 books -
Available Now! -

A seemingly harmless day of shopping turns out to be a pivotal point in Naheema Morgan’s life as her embarrassing mishap gives Mike Williams an invitation into her life. Naheema has finished college and secured a decent job with the NYC Housing Authority. Mike Williams is a charming, good looking, financially secure businessman that masterminds a game plan to make Naheema his wifey. The relationship blossoms at a slow but steady pace, although Mike harbors many secrets that he has no plans on divulging to Naheema. Randy Simms is Mike’s right hand man, and he knows all the intimate secrets of Mike’s illegal operations.

You Showed Me is a tale of a naïve, idealistic young lady that finds herself in the very type of relationship that she has always sworn she’d never accept. This novel depicts the unpredictability of life and the cause and effect equation that is possible when an individual finds themselves involved with deceitful people. What starts off as a simple read soon develops into a maze of deception.  When jealousy rears its hideous head, will this betrayal be reparable? Lives will be jeopardized as a snitch surfaces in the midst of the mayhem. Will the innocent have to suffer for the guilty? Is love truly worth all the pain, sorrow and humiliation that it’s causing? Physical abuse, criminal activity, murder, police coercion, sexual promiscuity, betrayals, and misplaced love are the things and emotions that will captivate the reader as each suspenseful layer is revealed. This is my first Nahisha McCoy read and I think she did a commendable job. I will definitely be on the lookout for future projects.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

Order your copy of You Showed Me today!

NEW REVIEW: Omegia Keeys - Can You Keep A Secret

Can You Keep a SecretOmegia Keeys -
Can You Keep A Secret? -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

When Monica comes home after being on a business trip, she discovers her husband has been having an affair. This is the same man that has been sexually unsatisfying for most of their marriage. When the affair comes to light, he in turn tells Monica that she is nothing more than a "plain jane"...or so he thinks.

With her marriage ending, Monica decides she needs a little excitement in her life. She applies for a job as an online sex vixen as an online "cam" girl where anything goes. Monica, in turn, gets in touch with her freakier side. On her off time, Monica frequents online adult dating websites and meets up with some of the men she meets online to enact some of her and their sexual fantasies.

Can You Keep a Secret? by Omegia Keeys was an okay read. Some scenarios in the book were far-fetched and unbelievable. For instance, I found it hard to believe that every man that Monica met up with from these online dating websites looked as depicted online and were not crazy or weird. For the most part, this was a book with one sexual scene after another. If your looking for something quick to read with sexual content, then Can You Keep a Secret? is the book for you.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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INSIDE OUT with Karyn Grice - Author of 'No Strings Attached'


with Karyn Grice

Author of 'No Strings Attached'

Karyn Grice released her debut novel, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas in November 2009. She originally self-published through her own publishing company, Grice Publishing, which taught her the “business” side of publishing. While What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas is her first release, it is not her only novel. She has written 10 additional novels which are awaiting publication.

Early in her writing career, she entered a writing contest sponsored by J.L. King and much to her surprise, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas placed as a finalist. This accomplishment lead to an introduction to Karen Hunter and a publishing contract with Karen Hunter Publishing. Karyn's second novel, No Strings Attached, is currently available and is published by Karen Hunter Publishing/Simon & Schuster.

With no formal writing background, Karyn was quite pleased to discover that writing came naturally. She enjoys writing relationships novels. Her “conversational style” writing attracts many non-readers and book clubs alike. What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas and No Strings Attached are realistic views of the struggles within a relationship with a universal appeal.

Karyn is an avid Lakers fan. She also enjoys football and baseball as well. Karyn resides in the Chicagoland area with her husband. She continues to grow creatively as she perfects her craft.

Urban Reviews:  Can you tell us about No Strings Attached?
Karyn Grice:  What happens when you find The One, but you’re just not ready? Jasmine Taylor doesn’t have the time or the inclination to settle down. Not since her longtime boyfriend Nicco betrayed her and married another woman. She’s a successful entrepreneur who knows how to take care of herself, and she relies on several sizzling lovers to satisfy her most arousing needs. The arrangement seems perfect, except for one irresistible detail: Sean Williams, the only man Jasmine can’t take her mind off. A handsome music producer, Sean has a private jet, fancy condos, and a different girl in every city. So why does he keep coming back to smart, beautiful Jasmine? When she confesses her love one passionate night—a surprise to them both—he realizes he’s met his match. Neither is prepared to give up the no-strings-attached lifestyle, but when Sean finds out Nicco wants Jasmine back, he loses his cool—and lets her go in the process. The only way Sean can win Jasmine’s heart is by dropping the playboy act and making a commitment . . . but will she be ready to trust him? Fun, sexy, and touching, No Strings Attached is an undeniably romantic tale that makes Mr. Right work for the woman of his dreams.

Urban Reviews:  What was your inspiration to pen this story?
Karyn Grice:  I had written my first book a year prior and thought it was a fluke and was challenged by a friend to write another book and No Strings Attached emerged. I originally named it Dogcatcher and wrote the story based on that name.

Urban Reviews:  When did you know you wanted to be a writer, and what did you do to learn the craft?
Karyn Grice:  I didn't aspire to write. It happened in a flash. I said aloud, "I'm going to write a book." I turned on my computer, the story flowed out and six days later, my first novel, Single Black Female, was complete. I had no idea how to write a book and my original draft was pages and paragraphs of text. I'd hit the return key every now and then to break up the paragraphs. I pulled a book from my bookshelf to learn how to format the dialog. I then bought a Writers Marketplace to learn more about formatting, submissions, query letters, etc. I also joined a few online writing groups to get questions answered.

Urban Reviews:  If there was one thing you would change about your literary journey, what would it be?
Karyn Grice:  Nothing. Things are moving in the right direction and I want to continue on this path.

Urban Reviews:  What can we look forward to in the future from you?
Karyn Grice:  Many more novels. I have written 12 novels to date and have many more waiting to be written. As of now, No Strings Attached and What Happens in Vegas Stays are currently available and I'm looking forward to releasing many more.

Urban Reviews:  Who were some of your favorite writers over the years?
Karyn Grice:  As a teen, I read lots of Stephen King novels, probably because he was my mother's favorite author. As I got older, and began selecting my own titles, I grew to love Eric Jerome Dickey, BeBe Moore Campbell, Lolita Files, Omar Tyree and many more. This year, I discovered Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson. They are currently my favorite authors.

Urban Reviews:  What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your writing career?
Karyn Grice:  Successfully self-publishing my first novel What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. It took time to learn how to do that and I did it for $50. Doing so also got the attention of Karen Hunter which lead to me signing a contract with Karen Hunter Publishing and Simon & Schuster.

Urban Reviews:  What are your views on the current literary landscape for published works?
Karyn Grice:  I own an electronic reader and I absolutely love it. Change is in the air and I'm embracing the new technology. My e-reader has made reading and the ability to access books as easy as using the Internet. I find what I want, buy it and can have access to it within minutes.

Urban Reviews:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Karyn Grice:  Yes. I love writing and creating and I am very happy to be able to share my stories and hope that readers will enjoy my writing for years to come.

Author Page on Publisher's Website:

Order your copy of No Strings Attached today!

NEW CONTEST: 12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 - Kimberla Lawson Roby (Winners Announced!)

Love, Honor, and BetrayContest for 12 Days of Christmas - Day 8: Kimberla Lawson Roby - Details Inside...

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NEW REVIEW: Lesley E. Hal - Pleasure Principles

Pleasure PrinciplesLesley E. Hal -
Pleasure Principles -
Avaiable Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Bianca has had her share of disappointments, but being stood up at the altar by her fiancé Michael has changed her dating life forever. With an insatiable appetite for sex with men and women, Bianca finds herself in risky situations time and time again. When a love triangle with a husband and wife spirals out of control, Bianca ends up pregnant. When her fiancé re-appears on the scene, Bianca finds her and her unborn child facing death threats and a life of uncertainty. Will Bianca come clean and face her life that is now spiraled out of control, or will she continue to play with fire?

Just like the old saying goes, "When you play with fire, you're bound to get burnt." Pleasure Principles involved a series of actions that led up to deadly reactions. Lesley E. Hal takes you on a whirlwind journey with plenty twists and turns. This novel leaves nothing to the imagination. If you are shy and timid, this is definitely not the book for you. Pleasure Principles provides excitement, drama, and eroticism over a great storyline.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Winkk - Tour Secrets 2

Tour Secrets 2Winkk -
Tour Secrets 2 -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

Tour Secrets 2 continues where Tour Secrets 1 left off...with drama, secrets, and suspense. After the devastating murder of Sly, Music and Raven try to maintain normalcy by beginning another tour with a friend named Que. Que is an up-and-coming multi-platinum artist from Music’s childhood. But things go from bad to worse, and friendships will be tested. Certain decisions will need to be made to keep certain sanity. Will the right decision be made?

Music has a lot on her plate after the murder of Sly. She is trying to get things back to the way they used to be, and begins a tour as a dancer for Que. Music is trying to recover from the situations that she's been through by throwing herself into her work. Music is in for a rude awakening when she begins on tour as a dancer for Que. Music feels she is in a situation where she is trapped. Que is not the person she once knew, and time and time again, Music is put into situations that she's not comfortable with. Keeping secrets and trying to stay true to a friend begins to take a toll on Music. But what is even more shocking is the fact that Music is confirmed to be the biological daughter to Sly and the sole heir to his multi-million estate. Will Music be able to handle her new life as a millionaire, or will it be too much for her to handle?

Raven has been living a secret since she was small. Tired of be conniving, manipulative, and dishonest, Raven begin touring with Que and has to face embarrassment, insecurities and humiliation from a man she really loves. When Raven reveals her true identity to Que, she is surprised that Que had ulterior motives and she was just a pawn in his little game. Payback and vengeance is the only thing on Raven’s mind. After a near fatal accident, Que is left in a coma. At that moment, Raven realizes that she must stay true to herself. But will staying true to herself cause some deadly consequences?

Tour Secrets 2 is another successful novel by Winkk. Winkk takes you on a journey in the entertainment business that will leave you thinking twice about the so-called glitz and glamour. I was impressed with the way Winkk gave so many different twists and turns and kept me wanting more. This book is a good read for all, but especially those who dream of a career in the entertainment industry. Tour Secrets 2 is a definite eye opener for anyone who has misconceptions or are naïve about the music industry.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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