Monday, December 20, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Marcia E. Woodruff - Flames of Deception

Flames Of DeceptionMarcia E. Woodruff -
Flames of Deception -
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Candice George is the CEO of the George Modeling Agency in Philadelphia. Candice’s boyfriend, Hamilton Barker, stresses Candice out with his philandering ways, his lies, and continuous treachery. A frustrated Candice ends their relationship and finds herself in the arms of police officer named Damon Hunter. Damon is a good man that is more than happy to satisfy her every need. Melina Divine and Candice have been best friends since grade school, and when Melina’s mother died, Carl George took Melina into his home and raised her as his very own.

What seems to be a very simple storyline of love and lies soon transforms into a huge tale of betrayal, trickery, and deceit overflowing with secrets, sexual exploitations, and immorality. Will Hamilton accept Candice’s ending their relationship peacefully, or is she just a trophy piece that he wants to have on his shelf? Is Damon too good to be true? Was it her beauty that really captivated Damon, or does he have an ulterior motive like everyone else in Candice’s life? Melina owes Candice and her family her life, but does her loyalty belong to the George’s or to her own selfish whims? How will all of these characters that have surrounded this one pawn evolve as their true quests are revealed? Candice George is only guilty of giving her love unselfishly.  Can her heart and mind sustain the scars that she will have to bear when the Flames of Deception erupt in a fiery and lethal flame? Marcia E. Woodruff did a magnificent job with this piece. The suspense was amazing and the ending was fantastic!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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