Monday, December 20, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Nisa Santiago - Return of the Cartier Cartel

Return of the Cartier Cartel (Part 2)Nisa Santiago -
Return of the Cartier Cartel -
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After a little investigating, Cartier discovers that Jason is doing more tricking and treating the California chicks than hustling to take care of his family. Upon confrontation, the two agree to head back to their stomping grounds to pound the pavement in seeking retribution for the culprits that did Monya and Shanine so dirty. Cartier’s Cartel connect once again with a common quest, although their past insecurities and jealousy continue to cause division within their clique.

Cartier’s alter ego surfaces as she tries to assume the secondary role with her husband until he frustrates her with his lackadaisical attitude toward her major concern. Can Cartier gain control of the Cartel and lead them fearlessly and united in seeking vengeance for Shanine and Monya? If the ladies are pushed to choose between the loves of their lives and the love of their crew, which will they choose? Their original allegiance was unconquerable in the past, but is it enough to motivate them to channel the negative energy to be productive as they strive to satisfy their thirst for blood? So many choices, so many different avenues, so many decisions, and so many emotions play a pivotal role in Nisa’s continuation of Cartier’s Cartel. Ms. Santiago’s growth is evident and I have to say that the Return of the Cartier Cartel was a much, much better read than its predecessor! Great job!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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