Sunday, December 05, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Sophia Shaw - Tempted By Touch

Tempted to TouchSophia Shaw -
Tempted To Touch -
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Renee Goodchild thinks she is on her way to meet a new client for a design job. Little does she know, she has been the victim of identity theft, and her new client is the cousin of the guy that the fake Renee is trying to hustle. When Trent Skinner meets Renee, he can't believe that she is the woman trying to extort money from his cousin. After spending time with her, Trent finds himself more and more attracted to Renee. Once the truth is uncovered, can Trent and Renee see their way through all of the dishonesty, lying, and cheating?

Tempted to Touch is a good read by Sophia Shaw.  There is mystery, drama, action, and romance all in this one story. The characters and plots are very well developed, but there are times when the storyline seemed to lag. However, Shaw does a good job of bringing it back together. Tempted to Touch has something for everyone.
Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews
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