Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NEW REVIEW: S. J. Foster - Champagne & Butterflies

Champagne & Butterflies: Maybe some girls do have it all. . .S. J. Foster -
Champagen & Butterflies -
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When I think of Champagne & Butterflies, I think of lace, softness and elegance. Champagne makes an entrance once you open the bottle, and it’s a must have at any upscale party. Butterflies are beautiful free spirits, but most importantly,  they are day fliers. Meet Kimari Fontaine. She’s champagne, she loves to party and her bubbly quick wit is often a turn on for men. However, Kimari wants to be a star and, quite honestly, she is not looking for a relationship. Her focus at 21 years of age is to finish school so that she can get busy being a star.

Her older sister Kyla on the other hand is the resident butterfly. She’s beautiful and very serious about her studies at Penn State. Not quite the night owl as her sister Kimari, Kyla makes sure her studies come first. But a part of Kyla is on hold. After one night of passion and a promise, Kyla is holding out for the person she believes is the man of her dreams.

Both sisters find that life at college is nothing what either of them thought it would be. Kimari’s dreams of stardom are challenged when she meets football draftee Sean Korrell. Is it true that Kimari is giving up her dream of being famous to settle down with Sean, or will she find a way to have her cake and eat it too?

Wondering what becomes of a broken heart; Kyla licks her wounds inflicted by Troy and begins to physically move forward. She finds solace in a classmate name Vince. He’s respectful, gentle and kind. All of that is well and good, but Vince isn’t the one who makes her heart dance. That one night of passion plays over and over in Kyla’s minds. Can Vince fix her broken heart, or will he be just a strip of masking tape?

Champagne & Butterflies has several grammatical, wrong tense and punctuation errors. It’s unfortunate because this book could’ve received a higher rating than what I’m giving it. I have reviewed several books in 2010 and the editing leaves much to be desired. I enjoyed reading about the Fontaine sisters and all that their money afforded them. Champagne & Butterflies is a great book for teens or anyone interested in a humorous and lighthearted read.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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