Monday, November 29, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Takerra Allen - Heaven's Hell

Heaven's HellTakerra Allen -
Heaven's Hell -
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Heaven Jacy has had a rough life. Not only did she have to deal with abuse from her father but also from her much older controlling boyfriend named Khalil. She longs for escape from her dismal circumstances. Heaven thinks she's found her savior in a man name Gavin "G" Lucas. G notices Heaven right away and wants her for himself. G soon introduces Heaven to a fast paced, affluent lifestyle that she'd always dreamed of. Heaven encounters new problems in terms of who she can trust and who she can't. Will Heaven be able to keep up with her new life, or will it ultimately lead to her undoing?

Takerra Allen brought us a wonderful coming-of-age tale with Heaven's Hell. The best part of this book is that you get to see the realistic personal growth of Heaven. Heaven goes from a scared, broken young girl to a confident young woman that knows her worth. This story shows that what you think you want may not be the best thing for you. Allen also did a good job of showing how abuse can have an impact on one's inability to receive and accept the love that they deserve. There is also a realistic and sound conclusion that readers will appreciate. Heaven's Hell is a cautionary tale that's full of life lessons.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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