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NEW REVIEW: Mylow Young - Against The Gates of Hell

Mylow Young
Against The Gates of Hell
Available Now!
3 out of 5 books

Two brothers, Kerby and Herby (Junior) Wilson, are twins of same parents raised in the same household with the same morals.  Both travel the same path, seek careers as police officers, marry GOD-fearing women, witness gruesome scenes on the job, and take life-altering losses.  When these brothers come to the fork in the road and a decision must be made, Herby continues on the right path, while Kerby takes a deathly, risky left.  Kerby finds himself selling everything chasing that high, that demon who's voice is taking over his entire being.  He’s lost so much and every time he thinks he’s the author of his destiny, that voice whispers something in his ear and the craving that dominates all of his senses and demands to be fed is back.  Meanwhile, his brother counts his blessings as he continues on with life while looking condescendingly at his brother and the bad choices that he continues to make. 

Against the Gates of Hell proved to be a tedious read aligned with realistic actions, reactions, consequences and results.  The depiction of the struggle between the addict and the addiction was very well portrayed.  After reading for a while, the journey proved to repetitive as well as the thought. It’s the same song and dance, just a different day.  The author orchestrated good versus evil, God versus Satan, yes versus no, and love versus self-destruction.  They are all too real, with too many living this life in the pits of hell by choice.  If Kerby wasn’t tired of his lifestyle, I sure as heck was.  Against The Gates of hell was too long and drawn out. 

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Keith Thomas Walker - Blow by Blow

Keith Thomas Walker
Blow by Blow
Available Now!
4 out of 5 books

We're back in Overbrook Meadows, Texas. On this trip, we meet Nisha Elder and her up-and-coming boxer boyfriend Lonzo, also known as The Champ. Nisha and Lonzo have been together for five years and have a son together. They both work modest jobs while they wait on Lonzo's big fight, which will put them on "easy street." But after Lonzo loses his first fight, he goes back to work for Mr. Brown in his illegal dealings. Nisha already has a problem with Lonzo working for Mr. Brown, but when her and her child's lives are threatened, she knows she has had enough. While she is taking time away from Lonzo to figure out what she wants, another opportunity reenters her life. Jimmy Ellis, her high school boyfriend, comes back from the military and is ready to reclaim Nisha as his. Who will she choose? Will it be the hot head who has been there for her but doesn't make the greatest decisions? Or will it be her first love who is stable and makes her feel things she hasn't felt in years but is also the one who left her to persue his career? 

Blow by Blow is a good read by Keith Thomas Walker. It has a different twist with the boxing storyline. I really enjoy reading books by Walker because he writes about real love, not that fairy tale, fantasy love. He writes about everyday, ordinary people love. He also does a wonderful job with character development of both primary and secondary characters. Blow by Blow started off a little slow, but it quickly turned into the urban romance page turner that I have come to expect and love from Walker.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Jackie Chanel - A Hustler's Promise

Jackie Chanel
A Hustler's Promise
Available Now!
4.5 out of 5 books

Beginning this book, I didn't know what to expect, but I found out I was in for a long ride.

Jaicyn had a lot on her plate for a high-schooler. With a mother strung out on drugs, she had to play the mother role for her two younger sisters. Not knowing where her next meal was coming from, and needing clothes and basic necessities to survive, she has to do what she has to do to take care of her younger siblings, even if that includes dropping out of school. With CPS at her front door, Jaicyn will do anything to protect her sister, but with the roll of the dice against her, she ends up taking a charge that isn't hers. Will Jaicyn be able to gain custody of her sisters, or will they be forever lost?

Rayshawn was an upcoming hustler from around the way. Rayshawn had a leadership quality about him, and he was being groomed by one of the biggest dealers in the city named King. Rayshawn and his twin brother Dayshawn were totally different, but they had one thing in common: they hated the situation they were in. Their mother was tragically killed by their father and their whole life was uprooted when they had to move in with their grandparents. Rayshawn meets Jaicyn and they begin a whirlwind romance, but things take a change for the worse when Jaicyn takes a charge for Rayshawn and is sent away. Upon Jaicyn's return, Rayshawn is on a whole new level and things are not the same. Will Rayshawn and Jaicyn be able to weather the storm, or will their relationship just be a thing of the past?

The author Jackie Chanel presented a great storyline that was highly entertaining and a quick read. It flowed very well and kept my attention. I can’t wait to read Hustler’s Promise 2 to find out where all the characters end up.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews 

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NEW REVIEW: Kimberla Lawson Roby - The Reverend's Wife

Kimberla Lawson Roby
The Reverend's Wife
Available Now!
5 out of 5 books

After dealing with Charlotte's multiple affairs, Reverend Curtis Black is fed up and thinks it's time to divorce his wife. Even though he has had his share of dirt that the family and his congregation has had to deal with, he finds it hard to forgive his wife for her transgressions. But Charlotte has other plans. She knows that begging and pleading with Curtis not to give up on their marriage is not working. She will try anything necessary to make Curtis give up the decision to divorce her, even using his little girl and her stepdaughter, Curtina. To make things worse, Curtis has been talking about his marital troubles to another female by the name of Sharon Green. Will Curtis fall back into old temptation, or will he give his marriage another try?
     Author Kimberla Lawson Roby has written another fabulous installment of the Curtis Black series. This book has drama, laughter, surprises, and forgiveness. This is definitely a page turner and when you pick up the book, you will not want to put it down until you have completely finished it. The one thing I love about this book is that you can pick up this book and read and understand the storyline. Ms. Roby does give a brief description of what happened with Rev. Curtis Black and his family. I have enjoyed each and every book in the Curtis Black series. I can only hope there are more to come. 

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Kiki Swinson and Noire - Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless

Kiki Swinson and Noire
Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless
Available Now!
5 out of 5 books

I didn't know what to expect when I started to read this novel.  I knew with both of my favorite authors featured, this book wouldn't disappoint. This novel is two short stories written by each author. From the start to the end, you will see that money doesn't always bring you happiness and love, and at times, it can cause more problems.

Shamelessly Rich
Megan Rich was daddy's little girl. She had everything at her, designer clothes, and money you can burn.  Once Megan looks at her father and talked in her baby voice, her dad could never say no to his baby girl. But Megan loved to live on the bad side. She liked bad boys, dabbling in drugs, and defying all of her parents' rules. Things take a drastic turn when Megan’s parents give her an ultimatum of either going to rehab or moving out.  What decision will Megan make? Will she get the help she needs, or will she make the streets her new family, ending in deadly consequences?

Puttin' Shame in the Game
Noble was an eligible bachelor in search of a wife. With three eligible women, Noble's time is winding down when a choice must be made. Slowly but surely, Noble learns that everything that glitters is not gold, and he finds out who has his back and who doesn't. Will Noble make the right choice, or will the woman he chooses for his wife reveal herself in the worst way?

Both stories were written very well and showed the many facets of how money can changed a person for the worst. Both short stories exposed drugs, sex, greed, compassion, as well as manipulation. Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless is not one to disappoint, and both authors’ stories will keep you wanting more.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Alretha Thomas - Married In The Nick of Nine

Alretha Thomas
Married In The Nick of Nine
Available Now!
3 out of 5 books

Twenty-nine-year-old Cassandra Whitmore is determined to get married and soon. The only problem is that she has no gentlemen prospects in mind. Even with being a client at "The One" dating center, all the men she dated have had serious issues that Cassandra just is not willing to overlook. Frustration kicks in as the days and months continue to go by. When her cousin insists on her going out with her to the Speakeasy, this is where she meets Nick. Could Nick be the "one?"

As soon as Nick sets his eyes on Cassandra, he knows he is in love. Only in Los Angeles for a potential job position, Cassandra and Nick's time is cut short. Nick heads back home to New York where the two begin a long distance love affair. Cassandra wants this to work so bad, she decides against everyone's wishes to pack up and move to New York to be with Nick with the intention of getting married soon. When Cassandra moves to the Big Apple she is about to find out that Nick has been hiding a deep secret that will have Cassandra thinking that their relationship was built on a lie. The question is will Cassandra be willing to forgive, or will she walk away and go back to the life she gave up?

In the Nick of Nine by Alretha Thomas was an okay read. The relationship aspect of the story line moved entirely too fast. Within two days of knowing each other, the characters were already in love. There were huge gaps within the story, especially with the timeline. Inquiring minds would like to know what happened in between. I had to wonder...if the main character's father is a retired police officer, why didn't he take it upon himself to do a background check on his daughter's boyfriend? But then turns around and uses the father's police connections later on within the story. The underlying message to the story is if you want to get married, don't try to rush it. Make sure you know the person and if it's meant to be, it will only be on God's timing if we expect the union to be blessed.

Reviewed by Leona by Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Gaiven Clairmont - Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares

Gaiven Clairmont
Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares
Available Now!
1 out of 5 books

Kimberly is a devoted housewife to her husband Ricardo. She becomes lonely when her husband’s business trips keep him away from home more often. Kimberly becomes confused when she has a very sexual dream starring Ricardo’s best friend, Chris. The dream seems so real that it totally shakes Kimberly to her core. She needs to find out from Chris if it was indeed a dream. But the truth may turn into a total nightmare for all involved.

Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares by Gaiven Clairmont could have been an intriguing erotic thriller, but it fell severely short. There were pages and pages of meaningless rambling dialogue and situations that added nothing to the story at all. This book reads like Clairmont couldn't decide on what this story was supposed to be. You have the fractured marriage of Ricardo and Kimberly, but then later on in the book, there’s a strange murder mystery thrown in that is not properly explained. Clairmont makes an attempt to make this book have an erotic element, but it just came off as being pointless sex that lacked any imagination, passion, or creativity. The use of an editor would have helped this book tremendously as there were problems with story development and overall content. Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares was a nightmare to read. Hopefully Gaiven Clairmont will produce better novels in the future.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Delaney Diamond - A Hard Man To Love

Delaney Diamond
A Hard Man To Love
Available Now!
5 out of 5 books

Eva Jacob wants nothing to to with Derrick Hoffman, even though she is having his baby. Four months ago, Eva ended things with Derrick because she had done the one thing that was not part of their agreement: she fell in love! Derrick Hoffman grew up privileged and is used to having what he wants...when he wants it. So after the death of his stepfather, he decides he wants the baby that Eva is carrying. Eva has no plans of giving up her child, which leaves her only one choice, and that is to go along with Derrick's plan of marriage. Derrick had it all planned. He would give Eva a comfortable life while getting to see his daughter everyday. He didn't plan on falling in love with Eva. He has never uttered those words to anyone, not even his mother. But when an unexpected event takes place, Derrick realizes what's most important in life.

A Hard Man to Love is an excellent read by Delaney Diamond. The character development is outstanding. Diamond brings the characters to life and has you feeling different emotions toward them as you're reading. One minute you will find yourself just as mad at Derrick as Eva is, and the next minute you will find yourself feeling sorry for him because you can feel the pain that he is in. She also does a fantastic job with plot development. The way she weaves the primary plot and several secondary plots seamlessly makes for a terrific story line. This is the 2nd book in her Hawthorne Family series. I have not read the first book, but A Hard Man to Love makes me want to go seek it out!

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Stacy-Deanne - The Season of Sin

Stacy-Deanne - 
The Season of Sin - 
Available Now! - 
5 out of 5 books - 

Detective Brianna Morris wakes up after being knocked unconscious to find out her friend, Nadia, has been murdered. She teams up with her partner Steven Kemp to try to solve this murder case.  Why would anyone want to kill Nadia? Brianna soon discovers everything isn't what it seems when she discovers things about Nadia that she never knew.  

As an avid reader, the most important thing an author can do is to draw you into the story with the first few lines. Author Stacy Deanne accomplished this and so much more with her title, The Season of Sin. This book will definitely keep you turning pages and have you eager to read more.
This story was very well developed. The chemistry between Brianna & Stephen scorched the pages of this book.  I love reading a book that keeps me guessing.  I highly recommend The Season of Sin.

Reviewed by Orsayor for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Sasha Campbell - Scandals

Sasha Campbell
Scandals - 
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Monica Houston had it all: a big beautiful house, two beautiful kids and a sexy and wealthy husband. Monica wanted for nothing. She never had to worry about bills or buying anything she saw at the store because money was never an issue. After her divorce and her ex doing nothing but the minimum child support, Monica finds herself at a crossroads. What can she possibly do to make ends meet? She knows that it is going to take some time to finish school, which she is currently enrolled in; but in the meantime, what can she do. When her best friend suggests that she become an exotic dancer, Monica slowly wraps her mind around the idea.

When she becomes a dancer at Scandalous, she meets the baddest dancer there, Robin Wright a.k.a. Treasure, and the two quickly becomes friends. Robin is the type of chick that makes no secret about how she makes her money. If a man is willing to play, than he is willing to pay and she knows she is great at what she does. After an unexpected surprise shows up at her door one day, she will have a hard decision to make that will ultimately change the way she is living.

Scandals by Sasha Campbell is a story of sex, lies and betrayal. It reminded me of a remixed version of a story that has been told time and time again in the book industry. I need for something to pop out to stand alone from the rest and unfortunately this book just did not do it for me. There were some minor editing issues, the time frame was unclear, there were quite a few gaps within the story, there were comparison to celebrities, and there was way too much sex. All-in-all, Scandals was an okay read at best.

Reviewed by Leona Romich of Urban Reviews

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New Review : The Perfect Affair : Angela Henry

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