Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Alretha Thomas - Married In The Nick of Nine

Alretha Thomas
Married In The Nick of Nine
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3 out of 5 books

Twenty-nine-year-old Cassandra Whitmore is determined to get married and soon. The only problem is that she has no gentlemen prospects in mind. Even with being a client at "The One" dating center, all the men she dated have had serious issues that Cassandra just is not willing to overlook. Frustration kicks in as the days and months continue to go by. When her cousin insists on her going out with her to the Speakeasy, this is where she meets Nick. Could Nick be the "one?"

As soon as Nick sets his eyes on Cassandra, he knows he is in love. Only in Los Angeles for a potential job position, Cassandra and Nick's time is cut short. Nick heads back home to New York where the two begin a long distance love affair. Cassandra wants this to work so bad, she decides against everyone's wishes to pack up and move to New York to be with Nick with the intention of getting married soon. When Cassandra moves to the Big Apple she is about to find out that Nick has been hiding a deep secret that will have Cassandra thinking that their relationship was built on a lie. The question is will Cassandra be willing to forgive, or will she walk away and go back to the life she gave up?

In the Nick of Nine by Alretha Thomas was an okay read. The relationship aspect of the story line moved entirely too fast. Within two days of knowing each other, the characters were already in love. There were huge gaps within the story, especially with the timeline. Inquiring minds would like to know what happened in between. I had to wonder...if the main character's father is a retired police officer, why didn't he take it upon himself to do a background check on his daughter's boyfriend? But then turns around and uses the father's police connections later on within the story. The underlying message to the story is if you want to get married, don't try to rush it. Make sure you know the person and if it's meant to be, it will only be on God's timing if we expect the union to be blessed.

Reviewed by Leona by Urban Reviews

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