Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Gaiven Clairmont - Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares

Gaiven Clairmont
Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares
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1 out of 5 books

Kimberly is a devoted housewife to her husband Ricardo. She becomes lonely when her husband’s business trips keep him away from home more often. Kimberly becomes confused when she has a very sexual dream starring Ricardo’s best friend, Chris. The dream seems so real that it totally shakes Kimberly to her core. She needs to find out from Chris if it was indeed a dream. But the truth may turn into a total nightmare for all involved.

Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares by Gaiven Clairmont could have been an intriguing erotic thriller, but it fell severely short. There were pages and pages of meaningless rambling dialogue and situations that added nothing to the story at all. This book reads like Clairmont couldn't decide on what this story was supposed to be. You have the fractured marriage of Ricardo and Kimberly, but then later on in the book, there’s a strange murder mystery thrown in that is not properly explained. Clairmont makes an attempt to make this book have an erotic element, but it just came off as being pointless sex that lacked any imagination, passion, or creativity. The use of an editor would have helped this book tremendously as there were problems with story development and overall content. Reality, Dreams, and Nightmares was a nightmare to read. Hopefully Gaiven Clairmont will produce better novels in the future.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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