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The Forthcoming: Love, Lust, and Beautiful Liars : Shakir Rashaan

Dorian Bentley is the top international arms dealer in the world. His customers only know him by his moniker—The Wraith—a revenant whose trail is difficult to trace by government law enforcement authorities.
He has begun to cultivate his endgame, one that will have him turn over his expansive empire to one of his lieutenants and retire an ultra-rich man. He needs time—time he may no longer have—before everything comes crashing down.
Samara D'Acosta, the woman he’d given his heart to long ago despite keeping her at arm’s length for her own protection, is a part of those plans, but will her own secrets derail their happy ever after?
Love, Lust & Beautiful Liars is the latest explosive tale from national best-selling author, Shakir Rashaan, where the lines between lust and love blur, and where no one is who they seem.
Release Date: February 11, 2020
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Author of the Week : Vanessa Riley

Ruth Croome, a Blackamoor heiress, was supposed to get married in a gorgeous wedding gown, made from her father’s exquisite fabrics. Instead, they eloped to Gretna Green and upon returning, their carriage was beset by highwaymen and she witnessed the murder of her new husband. Now, four years later, with a child, she wants to move on with her life. A marriage of convenience will do. Ruth already had a love for the ages.

Adam Wilky is really the heir to the Wycliff barony—which he never told Ruth. Too much danger. So many secrets. When he was nearly beaten to death and sold into impressment, he thought Ruth had died, too. Ready for revenge, he finally returns and discovers Ruth alive—with a son who could only be his—and she is furious to discover he lied to her. Now it’ll take more than remembered passion if he hopes to win his reluctant wife back...

Fun Fact about Vanessa Riley
1.What is your favorite guilty pleasure show to watch?  
Hmmm. That is a tough one because I don't watch that much TV, but I would have to say I am a binge fan of Ina Garten--all her shows on the Food Network. She makes the most decadent dishes. She appeals to my secret inner chef. I can't watch her show while I am on a writing deadline.

About Vanessa Riley

Vanessa Riley writes Regency and Historical Romances of dazzling multi-culture communities with powerful persons of color. Vanessa writes for historical romance readers who admire and acquire books that showcase women who find joy in sweeping kisses and strong sisterhoods. Even in the darkness, she promises to give you laughs and to show you how light always prevails and how love always, always wins. 

Vanessa juggles mothering a teen, cooking for her military-man husband, and speaking at women's and STEM events. She's known for her sweeping romances and humorous delivery of poignant truths. You can catch her writing from the comfort of her southern porch with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

You can find her at: 

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New Review : The Husband We Share : London St. Charles

5 out of 5 books

Xavier Carter is a successful Chicago detective. But his personal life is far from perfect. He is married to two beautiful professional women. Xavier has been juggling to keep both households separate and secret. But for how long? Patricia is the first Mrs. Carter. She’s been devoted and faithful  to Xavier since college. But she has a secret of her own that could rip her world apart. Lauren is the second Mrs. Carter. She’s also been devoted to Xavier and made sure he knew that their relationship needed to lead to marriage. Lauren just doesn’t know that she’s actually wife number two. Shawn Johnson knows both wives in different ways. She survived a rough childhood in the foster care system. Shawn has a secret that can possibly ruin the lives of Xavier and the two Mrs. Carters. Will it be worth it in the end?

Secrets, lies, and more lies are what you’ll find in The Husband We Share by London St. Charles. This story has a good kind of craziness that you are not expecting. St. Charles does a good job of introducing each of the characters at the beginning of the book. But then she drops a bombshell revelation that keeps readers reading. The ending of the book is exciting and unexpected as well. The Husband We Share is definitely one of those books that you can’t wait to discuss and is a perfect book club choice. The Husband We Share is a great debut novel and will make you want to read more from London St. Charles.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Book of the Week : Banking On Love : Iris Bolling


Mission confirmed.
Secure the building with maximum coverage to ensure our man enters and leaves still breathing.
“Man one, confirm you have target in sight.”
“Man one, target in bull’s eye.”
“Roger that. Man two, confirm location.”
“Man two, left of back door. If it opens their ass is mine.”
“Copy that. Man three, confirm second target in sight.”
“Man three, target two in sight, front window covered.”
“Copy that. We are a go.”
The black SUV pulled around the corner with two occupants. Myles Dunning and Jerome Morgan. “Anything goes off script you hit the ground. I will cover the room.”
“This is a meeting, Jerome,” Myles stated. “We are not here to kill anyone.”
“Then I suggest they make no wrongs moves,” Jerome stated as he parked the vehicle. Another black SUV pulled in front of them and parked. Jerome stepped out on the driver’s side of the vehicle. He watched as another vehicle parked behind them. Jerome scanned the area as he walked around the vehicle to the passenger door. Satisfied with what he saw, he opened the door, allowing Myles to step out.
“You are clear to walk in,” Michael Dunning’s voice came through the earwig Jerome was wearing. “Infra-scan shows two bodies and the boss is inside.”
Jerome gave a slight nod. “Say what you have to say then we leave. Clear.”
Myles nodded. “Clear.”
It would be a lie if Myles said his nerves were not on edge. Dealing with the mob was not something he ever imagined he would have to do. Yet, he was here about to confront the man who was threatening to infiltrate his bank. No one gets to control the bank but a Dunning. His father did not allow it, and neither would he.
He stood back as Jerome opened the door then stepped inside. Myles followed.
On the front of the building was the name Pavel & Sons Real Estate. The man he was meeting, Nikolai Pavlovsky, was the head of the Russian mob on the east coast. He had called ahead requesting the meeting, so they were expected. He decided, when this meeting was over, he was going to kill Walker Dunning Jr. with his bare hands. It was his stupidity that had them in this position.
Inside, the building looked like any other real estate office. Pictures of available properties were on the wall. Desks with files, computers, laptops and office supplies on top lined each side of the room. Since it was a midnight meeting, the place was empty of any employees. To their knowledge, there were three people other than them in the building. Pavlovsky and two body men.
“Mr. Dunning,” a man from the back of the office called out. “Mr. Pavlovsky will see you now.” He held a door open that led to a back office.
“I need to check that room before my man goes inside,” Jerome stated.
The man frowned. “That would be an insult to the boss.”
“Jerome,” Myles interceded. “I am good.” He walked to the room.
At a large antique desk, a gentleman with dark hair, in his early or mid-fifties looked up as he walked in. Myles wasn’t sure what to expect, but he anticipated the person would be an older man, with a bald head and dangerous looking eyes. This man looked like any businessman Myles would be sitting across the table from on any given day. Nothing about the man screamed dangerous or sinister, yet Myles knew the man was not to be underestimated.
“Mr. Pavlovsky.” He extended his hand. “My name is Myles Dunning. Thank you for seeing me on short notice. May I?” Myles pointed to the seat.
Nikolai nodded his head. “Please.”
“Thank you.” Myles took the seat in front of the desk. “My father was Hepburn Dunning, CEO of Dunning Bank and Trust. A few months ago he was murdered. I was voted in to head my organization. As the head of an organization when someone threatens my territory I have two choices. Stand my ground or give in. The moment I give in, I am no longer in control of my organization.”
Pavlovsky held up his hand. “Pauley, would you and our visitor step inside the room.”
Myles watched as the man he called Pauley and Jerome walked in. Pavlovsky pushed a button under his desk.
Jerome seemed to immediately know what was happening. “We are sealed,” he said into his earwig.
Pavlovsky nodded with a smirk. “We may now speak freely.” He looked at Jerome. “Government trained?” he questioned.
Jerome gave a slight nod.
“Mercenary?” Pavlovsky asked.
“Worse.” Jerome responded with a glared at Pavlovsky.
“Loyalist.” Pavlovsky smiled then glanced at Myles. “I’m impressed, Mr. Dunning. How many men do you have surrounding us?” 
“Enough to ensure I leave here breathing.”
Pavlovsky nodded. “Please continue.”
Myles continued. “It has come to my attention that Stephen Pavel, a man I am told is under your authority, is attempting to take control of my organization. I cannot allow that to happen. Out of respect, I’ve come to you to resolve this situation.”
Pavlovsky sat forward. “Mr. Dunning, my condolences on the death of your father. I admired the way he took care of his community and his leadership abilities.” He smiled. “The fact that you brought this situation.”

Friday, January 25, 2019

The Forthcoming : Full Figured 13: Carl Weber Presents (Full-Figured Series) : Mona Love & Katt

A Million Dollars Worth of Fat by Mona Love: Keisha Long is cute, funny, and is always the life of the party but she is also 320 pounds and lonely. She’s tried dating apps, blind dates, and everything else she can think of, but nothing has gotten her further than the friend zone and more “I like you like a sister” speeches than she can count on all her fingers and toes.

Things change for Keisha when she buys a winning lottery ticket worth 54 million dollars. Suddenly, she has more suitors than she can keep up with. Darius, Wilson, Tony, Keith, and Malek all come knocking on her door, but are any of them interested in the real her, and not just her newfound wealth?

Can money buy you happiness? Keisha will find out—or maybe she won’t.

Complications by Katt: Secret Johnson has been slim all her life, but since she had her second 
child and turned 38, she has gained almost seventy pounds. She’s tried every diet under the sun, but the more she tries, the more weight she seems to gain. Now it’s affecting her sex drive, and she can see it’s affecting her marriage. Her husband, David, always seems to be complaining.

Determined to change things, Secret finds a doctor who is willing to perform weight loss surgery at a reduced price. It’s a deal that seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that it is, and between the complications and her failing marriage, she is now even more desperate to find a way to reclaim the woman she used to be.

Pre-order your copy of  Full Figured 13 today!

The Forthcoming : Love Knows My Name: 9 Romantic Short Stories (Aspiring Love Collection Book 1) : Tyora Moody & Wanda B. Campbell, & more

Sometimes past experiences make a a person feel as if they will never know true love. LOVE KNOWS MY NAME features nine sweet Christian romance short stories from veteran and new authors. Enjoy stories of characters finding love at last.

Working as an ICU nurse offers Kaymar Washington many rewards, but a cure for loneliness isn’t one of them. Patient Johnny Twenty-five changes everything. If only her patient wasn't comatose and knew she exists.

DANCING ON THE MOON by Linda Leigh Hargrove
Dr. Katrina Mason loves teaching college math. It's a rewarding departure from her past vocation as a stripper. When handsome Principal Nate Thomas finds out about her provocative past, will he be inviting her to leave the job? 

LOVE CALLED MY NAME by Alicia Fleming
Sierra Ramsey meets Blaine Johnson in her grief care support group. As their friendship blossoms, will Sierra lets her guard down and learn to love again?

FOR THE LOVE OF YOU by Yolanda Johnson-Bryant
After a failed marriage, Serena Collins was done with relationships, that is until Gerard Nelson. After the prognosis of terminal illness, the couple has to decide if a lifetime of love is worth the little time they have. Certain Gerard is her forever soulmate, Serena is content with the life she’s lived. Will Serena throw away a second chance at love?”

Renee Spencer is running late for work but knows she'll be no good for anyone without her morning coffee from Rose's Coffee Cafe. David Brock is on his way to work when he stops to help a friend. Unbeknownst to Renee, her detour may be fate trying to brighten up her day.

At seventeen, when Candace Parker catches the attention of Michael Taylor, star quarterback of Olive’s high school football team, her world is wrecked and turned upside down. Years later, when she attends the regularly scheduled game night at a friend’s house and there is one guest she is not expecting.

ONE DAY I'LL BE GONE by Leslie K. Howard
Jeanette, a meek young college student gets caught up in a warm, attentive whirlwind named Thomas Watson. But after they marry, everything about Tom changes. When an apocalyptic event rocks Tom’s world and he discovers Jenny is gone, will he finally change for the better?

SPRING BLUES by Annie Johnson
Physical therapist Spring Vaughn is still struggling with a past tumultuous relationship. When DeMarco Blues, a professional football player, becomes her latest patient, she can't deny her attraction. But the last thing she wants is another relationship with an athlete. 

Five years after a rocky divorce, Donna Madison is out on her first date. But when she is stood up by her date, she’s not too upset because a surprise “replacement” date saves the night. Donna can't help but wonder if the unexpected meeting has divine purposes.

Pre-order your copy of Love Knows My Name today!

The Forthcoming : With Your Permission (In The Heart Of A Valentine Book 5) : Stephanie Nicole Norris

It was their first encounter that landed them in newfound territory.

Up and coming wedding planner Bri St. James is in the height of her career. As the CEO of Building Bridges LLC, Bri is driven by determination for success, and each day makes for new opportunities abound. However, while planning the wedding of one of Chicago’s hottest couples, Bri’s focus is shifted when the strum of a nocturnal voice captures her attention. Being an empath has empowered her sense of compassion for others, so she’s not only drawn to him because of his broken heart but also from a fierce attraction that sparks her interest and tap dances on a groove on her heart. Getting involved with someone who’s not open to love may prove to be the most difficult road Bri has ever journeyed, but she’s unable to stop herself from falling into an irresistible tango of love.

World-renowned photographer Raphael Valentine hasn’t been in the public eye since the tragic death of his fiancĂ©e four years prior. To date, his time is spent helping his charity of choice—educating the community about the dangers of driving while intoxicated. For him, love is a thing of the past until meeting Bri St. James at his brother’s rehearsal dinner made Raphael question what he’d always believed to be true. There was no explanation for the riot of pulsing sensations that ripped through his core when his eyes met hers. The unquenchable heat that followed stirred his soul, sending his heart on a quest he himself hadn’t agreed to venture on. As a friendship between the two flourishes, and they're cloaked in a dynamic surge of desire, Raphael is met with the ultimate challenge: surrender to a second chance at love or abandon his happily ever after for a lifetime.

Pre-order your copy of With Your Permission today!

The Forthcoming : No Honor Amongst Thieves (Hood Misfits) : Brick & Storm

"My husband was down on his knees, bloodied, battered, and beaten to the point he could barely hold himself up. He'd always been a warrior, my warrior. They would kill him, I knew that. I felt it with everything within me. My husband was going to die, and it was all my fault. . . ."

Meet Marcel and Sabrina, a hitman and a bookkeeper for the Mob. The couple should have never met, let alone fallen in love. When they decide to go against the grain, all hell breaks loose. Somebody wants them dead; they just don't know who. It could be Leo, Marcel's jealous older brother; Othello, Sabrina's crooked father; or it could be The Family, a roundtable of the top contenders in the underworld. There is no honor amongst thieves. Marcel and Sabrina will find the old adage to be true the hard way.

Pre-order your copy of No Honor Amongst Thieves today!

The Forthcoming :Trouble in Rio: A Family Business Novel : Carl Weber & M.T. Pope

Rio Duncan is one of the youngest children of the Duncan clan. With no solid position in the family business like his other siblings, he has been feeling out of place and decides to disappear. Rio leaves his Duncan identity behind and goes on a search for friends and family who can relate to him. His destination is Baltimore, and he is sure to find what he is looking for in the city with a community like no other. There, he also finds unexpected trouble.  

Corey Grant is making a name for himself in Baltimore with an inherited drug empire and a complicated relationship with his right-hand man. With plenty on his plate, Corey has almost no time for the romance he wants with Dre, and he feels like they are growing apart. That brings about a jealousy and insecurity that he doesn’t know how to control.

Diana Black is Corey’s girlfriend-for-hire, and she has a taste for bad boys. She is loyal to Corey’s cause, but how long will that last?

 Rio’s personality and flair instantly gains him entrance into Corey’s circle. Rio says he’s looking for friends, but Corey is sure that other motives are on the table. When Rio has a change of heart about his newfound crew, he needs an escape plan. There is one problem: his family doesn’t know where he is. Did he inherit any of the ruthless traits he observed in his father and brothers? Can the most colorful Duncan son get out of Baltimore and back home safe and sound now that he’s on his own?

Pre-order your copy of Trouble in Rio today!

The Forthcoming : Eshe: The Fire Breathing Series : J.D. Mason

She’s the first and Andwele Abioye has no blue print for how to fulfill an ancient prophecy that he’s inherited from his forefathers, the Sons of Sango, an order of demigods tasked with facilitating the awakening the spirits of Oya’s dragon daughters. The objectives have been passed down from generation to generation and have been drilled into Andwele and his brothers. And they are crystal clear. Gain her unwavering trust—all of it. Gain her unwavering trust before the Trial by Fire begins. Don’t die. Reap her human soul. Awaken her dragon spirit. And, oh yeah. Don’t die.

Eshe Taylor is emotionally unraveling and doesn’t understand why. She’s living in a waking dream and with each passing day, her neurosis seems to be getting worse. She can’t sleep or eat. Eshe can’t focus on simple tasks and is becoming overwhelmed by paranoia, anxiety, emotional imbalances that are becoming unbearable. One evening, her worst fears come to light, and Eshe finds herself living one of her nightmares. But when she’s rescued, her relief is short lived, as she begins to understand that the worst is yet to come, and all she has to help her survive this is the man who manipulated her and dragged her into an unbelievable destiny she wants no part of.

Pre-order your copy of Eshe today!

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ON THE LINE with Radiah Hubbert : Marlon McCaulsky

Marlon McCaulsky is an American author and screenplay writer of Fiction, Romance, and Science Fiction. He is known for his novels about contemporary African-American life. 
Marlon McCaulsky was born in Brooklyn, NY and was raised in St. Petersburg FL. Marlon is a graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa. 

His first major publication was in (2008) The Pink Palace and has gone on to publish over thirteen novels and anthologies. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Radiah : Tell us about If I Was Your Girlfriend.

Marlon : If I Was Your Girlfriend is a romantic-drama set Atlanta, Georgia the book follows the lives of a group of four women in their mid-twenties who, despite their different natures and ever-changing lives, remain inseparable and confide in each other.

I wrote the first draft way back in 2005 after a deep conversation with a group of friends. The topic of dating your friends ex came up and it got heated LOL... So that sparked the idea of the story and me being the devil's advocate decided to paint a picture that would challenge the readers point of view.

Radiah: The main characters in this story are four friends that are women with different personalities. Was it difficult to create these characters and to write the novel from a woman's perspective?

Marlon: Not really, most of my books are written from a women's point of view. I grew up around a lot of women so that's given me a good point of reference to draw from. I think the key is just try and be authentic to each characters personality and put yourself in their shoes. 

Radiah: Do you think these characters will appear in a future book?

Marlon: Oh yeah! They will make cameos in my next book. Since it's also set in Atlanta. Kinda like a loosely connected series. While these group of friends is doing this, there is another set of friends doing this. And some of them may know each other. Sorta like six degrees of separation.

Radiah: Are you working on anything now?

Marlon: Yes I am. My next book is called, "My Current Situation: An Atlanta Tale" It's a romantic comedy about a group of friends since college and where their lives end up a few years later. I leaned heavy in the comedic aspects of the characters and situations. It's the type of story that's gonna make you laugh out loud if I did my job right.

Radiah: Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Marlon: You can find out more about me at and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where I talk ish and make jokes on the regular.

Click here to check out the review of If I Was Your Girlfriend here!

OPEN CALL FOR AUTHORS : The 11th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest. The Great Midwest Book Fest : 7/13/19

OPEN CALL FOR AUTHORS! presents the 11th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest. The Great Midwest Book Fest will be held on Saturday, July 13, 2019, from 1pm to 4pm at Nicolet High School, 6701 N. Jean Nicolet Road, Glendale, WI. The Great Midwest Book Fest is a three hour book fair that is open to the public with a $5 admission. This year's headline authors will be National Bestselling authors ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Earl Sewell, and Naleighna Kai. There will be 10 to 12 authors selling their own books. The first hour will be dedicated to author introductions. Each author will get five minutes to either read an excerpt of their book or to tell attendees more about themselves or their books. This will be followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session with the attendees. There are usually 80-100 attendees that come to this book fest and a lot of them buy more than one book. Please be advised that this is a local book event (not a conference), so please think about overall costs when deciding to participate in this event (i.e. airfare, hotel, food, etc)
The participation fee for an author table is $125. You will have your own table to decorate any way that you would like. You will be included in all of our online marketing materials, postcards, and posters that we will have throughout our city. If you are interested, please respond back to this email : or inbox ASAP and I will send you an Paypal invoice. Once all spots are filled, invoices will be cancelled. Thank you!

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NEW REVIEW : If I Was Your Girlfriend : Marlon McCaulsky

4 out of 5 books

Rashida Haughton, Joyce Roland, Denise Varner, and Taylor Fenty are four friends that are just trying to juggle the start of their careers and their personal lives. Rashida thinks that she’s found the man of her dreams. But is he worth ruining a lifelong friendship with Joyce? Denise finds herself unexpectedly bound to a man that’s not her type forever. Taylor is living her best carefree life trying to sort out her feelings for someone who has been there all along. What will happen to these women?

If I Was Your Girlfriend is a great contemporary women’s fiction novel by Marlon McCaulsky. McCaulsky does a good job of telling this story from each woman’s point of view. The characters are in their 20s and it’s set in 2018. But when reading the novel, it takes you back to those good girlfriend type of African American women’s fiction novels of the 90s and early 2000s. There’s just enough drama to keep the story flowing without being over the top. The story is realistic with an ending that readers will be satisfied with. If I Was Your Girlfriend  is a fun and delightful read by Marlon McCaulsky.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

Click here to get your copy of If I Was Your Girlfriend today!

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Open Call for Authors : 11th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest - Saturday, January 19, 2019.

The Open Call for participating authors for the 11th Annual Great Midwest Book  Fest will be on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 10am central. The Open Call is when an email is sent to the authors that are on the Open Call list that the tables are being sold for the book fest. The email is sent to the list before it’s listed on social media. The Great Midwest Book Fest is a three hour book fest that’s open to the public with $5 admission. The price for the author tables will be $125. To get on the Open Call list, email your best email address to reach you at :

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Author of the Week : Vanessa Riley

Award-winning author, Vanessa Riley, writes Regency and Historical Romances of dazzling multi-culture communities with powerful persons of color. Vanessa’s books are crafted for historical romance reader who admires books that showcase women who find joy in sweeping kisses and strong sisterhoods. Even in the darkness, she promises to give you laughs and to show you how light always prevails and how love always, always wins. 

Vanessa juggles engineering, mothering a teen, cooking for her military-man husband, and speaking at women's and STEM events. You can catch her writing from the comfort of her southern porch with tea.

For decades (maybe centuries), during the winter holidays, from Christmas to Kwanzaa to Hanukah, romance novels have enjoyed a special place in the hearts of readers who put happy ever afters at the top of their must-have gift list. 

This holiday season will include a wonderful list of feel-good romances titles, but historical romances in particular, are oftentimes the centerpiece of the Yuletide spirit, especially when brightly wrapped in a bow of Jane Austen’s Regency.

My latest release is such a tale. The third novel in my Advertisements for Love series The Butterfly Bride is an OwnVoices story about a 18th century woman of African descent. 

A social butterfly mistakenly awakens in the arms of a reluctant widower and seeks a convenient marriage via a newspaper advertisement to hide from a determined killer.

Frederica Burghley wants to be married by Yuletide. Or else her father will set her up with one of his friends. The bonbon-loving illegitimate daughter of the duke wants to choose her own husband. Advertising in the newspaper seems like the way to go. But a sinister response, with threats against her life, leads her to enlist the help of her very handsome, dear friend Jasper Fitzwilliam, Lord Hartwell.

A father and widower, Jasper is not only tasked with keeping Frederica safe but also with helping his vibrant friend choose a suitable husband. The more he tries to keep the ever-surprising woman alive and find her a good match, the more Jasper realizes he cares for her. The two friends risk their lives for each other, so they should be able to risk their feelings for a chance at a deep and true love together. But he's not looking for marriage and she's not looking for convenience.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

NEW REVIEW : Enticed By You by Elle Wright

4 out of 5 books

Baggage, baggage, and more baggage! Those are words suitable to describe Parker and Kennedi’s lives. Parker’s life is a sophisticated web of tangled lies and deceit that he is trying to weave through courtesy of his comatose father, Parker Wells Sr. Kennedi’s life has been full of heartache. She was trying to create love in her heart where she knew there was none. However, through all that they have been through separately, Parker and Kennedi are both stronger than ever from it. But they need each other so they can feel the kind of love they have both been craving. They need to see what they can experience and accomplish together.

Enticed By You is an excellent read by Elle Wright. It is a great follow up to Touched By You. The Wells family is one that you can easily find yourself intertwined with. Wright is a skilled author who can pull you into the lives of the characters she creates. With this sequel, Elle Wright has you asking what’s next? Enticed By You is a book that you will want to add to your TBR pile.

Reviewed by Tenecia

Order Enticed By You today!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

On the Line With Radiah Hubbert : Marc Avery

MARC AVERY is a Philadelphia native and Redemption Lost is his debut novel. He is currently working on a thriller series. He lives in Delaware with his wife and children. You can visit him at  

Radiah :  Tell us about Redemption Lost.

Marc: Redemption Lost deals with alcoholism, love, heartbreak, decision making, and the consequences that come with those decisions. It is also a story of risk, restitution, and retribution.

Radiah:     What inspired you to write this story?

Marc: I wanted to write a story that reflected inner struggle and turmoil. Most people are fighting for something. Whether it be something they want, or something they lost. Anthony represents the faction of people who are in a constant battle with themselves to achieve the dreams they so desperately want to achieve. Ultimately, the decisions he makes will have consequences for him, and the people closest to him.

Radiah:     Why did you decide to release this novel under a different pen name?

Marc: I decided to write under a pen name because I wanted a fresh start on my literary journey. It felt like I went through an important metamorphosis with this book and I think the name change reflects that.

Radiah:      What is the one thing that you want readers to take away from your book?

Marc: My hope is that this novel not only entertains the readers, but also educates the readers. Life comes down to choices, and the better choices we make the better our lives can ultimately be.

Radiah:     Are you working on anything right now?

Marc: I’m working on a new thriller series right now. These books will be in the mold of New York Undercover, Miami Vice and Bad Boys 1 & 2. I’ve always wanted my own Alex Cross or Harry Bosch and I think I have him. I can’t wait for people to experience this first project. It’s been a long time coming.

Radiah:    Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Marc: Readers can connect with me at I’m also active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

NEW REVIEW : Touched by You by Elle Wright

    5 out of 5 books

Cruel…ruthless…just down right evil, is how majority of the town of Wellspring, Michigan would describe Parker Wells Sr. Brooklyn Wells is not even safe from her father’s cruelty. He has left her homeless, penniless, and even tried to force her to marry for the betterment of his company. Brooklyn can’t take it anymore.

Carter is trying to put the pieces of his shattered life back together. He has lost his wife and his daughter in a fire and everyone wants him to get on with his life. Carter is not sure how to do that. Maybe taking lead on the next project he and his partner have for their company will help him start living again.

Carter never thought that saving the life of a beautiful stranger would turn his life upside down. Brooklyn never thought that being saved by the handsome new stranger in town would give her the confidence she needed to start living her own life to the fullest. The two needed each other to start living.

Touched by You is a page turner. It starts off like any other good romance story. But the deeper you get into the story, the more you are intrigued and pulled into the drama of the Wells family. This story answers so many questions that you have, while at the same time leaving with you so many more. Touched by You is a must read!

Reviewed by Tenecia 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NEW REVIEW : Redemption Lost by Marc Avery

 4.5 out of 5 books

Anthony Porter has a lot on his plate. He’s a young screenwriter battling a secret alcohol addiction and depression. Anthony’s world is crushed when he finds out about his father’s infidelity. While working and waiting for his big break, he meets the perfect woman named Essence. Essence is older with a college degree and seems to be everything that Anthony needs. But their relationship turns out to be a nightmare when Anthony finds out Essence is not the woman that she pretended to be. Just as his screenwriting career takes off, Anthony is hit with a secret that’s so disturbing that it may change his life forever. Will he be able to recover from this?

Redemption Lost  is a fresh and interesting take on a coming of age story by Marc Avery. Avery created a main character that was flawed but still had redeeming qualities. You get so emotionally invested in Anthony that you will root for him throughout the book. This book would not be complete without a shocking twist that will stay with readers long after you finish this novel. Marc Avery has given readers an unexpected treat with Redemption Lost.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert