Tuesday, April 25, 2023

New Review : Hold You Down : Tracy Brown


5 out of 5 books

Mercy and Lenox Howard are sisters that have always had each other’s backs. They are raising two sons the best way they know how in New York City. Mercy is raising her son Judah on a hospital administrator salary and trying to make sure he gets the best education possible. But she really has dreams of owning her own restaurant. Lenox is the one that is always chasing after the next big thing. When Lenox gets involved in a risky business venture, it will change her and her son Deon’s lives forever.

Tracy Brown did an excellent job with Hold You Down. Brown takes readers on a  journey through life in the 1980s to early 1990s New York City. What’s good about this story is the realistic way that it is told. Brown does an excellent job with developing multi-layered characters that readers will care about. Readers will find that this story is very unpredictable and there are certain situations that will shock you. Hold You Down is Tracy Brown’s best book to date and one that you won’t stop talking about.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

On the Line With Radiah Hubbert : Marlon McCaulsky


Radiah Hubbert: Tell us about If I Was Your Girlfriend.

Marlon McCaulsky: This book is about four lifelong friends who live in Atlanta. This is a sexy, sophisticated portrayal of a hip Afrocentric Atlanta native Rashida and her three girlfriends Joyce, Denise, and Taylor. In this sexy, soulful tale of love, betrayal, and friendship set in modern-day Atlanta, these four young African Americans try to hold on to what's really important; sisterhood.

RH : How do you feel about this book getting released through a major publisher after so many years?

MM: To be honest I feel blessed. This didn't have to happen. I originally self-published this book in 2018 and was excited to finally get it out to the people. It did it's thing, well received, and it opened the door for a lot of opportunities. Now to have the opportunity to re-release this book to a bigger audience is amazing. 

Not too many authors get an opportunity like this so I'm very thankful. Thank you to my literary agent Diane Rembert and the good folks at Urban Renaissance/ Urban Books for working with me.

RH: What are you currently working on?

MM: Currently I'm working with my editor on a book that's a sequel to "My Current Situation".

And I have another book that's completed called, "I'm Not Superwoman" that I'm looking to release soon.

RH: What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

MM: It sounds like a cliche but the truth is don't stop writing. Don't stop looking for opportunities you never know when they will happen. There's no formula,there's not a certain thing you can do to guarantee success. You just have to be patient and persistent.

RH: Where can readers find you?

MM: You can find me at marlonmccaulsky.com,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, under my name. And more importantly you can find my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Books-A-Million, and your local African American bookstore.

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Monday, March 27, 2023

New Review : The Accidental Queen : L.R. Jackson


4 out of 5 books 

Ebony Rose is facing many challenges through her life. She’s looking for another job while running away from her past. Ebony still longs for the love of her life Dafari . She ran away from him a long time ago because she couldn’t tell him about her secret. But what will happen when she crosses paths with Dafari again? King Dafari has his life planned out due to tradition. But he doesn’t want his wife picked out for him. King Dafari only wants one woman : Ebony Rose. But Ebony has no idea of his true royal identity. 

Secrets, lies, and betrayal is what you’ll find in The Accidental Queen by L.R. Jackson. Jackson does a good job of weaving together the separate lives of Ebony and Dafari. This story keeps the reader intrigued until the very last page.You’ll keep wondering what is Ebony’s secret throughout the book until the shocking reveal. Hopefully, we will see more of Ebony and Dafari in the future. The Accidental Queen is not your average fairy tale and is a great debut by L.R. Jackson.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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New Review : What Does Brown Mean to You? : Ron Grady


5 out of 5 books

"I liked What Does Brown Mean to You because it was about a boy named Benny. He was brown and he saw everything around him that was brown too. Benny is brown like me, and I had fun learning to read it. My granddaughter's review, 5 years old."
What Does Brown Mean to You is a book that will appeal to children because it's brightly illustrated, the actual book itself is easy to read and catchy. It's not too long, so it will hold a child's attention long enough to read the book. I had fun helping my granddaughter read it. (She wanted to write her own review, which I included at the top.)  I recommend it for kids between 3 - 7.Thank you to Urban Reviews Online for the copy of this book, the review posted here are mine and my granddaughter's.

Reviewed by Kiera Northington & her granddaughter

New Review : Internal Affairs : Akyra Chiffon


4 out of 5 books

The book had quite a few twists and turns, and certain parts reminded me of Ghost and Angela from Power. Internal Affairs is told by Aaliyah, a female undercover cop and the story has the potential makings for a good cop show. You have dirty politicians, gang fights, cops, and of course gunfights. This book is written beautifully, you can imagine most of the scenes in your head. I felt let down towards the end, because it ended so abruptly, and I have so many questions. I’m hoping there will be a part 2 that picks right up where book 1 left off.If you like police procedure, mystery, drama, and fast-paced action, I would recommend this book for you.Thank you to Urban Reviews Online for the copy of this book, the review posted here is of my own opinion. 

Reviewed by Kiera Northington

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New Review : The House of Eve : Sadeqa Johnson


5 out of 5 books

Let me start out by saying I've never met a Sadeqa Johnson book I didn't love. The House of Eve presents the stories of Ruby Pearsall and Eleanor Quarles, two women with different circumstances, but many of the same problems. The book was not only intriguing, it had me caught up from beginning to end. From the very start, I was drawn into their stories, told in alternating chapters. Their stories are set in the 1950s and 1960s and the added details about life in that time period are well researched and captivating. I enjoyed getting to know both the women and their families. The writing was easy to read, flowed well, and for a serious topic, it was very thought provoking and made you wonder what you would've done in that predicament and time frame.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction, drama, great writing, and a story that will engage you and hold your attention from beginning to end.

Reviewed by Kiera Northington

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Wednesday, March 08, 2023

The Forthcoming : Love, Honor, Betray (A Lexington, Alabama Novel Book 3) : Mary Monroe : Release date : March 28, 2023


With mysterious serial murders putting peaceful Lexington, Alabama, on edge, Jessie and Hubert Wiggins’ steadfast calm and devotion to each other reassures everyone that faith will see them through. But Jessie and Hubert have paid a terrible hidden cost to maintain their devout facade and respectable standing. Nothing can allay the guilt they feel—or stop the growing distrust between them . . .

Hubert thought he and his secret lover, Leroy, could continue seeing each other on the down-low in peace. But when Leroy’s ex-wife moves back in with him, a heartbroken Hubert is driven to distraction trying to keep Jessie in the dark—and quell his mounting jealousy. And his need for satisfaction is driving Hubert to reckless extremes—and desperate risks. . .

Jessie believes the struggles between her and Hubert will all be worth it if she can connive him to finally consummate
 their marriage—no matter what she has to do. But his erratic behavior and her frustration soon has her trying yet another new lover, who is as charming as he is unreliable—and unexpectedly dangerous. . .

Now with their secrets out of control—and the police perilously near—Jessie and Hubert discover who might be behind the deaths plaguing their town. But can they risk a pursuit that could expose their own web of lies? When their only choice pits them and their suspicions against each other, their next move will either bury their deceptions deep for good—or reveal the one truth they can’t escape. . .

The Forthcoming : Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story (K'wan Presents) : Julia Press Simmons : Release date : March 28, 2023


Tabitha lost her freedom in high school when she hooked up with a boy who would impregnate her and make her his punching bag. Lisa is deemed "the strong one" by her friends, but her own past of sexual abuse and pregnancy at the hands of her stepfather keeps her one second away from falling apart as the drama builds. Their younger friend, Shanice, is a hellion, ready and willing to let any boy have her just to get the affection she believes her mother has withheld. As their world spirals out of control, they cling fast to one another in the hope that love, friendship, and strength will not only keep them together but will also move them to a better place in their lives.

Friday, March 03, 2023

The Forthcoming : If I Was Your Girlfriend : Marlon McCaulsky : Release date : March 28, 2023

Four lifelong friends find their bonds tested when personality differences and relationship issues threaten to pull them apart.

What happens when you fall in love with the right man at the wrong time? Rashida Haughton finds out firsthand when she meets Alonzo Hall. But the problem is, a relationship with Alonzo could destroy a lifelong friendship with Joyce Roland, her best friend.

Denise Varner considers herself a plain-Jane type of girl who often goes unnoticed around her friends, especially the wild-and-free Taylor Fenty. They get along like oil and water—they just don't mix.

Will these four friends learn to put aside their differences and save a lifelong bond before things go too far?

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Sunday, February 26, 2023

New Review : The Color of Family : Jerry McGill

5 out of 5 books

Devon Payne snatched my heartstrings and played a song of brokenhearted dreams and the emptiness of retribution. Like the strings on a guitar, the Payne family members struck a different chord of feelings of abandonment of nurturing and love due to favoritism that they didn’t sit on the side of.

Like so many others, the less favored children tend to deal with the lack of what family should feel and look like. It’s normal for siblings to be competitive in wanting to be the best or go the furthest in life. But the tragedies of youthful ignorance derailed Devon’s dreams of life, love, and having his own family. It didn’t help to have to be separated from the people you are most familiar with to be halfway across the world only to be acknowledged for what you did wrong and are needed for something.

I enjoyed this story that Jerry McGill wrote as it addresses many family dysfunctions, turmoil, failures, growth, and forgiveness. This title is recommended to all who love Urban fiction as we can all find ourselves in each chapter intricately woven into the pages.

Reviewed by Lacha’ J

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Saturday, February 25, 2023

The Exes : Brandon Massey


3.5 out of 5 books

The day Austin Dash has been regretting has arrived. His ex-wife, Naomi has been released from prison. Austin fears how this will affect his now peaceful life that he has with his wife, Brooke, their children, and his son Khari from his previous marriage to Naomi. Austin is afraid of Naomi who was imprisoned for brutally stabbing him during a jealous episode. There is no cause for the jealous behavior, but this is what Austin dealt with while married to Naomi, delusional, unhinged and violent episodes.  This last incident convinces him that he had to take action to keep him and Khari safe.


His new marriage to Brooke is everything that Austin wanted in life. He and Khari are able to move on and bond with the new family that Brooke and Austin create.  But Naomi wants her family back, both Austin and Khari. She will stop at nothing even including her spooky and crazy family to get what she wants. The antics of Naomi and Austin’s ex-in-laws, takes readers on a ride they won’t forget.


I love Brandon Massey! I will not put this book at the top of his other books but I stayed engaged throughout the book. There are several jaw-dropping moments that will have you wanting to throw the  book or holler at the characters.  A very intriguing read. 

Reviewed by Paula Allen  


New Review : Confessions in B-Flat : Donna Hill


4 out of 5 books

Jason Tanner has come to Harlem in 1963. His mission is to spread the word of passive resistance of his mentor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Anita Hopkins is a poet that believes in the teachings of Malcolm X and freedom is “by any means necessary”. But when Jason sees Anita performing her poetry at the B-Flat lounge, he is instantly drawn to her. Can Jason and Anita make a connection?

Civil rights, different ideologies, and a love story is what Donna Hill brought us with Confessions in B-Flat. From the iconic restaurants, record stores, and other local black community landmarks, Hill transports you to 1963 Harlem. You can literally see everything that is taking place in this story. The development of Anita and Jason’s love story is a steady build that readers will appreciate. Donna Hill hit just the right note with Confessions in B-Flat.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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New Review : Black Girls Must Die Exhausted : Jayne Allen


4 out of 5 books

Tabitha Walker is a 33-year-old local news reporter that is navigating through life. She plans to make a down payment on her dream home and has a steady boyfriend. But when a medical diagnosis threatens her ability to have children, Tabitha doesn’t know what her future will look like.

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted  is a good debut novel from Jayne Allen. Tabitha is a very relatable character. Allen paints a very accurate picture of the difficulties of balancing a career, love life, and fertility. Tabitha’s relationships with her friends and grandmother are nurturing and rewarding. Good character development and dialogue makes Black Girls Must Die Exhausted  a good start to this three book series.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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See the interview with Jayne Allen here!

New Review : Blindsided : Trice Hickman


4 out of 5 books

Bernadette, Tess, and Arizona are back with more drama than before. When Bernadette moved to a small town a year ago, she never thought that she would be pregnant and in a relationship. But Bernadette soon finds out that life is not that easy.  Tess is happily engaged to a successful restaurateur. But when she finds out she has difficulty conceiving, will her world fall apart? Arizona has married the love of her life. She is trying to help her husband to work out his intimacy issues in the bedroom. But Arizona’s husband has dark issues that she may not be able to solve.

Blindsided is a good follow-up to The Other Side by Trice Hickman. Both books are recommended. Hickman gives us an excellent update on these memorable characters. Just like in the first book, the characters in this story are memorable and relatable. Readers will find that there are some unexpected revelations in this book that makes this a true page-turner. Blindsided is a good book club pick and another winner for Trice Hickman.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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New Review : The Black Magician : KayCee Jones

4 out of 5 books


When the ancestors were stolen from Africa, the slave catchers were taking kings, queens, princes, princesses, and doctors. Highly intelligent individuals who carried their knowledge, secrets and gifts with them to America.  THE BLACK MAGICIAN is a tale that portrays the strength, intelligence, and resilience of those who are enslaved. George is such a person, gifted with the ability to read the aura of individuals, he uses this to identify slaves who are mentally strong and highly desire freedom from the bonds of slavery.


With the aid of his grandmother, affectionately referred to as “Granny’ by all, George learns the history of his people, the power he possesses and the secrets of plants and herbs that she learned from her ancestors who were doctors and scientists.  George’s responsibility on the plantation is as a blacksmith. He is recognized by his master for the inventions he made that the master is secretly patenting and selling as his own inventions to maintain income for his plantation. With the help of Indian Red, Master Smith’s lovechild, Shelby who is an abolitionist in Philadelphia, George’s ability to make things with his hands and Granny’s secrets to deceive and escape the slave catcher, those who desire are able to taste freedom.


I enjoyed this book because most people don’t recognize the intelligence and ability of our enslaved ancestors. They were not able to display that knowledge for fear of retaliation, not recognizing that they gathered slaves from different tribes together on plantations so that they can’t speak to each other, and they lack the ability to read the English language. Therefore, there was no means to carry on their native language to future generations.  The book shows how they overcome those barriers to discern and know that they can one day be free.

           Reviewed by Paula Allen 

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New Review : Love, Honor, Betray : Mary Monroe


3.5 out of 5 books

In LOVE, HONOR, BETRAY, we find ourselves back in the lives of Hubert and Jessie Wiggins in the third installment of Mary Monroe’s Lexington Alabama series.  Things pick up right where the second book of the series ended, the serial murders are still plaguing the town with no clue as to who the culprits are. The killings have become more sinister with racial undertones as the victims are no longer young black women but now includes black men who are being hung in trees.  Everyone is afraid and on high alert. This is beneficial for Hubert’s business as the funeral home director, but the potential threat to their lives is instilling fear. Especially considering the Klan may be on the loose and the police investigation is hitting too close to home to the appalling act they are keeping secret.


Hubert has managed to keep his secret affair with his lover Leroy hidden but things change, sending Hubert in a downward spiral. Jessie is dealing with the frustrations of being in a marriage without intimacy. She takes up an affair with a married man who proves to be too much for her.  Will the secrets they share as well as the ones they are keeping from each other be the downfall of their marriage of convenience?

Although I enjoyed my journey with Hubert and Jessie and their messy marriage, I find this book to be a bit repetitive and wordy. The book provides some of the shock value as MRS. WIGGINS, but they are predictable moments as well. You can count on Mary Monroe to bring the drama and I am here for it! 

Reviewed by Paula Allen   



New Review: Pride : Victoria Christopher Murray


3.5 out of 5 books

PRIDE is the tale of Journee Alexander, a successful real estate broker in Houston, TX. Journee is proud of her accomplishments and her ability to rise above homeless and parental abandonment. Journee’s life turns around when her best friend Vivian Wallace invites her to join her uncle Simon’s real estate mortgage company.  Simon takes Journee under his wings as a mentee and the two engage in practices that was not above board. A tragic event that took place because of their schemes drives Journee to pull away from Simon and start her own mortgage firm.


Someone knows about Journee’s past shady business dealings and is threatening revenge for her actions.  She enlists the assistance of her ex-boyfriend Ethan Thomas, a criminal defense attorney to get ahead of the threatening text and potential lawsuit as her former boss and mentee may be facing criminal charges. Journee’s situation becomes more dire as she refuses the advice of those who are trying to help her, thinking that doing it her way is best. Her meddling presents more challenging issues and exposes her to her nemesis.


Journee’s character is so full of pride and caught up in self, that she thinks no one is better at doing things than she is, and she can’t advice from others. Her character comes off as gullible and na├»ve, until you recognize she exhibits that type of behavior because she thinks so highly of herself.  Proverbs 16:18 states “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” and Murray clearly pens this in a modern-day tale. This is the fifth book in her Seven Deadly Sins series, and I am trying to get my hands on each one. 

Reviewed by Paula Allen  


New Review : Hold You Down : Tracy Brown

  5 out of 5 books Mercy and Lenox Howard are sisters that have always had each other’s backs. They are raising two sons the best way they k...