Friday, October 06, 2023

New Review : Our Wicked Lies : Glede Browne Kabango


4 out of 5 books

Alicia Gray has everything a stay-at-home mom can dream of, but her real desire is to complete her degree and have a career of her own. Her husband, Elliott, is a very successful partner at his law firm who prefers Alicia not to work outside the home, but to stay home and care for their two daughters.  Elliott dismisses her desire to return to school, stating that any woman will love to be in her position. Alicia soon discovers cracks in her perfect marriage. Elliott starts to work late, have secret conversations and Alicia is receiving ominous messages in the mail.

 Alicia does a bit of snooping and what she finds totally shatters her heart. After discovering his secret, Alicia opens up to her friend Kataline who convinces her that the messages mean nothing and reassures her that Elliott loves only her. Alicia has secrets of her own and the more secrets that are uncovered, even more secrets are revealed. When tragedy strikes, it sends shockwaves through their subdivision.

 I really enjoyed this psychological thriller by an author that is new to me. OUR WICKED LIES is gripping thriller with an ending you never saw coming. At some points, Kabango took the predictable route, only to throw a twist that will spark your attention. The lies, suspense, and betrayal will keep the reader engaged until the climatic ending. I definitely recommend this one.

Reviewed by Paula Allen  

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