Friday, October 06, 2023

New Review: You Never Know : Connie Briscoe


3 out of 5 books

As YOU NEVER KNOW opens, Briscoe foretells the home invasion and brutal attack of Alexis Roberts.  The focus of the novel is then set on the events that led up to the account. Alexis was born hearing impaired, a hereditary condition that she inherited from her mother.  Because there is a chance that she could give birth to a child and pass on the same condition along with the shame and burden that comes along with it, she is on the fence about accepting Paul’s proposal. Paul wants children and Alexis does not, so she ends her relationship with him. At a fundraising event for children with special needs, Alexis meets Marcus, a successful attorney, who was familiar with her condition as his mom was also deaf.

Marcus is very patient and affectionate towards Alexis. He spoils her with lavish gifts and expensive romantic getaways. Alexis has found love and they are quickly married. Shortly after saying “I do”, Marcus tightens up the spending and his behavior towards Alexis becomes impatient and callous. Secrets from their past causes the foundation of their relationship to become unstable. As secrets are revealed, Alexis questions who the man is she married and if she can trust him.

While the book kept me interested enough to keep reading, there were moments when I was questioning the actions and behaviors of the characters. Alexis was very naïve and oftentimes failed to trust what her eyes were seeing. There were moments where the pacing dragged and was repetitive. That made it very predictable. I am a fan of Connie Briscoe and look forward to more of her work.



Reviewed by Paula Allen


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