Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Forthcoming: T. Styles - Black And Ugly

Black and Ugly
T. Styles
Black And Ugly
Parade Knight hates her complexion. As a result, she considers herself to be unattractive and condones the misuse of her body.
Sky Taylor is beautiful, fly and wanted, and loves reminding Parade of her imperfections – especially after suspecting that she may be sleeping with her man, Jay Hernandez.
Miss Wayne is hilarious and a self-proclaimed girlfriend who enjoys the attention his friends bring. If you let Miss Wayne tell it, he’s not a gay, he’s just one of the girls.
Daffany Stans uses her body for profit and hides a health secret so serious that it could endanger the lives of her friends, considering their sex partners are so closely related.
Black and Ugly is a tale of four totally different friends from the same block, whose friendship is tested during a seemingly innocent game of Truth or Dare. When fatal secrets begin to surface, will Parade give up the friend whose shadow she has walked in all her life? And will Miss Wayne and Daphne abandon their friends to save themselves?
I knew I was ugly the moment my mother gave me a mirror. How could I not? Growing up, she reminded me over and over that I didn’t look like her when she was younger. I don’t care too much anymore because I can beat a bitch down. And, I dare somebody to call me ugly to my face. Everybody knows me round my way and they know the one thing I don’t tolerate is someone tellin’ me somethin’ I already know.
--Excerpt from Black and Ugly

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Forthcoming: Kimona Jaye - Good Girls Pole Riders Club

Kimona J

Good Girls Pole Rider's Club

When Shaundra finds an ambitious stripper's business card in her boyfriend's back pocket, she decides it's time to learn some new tricks. If dropping it like it's hot is what her man wants, then that's what she's going to give him.
She tells her girlfriends -- Shay, Brenda, and Karina -- and they make a pact to buy a stripper's pole and learn how to work it like the pros. Trash talking on a girls' night out is easy. But fulfilling the promises these best friends make under the influence of vodka martinis proves to be much more difficult for these suburban women who've never met a stripper, much less aimed to be one.
Shay is bored with her marriage and herself after ten years as a preacher's wife; Shaundra is the mother of a rebellious teenager; Karina is Weight Watchers' number one client; and Brenda is a peace officer who is ready to get wild for the first time in her life. These are desperate housewives and singles in search of Mr. Right, trying to keep love in their lives by projecting a good-girl image to the world but being bad girls in bed. These are four friends waiting to exhale . . . and make the earth move.
Riding the wave of mainstream popularity that the skill of stripping has among ordinary wives, mothers, and singles, Kimona Jaye -- a fresh new voice in sexy fiction -- delivers a fun and intoxicating adventure to be read and shared with friends and lovers alike.
"I gotta get a pole! What a sensual treat for the grown and sexy!"

-- Noire, #1 Essence bestselling author of Candy Licker and Thug-A-Licious


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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Forthcoming: Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker - The Ex-Factor

Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker
The Ex Factor
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This emotional, erotically-charged novel follows three half-sisters and their complicated relationships with one another and with the men in their lives.

Celeste thinks all she wants in life are her family and a nice home in the suburbs. Yet lately she’s got a hunch that her sexy husband, Sharief, a New York City policeman, is patrolling more than just the streets. Celeste is sure he’s cheating on her. When she finds out that the home-wrecker is none other than her own sister Monica, all hell breaks loose.

Monica never intended to fall in love with her sister’s husband. But who knew that Sharief would make every inch of her body tingle with a single touch? Monica knows she should have righted her wrong before Celeste found out, but she’s in too deep–in more ways than one.

Imani is not pleased that her low-life boyfriend, Walik, just got out of the slammer and wants her back. Sure enough trouble comes knocking. But when a fine Puerto Rican DJ named Kree seduces her and showers her son, Jamal, with attention, Imani finally gets a shot at happiness and ghetto-free love.

Fielding the curve balls tossed their way, Celeste, Monica, and Imani learn that it takes more than sisterhood to cope with love, life, and men–the ones they’ve got, and that elusive ex factor.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Forthcoming - C-Murder - Death Around The Corner

There's A Time To Go Hard, And A Time To Chill...
The day the cops took his daddy away for murder, a new emotion gripped five-year-old Daquan Watson's heart: Hate. It would stay with him as he came up in The Calliope, New Orleans' most notorious, drug-infested housing projects, where every brother is a soldier goin' to war every day. Grandma Mama does her best to raise him the right way, but those streets keep calling. Trying to get ahead in such a harsh environment can make your heart turn cold--unless you learn how to listen to your guardian angel...

There's A Time To Take One For The Team...

But the violence at The Calliope is nothing compared to what Daquan experiences doing time at Scotland Correctional Center for youth, watching cats get stabbed over card games, young boys get raped, and racism of the worst kind, even from the black guards. A voice inside tells him he'd better learn to use his anger--instead of letting it use him, ya heard?


And A Time To Think For Yourself...

From the moment Daquan heard his first blast of hip hop, the music spoke to him, and for him. While his friends are getting their street hustle cracking, his way with words is leading him in another direction. With a good woman by his side, he's owning up to his responsibilities and building a new future with New Orleans' biggest rap label. But what about his homies in The CP3--will they ever be truly free? Daquan knows his hardened heart will never allow him to become a victim. He can only pray it won't allow him to become a predator...


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Forthcoming: Carl Weber - The First Lady

The national bestselling author of The Preacher's Son and So You Call Yourself A Man returns with a scandalously spirited new novel about a woman who knows she's her husband's First Lady—but doesn't want to be his last…
Charlene Wilson, First Lady of First Jamaica Ministries, has lived a good life with two wonderful children and her beloved husband, Bishop T.K. Wilson. Now the Lord is calling her home at the age of forty-four. She's ready to go, but what will happen to T.K. after she's gone?
The Bishop may be a man of God, but he's still a man who needs a woman. Trouble is, T.K. is just as naïve as any other man when it comes to women—especially slick-ass, bible-toting, man-hungry church women. That's why Charlene has planned a way to hang around in spirit—to make sure her replacement is a good one.
First in line is Marlene, the mother of T.K.'s illegitimate daughter, Tanisha. Then there's Monique Johnson, First Lady of Plastic Surgery and Implants. The only thing real about Monique is how much she wants T.K. Next is Savannah Dickens, the church's attractive new choir soloist, who's also the daughter of a prominent church elder. And last but not least is Charlene's good friend, Sister Lisa Mae Johnson, widow of Pastor Lee Jones.
With the help of her friend Alison, Charlene anticipates any scenario that might occur in a series of letters addressed to the lucky ladies. Alison has vowed to keep an eye on T.K.'s social life and deliver them as needed. No one else knows about the letters, but rest assured, they will shake up a whole lot of people. Charlene may soon be gone, but her presence will be felt…

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Forthcoming: Marissa Monteilh - Dr. Feelgood

They call him Dr. Feelgood…

One woman would never be enough to satisfy noted cardiologist Dr. Makkai Worthy, better known by his sex partners as Dr. Feelgood. Womanizer extraordinaire, he's a chip off the old block of his rolling-stone papa and commitment isn’t an option. At 37 and single, he’s happier than he’s ever been, living the lifestyle of the rich and fine. A gifted surgeon, Dr. Feelgood knows how to operate in the O.R. by day. But by night, it's his smooth operations in the bedroom that are driving his four main squeezes crazy.

First, there’s demanding-diva Georgia. She's bound and determined to be the doctor's one and only until suspicions arise that she’s keeping something on the down low. Mary Jane is a sweetheart of a nurse who works in Dr. Feelgood’s cardiology unit. He tries to stay hands off, until a player friend starts to make a move and he’s forced to stake his claim. Self-absorbed Monday is as fast as the day is long, and she boasts that she can bag any man without getting serious; but the sexually talented Dr. Feelgood flips the script and uncovers another side of Monday. Spicy Salina’s white husband is not one to share, so when he’s sent to jail for choking the good doctor, the drama really begins.

Dr. Feelgood’s escapades as a true player could force him to finally settle down, or they might just motivate him to begin another affair of the heart. Watch out, because the ladies are lining up, and the doctor is in …

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