Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Forthcoming: Carl Weber - The First Lady

The national bestselling author of The Preacher's Son and So You Call Yourself A Man returns with a scandalously spirited new novel about a woman who knows she's her husband's First Lady—but doesn't want to be his last…
Charlene Wilson, First Lady of First Jamaica Ministries, has lived a good life with two wonderful children and her beloved husband, Bishop T.K. Wilson. Now the Lord is calling her home at the age of forty-four. She's ready to go, but what will happen to T.K. after she's gone?
The Bishop may be a man of God, but he's still a man who needs a woman. Trouble is, T.K. is just as naïve as any other man when it comes to women—especially slick-ass, bible-toting, man-hungry church women. That's why Charlene has planned a way to hang around in spirit—to make sure her replacement is a good one.
First in line is Marlene, the mother of T.K.'s illegitimate daughter, Tanisha. Then there's Monique Johnson, First Lady of Plastic Surgery and Implants. The only thing real about Monique is how much she wants T.K. Next is Savannah Dickens, the church's attractive new choir soloist, who's also the daughter of a prominent church elder. And last but not least is Charlene's good friend, Sister Lisa Mae Johnson, widow of Pastor Lee Jones.
With the help of her friend Alison, Charlene anticipates any scenario that might occur in a series of letters addressed to the lucky ladies. Alison has vowed to keep an eye on T.K.'s social life and deliver them as needed. No one else knows about the letters, but rest assured, they will shake up a whole lot of people. Charlene may soon be gone, but her presence will be felt…

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