Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Book Preview of the Month : Overcoming Obstacles : Tiffeny L. Marsh


Tiffeny L. Marsh's Overcoming Obstacles is a poignant story that illuminates her personal journey through seemingly overwhelming setbacks into a lovely place of hope and peace. Though life is often wrought with trials and tribulations, these obstacles do not have to define us or defeat us. They can actually become the very things that bring us into an awareness of God's extraordinary mercy and grace. If you have ever thought that defeat defines your future, give yourself the gift of reading this book. It will minister hope and encouragement, particularly to those who may feel alone amidst facing difficult and challenging life circumstances.

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Saturday, July 06, 2024

New Review : False Idols: A Reluctant King Novel : K'wan


4 out of 5 books

Chaos and disorder ensues on New York City streets when Chancellor King is arrested and his eldest son Ghost is murdered. Chancellor’s brother Chapman conveniently takes an opportunity to take over the crown in the King family. But he’s stepping on the toes of his nephew Shadow to do it. The queen of the King family Maureen now has the task of keeping the family together the best way she can. She puts her hope into her son Shadow but is he ready?

Murder, deceit, and mayhem is what you find in False Idols. K’wan once again brings us into the world of the King dynasty. This book has a lot of layers and is not your typical sequel. There are a lot of players that are woven into this story that readers need to pay attention to. It seems as if every character has an ulterior motive which makes for a dangerous and intriguing plot. You have a distinct feeling that this story is far from over. Once again, K’wan does not disappoint with False Idols.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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New Review : Curvy Girl Summer : Danielle Allen


4 out of 5 books

Aaliyah James is single and is ready to find the one. Her family is worried that she will never find love since she’s almost 30. Aaliyah is on a mission to find the perfect date and boyfriend for her 30th birthday celebration. But the party is only seven weeks away. With the urging of a local bartender named Ahmad Williamson that consoled her after her first failed blind date, Aaliyah tries an online dating app. Will she find the man of her dreams online?

Curvy Girl Summer takes us into the rough waters of the dating scene. Aaliyah James is a confident, sexy, curvaceous woman who knows what she does and doesn’t want from a man. Bravo to Danielle Allen for not brining us a stereotypical plus size woman character. Also, her weight is not the main topic of the story which is refreshing. Allen is spot on with how the current dating scene is no matter what age you are. This story wouldn’t be complete without some sexy scenes thrown into the mix. Curvy Girl Summer is a sexy and fun read by Danielle Allen.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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New Review : Wet Dreams on Lockdown :The Unit Manager: Nai


4 out of 5 books

Camille Deville is a unit manager at Fishkill Correctional facility. She is always by the book and the inmates know her as Ms. D. While she is always professional, there is one inmate that is always on her mind. Enter Cameron Haynes. Cameron has been doing his time quietly and can;t wait to go home. But he can’t help but looking at Ms. D. He wants Ms. D for his own pleasure. But will Camille cross the line and risk her job for Cameron?

Wet Dreams on Lockdown : The Unit Manager is a quick and spicy read by Nai. Readers will find that this story is not as predictable as you would think. There is just enough character development and easy dialogue that keeps the story moving. Wet Dreams on Lockdown : The Unit Manager by Nai is that light summer read that you can take along with you on vacation. 

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

New Review : The Perfect Affair : Angela Henry


4 out of 5 books

THE PERFECT AFFAIR is a gripping psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. When Paige Nichols meets her husband’s glamorous new colleague, Cara Morton, at a faculty mixer, she senses trouble. The way Aaron looks at Cara—like she’s the only woman in the world—stirs old memories. Aaron used to look at Paige that way too, before their marriage hit rocky shores.

But when Cara accuses Aaron of something shocking, Paige’s loyalty wavers. Is Cara telling the truth, or is this all part of her dangerous game? As Cara mysteriously disappears, Paige grapples with her own dark secrets. Is her husband capable of murder? The police seem to think so, but they don’t know Cara’s past or what she’s truly capable of.

Angela Henry masterfully weaves suspense, secrets, and unexpected twists throughout the novel. The characters are flawed, relatable, and utterly human. You’ll find yourself questioning everyone’s motives, wondering who to trust. And just when you think you’ve figured it out, Henry throws another curveball your way.

THE PERFECT AFFAIR is a page-turner that will keep you up all night, eagerly flipping the pages. If you enjoy thrillers with complex characters and mind-bending plot twists, this one is a must-read. So grab your favorite blanket, settle into a cozy spot, and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue! 

Reviewed by Paula Allen 

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