Thursday, January 27, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Tash Hawthorne - Karma 2

Karma 2 For The Love Of MoneyTash Hawthorne -
Karma 2 -
Available Now! -
2.5 out of 5 books -

After the birth of Karma and Money's son Mekhi, Money distances himself from the two. He lies to Karma about his whereabouts, telling her that he is working overtime, but that is far from the truth. In all actuality, he is pounding the streets late at night in search of his father. The same man that was responsible for the murder of Karma's mother. Little does Money know, his father will never be found.

Karma cannot understand why Money has refused to be there for her or their child. The loves she has for Money is slowly dwindling. When Money commits an unspeakable act towards her, she is torn on whether or not to tell her family. Karma knows if her family finds out what Money has done, he is as good as dead.

Karma 2 by Tash Hawthorne is a story of love, lies and abuse. It is a story of what lies can really do to destroy a family. Although the author had a decent plot, I felt the story was a bit outlandish and unbelievable. This was especially prevalent near the end of the story. The author has potential, but I think with a good developmental editor, Karma 2 could have been a lot better.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Bettye Griffin - The Heat of Heat

The Heat of HeatBettye Griffin -
The Heat of Heat -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

The Heat of Heat is about how Chantal, Sinclair, and Yolanda met their soul mates, even though it wasn't so obvious in every case.

Chantal meets Trystain when she had to fill in for one of her employees. Even though the chemistry was definitely there, Chantal thought Trystain was a snob. He had his work cut out for him if he wanted Chantal in his life.

When Yolanda and Carlos first made eye contact, it was love at first sight. While attending one of Carlos' shows, Yolanda catches his eye and he asks for her phone number. She doesn't think she will ever hear from him. Boy was she wrong! With Carlos' budding music career, the odds are against them. They will have to work extra hard if they are determined to make their relationship work.

Sinclair isn't sure when she will meet her Mr. Right, but whenever it happens, she will be ready. When she has to help out by driving one of the limousines for the company she manages, she doesn't expect her Mr. Right to be her next passenger. Ivan is a vey wealthy, eligible bachelor who has had his share of women. When these two meet again and Sinclair is not working, they agree to a "no strings attached" fling. The only problem with that is...someone forgot to tell their hearts.

The Heat of Heat by Bettye Griffin is like having three books in one. Each main character has their own story, which the author connects with their friendship. Griffin does a good job of developing the primary characters. There are also secondary characters that are pivotal to the story that are well developed as well. Griffin also does a good job of keeping the story flowing without lagging moments. It does get a little confusing at times keeping each situation straight, but not enough to affect the overall story.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Anna Black - Luck of the Draw

Luck of the Draw (Delphine Publications Presents)Anna Black -
Luck of the Draw -
Available Now! -
3.5 out of 5 books -

Kennedy and Cherae have been best friends since childhood. They’ve always been there for one another and nothing could tear them apart. But when a sexy club owner named Julian comes into the picture, their friendship is tested. Julian becomes smitten with one of these two women, and the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head. Kennedy and Cherae's lives are now filled with more drama and deceit that neither one of them was prepared for.

Luck of the Draw is an entertaining novel by Anna Black. Black brings us a good novel about what true friendship really means. This story shows what can happen when one person’s sense of entitlement can cause havoc on the people around them. The overall message of this book is to really cherish your real friends and to watch out for those who may not have your best interest at heart. The only issue with this story is that there should have been a more complete conclusion. Luck of the Draw is still a decent, quick read.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Dijorn Moss - The Retreat

The RetreatDijorn Moss -
The Retreat -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

Chauncey, Will, Quincy, and Jamal attend Greater Anointing Christian Center (GACC). GACC has a congregation of 2,000 plus, and the majority are women. Pastor Dawkins leads this flock and wants to make sure that all members of GACC are involved with the church in one way or the other. So he creates a retreat for just the men in the church. While at the "Retreat," each man is dealing with their own personal dramas. Each of them are also wondering if they have bitten off more then they could chew. Will they be able to finish the retreat and find the answers they have been searching for, or will they leave and never return to the church?

Will, who is a thief, has come to the retreat searching for answers about God and what he should do about his future. Will he return to the streets and possibly get caught and go to jail, or find redemption and become a true child of God? Chauncey believes that he is a God-fearing man. He can quote the bible backwards and forward and tries his hardest to impress Pastor Dawkins. He is willing to help anyone because that's "the Christian yhing" to do. He's willing to help anyone, except the one person that needs him the most...his brother.

Quincy is a successful businessman who has been married for years. He comes to church, but not too often. Quincy decides to go to the retreat not to find answers from God, but to find the man who he believes is having an affair with his wife. Will he be able to accept the truth, or will he just divorce his wife and move on? Jamal is a family man, goes to work and takes care of his family. His problem is that he's having an extremely difficult time coming to terms with the death of a close friend. Will Jamal find the answers he seeks, or will he keep everything bottled up and never find solace in moving forward?

When starting to read The Retreat, I was actually surprised it was a good read. I would have never thought a book about a men's retreat would have me intrigued. I enjoyed this book for different reasons. One was the way each of these men have their own unique relationship with God and how they dealt with their different problems. Another reason is, the fact that the author, Dijorn Moss, didn't let this book drag on, and each character was interesting in their own way. Some of them you liked more than you liked others, but each character had a relatable situation. There was nothing over the top or too far fetched that you could not believe. The Retreat is very inspiring, and will have you questioning your own relationship with God.
Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Rosalyn McMillan - We Ain't The Brontes

We Ain't the BrontesRosalyn McMillan -
We Ain't The Brontes -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

Charity Evans and Lynzee Lavender are sisters who are also writers, but their relationship has always been strained due to the sibling rivalry caused by their professions. Lynzee is living in the lap of luxury by being a New Times bestselling author while Charity is still trying to get there. Charity has been struggling to get another publishing contract for years. With being a few steps from financial ruin, Charity’s marriage and home life may be in trouble if she doesn’t get another contract soon. Things get even more out of control when Lynzee reveals that she and Charity’s husband had a child that was given up for adoption years ago. How will this news affect Charity’s relationship with her sister and her own marriage?

We Ain’t the Brontes is a fabulous book about what happens when sibling rivalry goes too far. Rosalyn McMillan does a wonderful job of breathing life into Charity and Lynzee’s characters. There are also a few secondary characters in this story such as Charity’s sons that makes this a well-rounded book. This story is peppered with true to life situations and emotions. You will see that there are two strong messages in this book. The first one is that blood is thicker than water, and the second is that marriage vows should be taken seriously. We Ain’t the Brontes is full of witty, thought-provoking, entertaining dialogue that makes this a true page-turner. With We Ain’t the Brontes, Rosalyn McMillan proves that she’s back and better than ever.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Wanda Campbell - Right Package, Wrong Baggage

Right Package, Wrong Baggage (Urban Christian)Wanda Campbell -
Right Package, Wrong Baggage -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

Pamela Roberts has been balancing her everyday life as a single mother and holding on to her Christian values. She really has not made time for a man until her own son picks out one for her. Micah Stevenson is everything that Pamela needs in her life, and he adores her son. Micah knows that Pamela and her son will make his life complete. He has a dark secret that he wants to tell Pamela about, but he’s afraid to tell her. Once the secret is revealed, it will change Pamela and Micah’s relationship forever.
Right Package, Wrong Baggage is a wonderful book by Wanda B. Campbell. Campbell expertly brings us a Christian fiction story with a very thought-provoking plot. Micah’s secret was a good example of testing the strength and faith of his and Pamela’s relationship. One of the underlying messages of this book is that you have to accept and learn from your past in order to move forward. This story is a perfect book club choice because there are a plethora of issues in this story that will prompt an interesting discussion. Right Package, Wrong Baggage is an entertaining novel about faith and love.
Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Lorraine Elzia - Ask Nicely And I Might

Ask Nicely and I Might (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents)Lorraine Elzia -
Ask Nicely and I Might -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Alex is a homicide detective who’s well on her way of becoming a captain. Alex is investigating one of the biggest cases of her career when she tries to stop a female serial killer. But this case becomes all too personal when someone close to her becomes one of the serial killer’s victims. Alex is on a race against time to catch this killer before she strikes again. Jade is an out of control woman who feels that she’s above the law. She gives her own brand of justice by killing her victims according to her twisted rules. The cat and mouse game that Jade is playing with the police is running out of steam. Jade may have met her match when Alex personally hunts her down. But things aren’t as cut and dry as they seem when Jade and Alex finally meet face to face.

Ask Nicely and I Might is a thought provoking tale by Lorraine Elzia. This is a surprising tale about a deranged woman living by her own set of rules. Eliza does a good job of showing readers the progression of Jade’s mental instability throughout the book. You really see how Jade thinks that what’s she’s doing is perfectly fine. You’ll also see how Alex’s quest for acceptance by her father has shaped her adult life. Lorraine Eliza has once again brought an entertaining and interesting novel with Ask Nicely and I Might.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Amaleka McCall - Price of Fame

Price of FameAmaleka McCall -
Price of Fame -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

Casey Pete and Dominique Branch were the best of friends years ago, but jealousy and lies tore them apart. Casey is now a famous porn queen who’s not feeling the business anymore. Dominique is a preacher’s wife who would rather forget her checkered past. But a tragic situation brings these friends back together in order to confront Jordan Bleu, the man that’s responsible for Casey’s career. This trio also has to deal with a murder from years ago that still haunts them. Brice Simpson is a detective that just got a promotion. In order to prove his worth, he decides to try to solve a cold case of a murdered fourteen-year-old girl. But Brice has to deal with more than he bargained for when his own younger sister goes missing.

Murder, sex, and lies are what you’ll find in Price of Fame by Amaleka McCall. McCall brings us an entertaining tale that tackles the topics of sexual exploitation and child abduction with a good mystery thrown in. What was different about this story is the mix of characters and their backgrounds. McCall did a good job with telling this story and how she linked all the characters together. This book also has a realistic ending that will satisfy readers. Amaleka McCall once again demonstrated her superb storytelling skills with Price of Fame.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Rahiem Brooks - Laugh Now

Laugh NowRahiem Brooks -
Laugh Now -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Identity theft affects millions each year. Losing your good credit to thieves in minutes is something that no one can imagine happening to them, but it does happen everyday. Laugh Now revolves around two brothers, Kareem and Dre Bezel, who are living two different lives.

Kareem is an expert at his craft, and he's smart, handsome, and the golden child in his family. But Kareem is also a professional con artist. Kareem has assumed the identities of many unknowing victims, using their credit cards and checks to help fund his budding fashion line. His brother, Dre, is also living two lives, which includes being one of biggest drug dealers in his state. These brothers often don’t see eye to eye, but they are forced to come together when Dre is confronted by a dirty DEA agent named Lucas McKenzey. Will the brothers be able to conquer the demons that are destined to send them to prison for a long time, or will the Bezel brothers have the last laugh?

Rahiem Brooks tackled a subject that is affecting millions, and I enjoy how he showed the in and outs of identity theft from the perspective of Kareem. The Bezel brothers are a force to reckoned with. At times, I did not have a true connection with the novel and found it hard to follow.  Laugh Now was a decent read.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Cynthia Diane Thornton - Larger Than Lyfe

Larger Than LyfeCynthia Diane Thornton -
Larger Than Lyfe -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

Keshari Mitchell is the founder and sole owner of Larger Than Lyfe Entertainment. At the age of thirty, Larger Than Lyfe Entertainment was a $300 billion dollar company. Keshari is what one would call a workaholic and perfectionist. By day, Keshari runs the legitimate side of the game. But at night, she is second in command of The Consortium, an organization that supplies most of the West Coast with premium cocaine.

Richard Tresvant is the head of The Consortium. Unfortunately, he is an inmate at the Los Angeles County Jail awaiting trial for the murder of a prominent attorney. When Keshari makes it known to Richard that she wants out of the organization, Richard in turns makes it very clear that the only way in a body bag.

It begins to look like Keshari does not take heed to Richard's threat when the tabloids are clearly showing that Keshari is caught up in a whirlwind romance, not to mention all the happenings with Larger Than Lyfe Entertainment.

Larger Than Lyfe by Cynthia Thorton is a tale of a woman living a double life. One in the corporate world, and the other in the darker side. Ms. Thorton draws you into the story from the very start and continually keeps you engrossed in the story unfolding within the pages. I can tell that the author really put some serious research into this book with all the details from within the entertainment industry. The story will having you trying to figure out who the culprit is all the way to the end. This was an excellent debut novel and I eagerly anticipate reading the sequel... Rise of the Phoenix: Larger Than Lyfe II. Kudos to Simon & Schuster for signing on such a sensational author. I highly recommend Larger Than Lyfe!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Cheryl Robinson - When I Get Where I'm Going

When I Get Where I'm GoingCheryl Robinson -
When I Get Where I'm Going -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

When I Get Where I'm Going by Cheryl Robinson is the story of three sisters: Alicia, Hope and Heaven. Alicia is an aspiring actress. It has been thirteen years and her dream of making it big in Hollywood has not come into fruitation. Alicia is frustrated to say the least, especially after seeing one of her best friends become a successful actress.

Hope is mourning the disappearance of her husband after a boating accident two years ago. She is having a hard time accepting the fact that he is really gone. Raising a daughter on her own and trying to keep it together has been hard. Her sister Heaven's drama is also stressing her out.

Heaven is that sister that most of us can relate to. She's the one that cannot seem to figure out what she wants to do in life. She's always hanging with the wrong type of people who seem to influence her into making poor choices.

When I Get Where I'm Going by Cheryl Robinson is a story of family. The trials and tribulations that each of these sisters go through, whether it's fighting amongst themselves or their own personal struggles, they soon find that as sisters, they can truly count on each other. Each character was easy to relate to and the story flowed. But at times, the story was a little slow. All in all, Where I Get Where I'm Going was a good read!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Monique D. Mensah - Inside Rain

Inside RainMonique D. Mensah -
Inside Rain -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

Rain is a woman that’s haunted by a horrific past. After witnessing the murder of her mother as a child, Rain has struggled with becoming a well-adjusted adult. But she keeps seeing terrible visions of her childhood that she’s desperately trying to run away from. Rain’s grandmother GiGi is trying to help her move forward by facing her past, but the pain is just too much. To make matters worse, Rain’s live-in siblings Danny and Carmen feel nothing but hatred and bitterness towards her. Danny has his own issues with abusive behavior. Carmen has issues with drugs and promiscuity. But when Rain, Danny, and Carmen are forced to take on their own demons, who will come out on top?

Inside Rain is an intense psychological thriller by Monique D. Mensah. Mensah introduces us to a very complex woman who is trying to move on from her terrible past. This story shows how one traumatic experience in a person’s childhood can haunt that person for years to come. Mensah did a great job of creating the characters in this story. Carmen and Danny are characters that you’ll love to hate. Rain is a character that you just want to jump in and save. This novel would not be complete without a shocking twist that will catch readers off guard. Inside Rain is an emotionally charged page-turner that doesn’t disappoint.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Meesha Mink - Real Wifeys: On The Grind

Real Wifeys: On the GrindMeesha Mink -
Real Wifeys: On The Grind -
Available Now! -
4 out of 5 books -

Kaeyla "Goldie" Dennis is a nobody with nothing until she meets Damion "Dyme" Gunners outside his shop while she daydreams of having ‘one’ outfit like all the other kids. Goldie trades in her innocence for all the luxuries that she’s never had, leaving behind the secondhand clothes as dreadful memories in her past. Dyme is 23 years older than Goldie when he makes her his lil' secret wifey at 15 years old. When an adult and cocky Goldie refuses to play her position as Dyme’s jump off, she finds out that the world is still as cold and heartless without money and a man to carry her load. Goldie has to reach deep within and gather the strength instilled in her from her Mama Bit as she embarks on different hustles that will afford her to live the lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to.

Meesha Mink has branched out independently and is pioneering her very own Real Wifey series. Poverty, adultery, sexual promiscuity and immorality, illegal activities, drama, and lies all align this exciting read. Real Wifeys: On The Grind has all the ingredients and more that we’ve come to expect from Meesha/Niobia as she keeps it real in every sense of the word. The storyline has an interesting flow that demonstrates Meesha’s natural literary flair as she captivates the reader within the realms of her spellbinding plots. Real Wifeys: On The Grind is most definitely a great read by Meesha Mink!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Kenn Bivins - Pious

PIOUSKenn Bivins -
Pious -
Available Now! -
4.5 out of 5 books -

Carpious Mightson a.k.a. Pious is known as a hard-working, friendly and churchgoing man. His girlfriend, Sydney, feels like she is the luckiest woman in the world to have a man that is so honest and caring as Pious. Her son looks up to him and absolutely adores Pious and vice versa. Little does anyone know that in his past, Pious served a twenty-year sentence in prison for murder.

When Ian Kaplan moves to the quiet neighborhood on Mechi Lane, it makes some of the neighbors very uncomfortable. Why? Ian Kaplan is a registered sex offender. Ian also knows who Pious is from prison. Not only does he have to worry about his new neighbor letting his secret out, but he also has to worry about his ex-wife that shows up out of the clear blue trying to extort money from him.

Pious was an excellent novel by Kenn Bivens. It is a novel that will have you looking at your neighbors sideways, silently wondering what secrets they could be hiding and what they are truly capable of. Pious by Kenn Bivens would make for a great bookclub discussion. I highly recommend this book!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews
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NEW REVIEW: Shelley Halima - Blinding Mirror

Blinding MirrorShelley Halima -
Blinding Mirror -
Available Now! -
5 out of 5 books -

All that eighteen-year old Oliva Magdalena Delgado ever wanted to do was to escape her impoverished childhood ,her abusive parents, and her Afro-Mexican, Spanish, and Indian ancestry. When Oliva gets involved with a one-night stand with her friend Pillar’s brother and becomes pregnant, Oliva decides this is the perfect time to get out of Fresno, California and to the big city dreams of Los Angeles. Oliva quickly takes on a new identity and is on the hunt for a rich suitor that will give her the lap of luxury that she feels she deserves. Oliva, now Olivia Machado, is hired by property management tycoon Gino Valente. Gino is quickly smitten with Olivia. Gino and Olivia soon marry and have three daughters, Lourdes, and twins Sofia and Isabella. Olivia thinks that she finally has the life she’s always dreamed of until Gino’s brother becomes suspicious of Olivia’s background. More than twenty-five years later, Olivia and Lourdes travel together around the world in search of wealthy men to keep up with their lavish lifestyle. Sofia is now a successful spa owner and is still reeling from a failed relationship until she meets sexy attorney Javier. Will Sofia give Javier a chance? Isabella would give anything to have a normal mother-daughter relationship with Olivia. She might get her chance when Olivia and Lourdes comes back in town for Isabella and Sophia’s 25th birthday. But is Olivia and Lourdes coming back to town to reunite with their family or are they trying to get their hands on the twins multi-million dollar inheritance? All hell breaks loose when the secrets of Olivia’s past finally come to light. Will she survive the fallout?

Blinding Mirror is an exceptional thriller by Shelley Halima. Halima expertly weaves a multi-generational, multi-ethnic tale of suspense and intrigue. This novel takes you on an emotional journey as you see how Olivia grows from an impoverished teen to a selfish, gold-digging socialite. Readers will see how Olivia’s actions had a devastating effect on Lourdes, Sophia, and Isabella’s lives. Halima does a wonderful job of exposing readers to Afro-Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Maltese, and Portuguese cultures something that’s rarely found in today’s fiction market. High family drama, self-hatred of one’s culture, and detrimental lies makes Blinding Mirror a captivating read. This novel is a sensational start to the Mirror series.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Kre - The Game Don't Love Nobody

The Game Don't Love NobodyKre -
The Game Don't Love Nobody -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Samoine Marie Ross and her siblings were raised by her grandmother, Sarah Marie Ross, until her death. After their grandmother's death, they are all separated. Being the only girl, Samoine has to leave with her scandalous mother, Sabrina Marie.and her husband, Al, and begin life anew in Compton, CA. Samoine is neglected, verbally abused, and abandoned by her mother. Al assumes the role as father, for better or worse. This new family of two establish a solid routine as they develop a rhythm that is dependent only on each other, filled with genuine love and respect.

Kre’s debut novel, The Game Don't Love Nobody, is engaging and a commendable read with a relatable storyline. I loved how the author developed Al and Samoine’s relationship, and how the author depicted Al's dating of different women and the effect it had on Samoine. The book had very realistic dialogue, authentic conversations, genuine reactions, and entertaining characters to say the least. I commend Kre on her freshman novel and look forward to reading more of her work and watching her grow in her craft.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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