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INSIDE OUT with Meesha Mink - Author of Real Wifeys: On The Grind

Real Wifeys: On the GrindINSIDE OUT 

With Meesha Mink (Niobia Bryant)

Author of 'Real Wifeys: On The Grind'

Meesha Mink is the national bestselling and award-winning author of 20 previous novels. She lives in New Jersey and South Carolina. 

Urban Reviews: Tell our readers about Real Wifeys: On The Grind.
Meesha Mink:
Real Wifeys: On The Grind is the first book in a short series centered three different wifeys from three different "hoods" who each struggle with a major issue or conflict in their life.  In this one, the lead character Goldie's struggle is with her love of money, her desire for power and her need for respect (more importantly self-respect).  The book is divided into those three sections as Goldie comes of age and faces first love, heartbreak, tragedy, loss and danger.

Urban Reviews:  How did the concept for this book come about?
Meesha Mink:  It’s very, VERY, loosely based on the Real Housewives franchise. I wanted to do a interconnected series about three wifeys who each have their own major issue to tackle.  The story of one wifey will connect or overlap with another wifey and so on.

Urban Reviews:  What was it that pushed you to want to become a writer in the first place?
Meesha Mink:  I became a writer simply because of a love for books and reading and wanting to create the kind of stories that will leave an impressions like some of my favorite books did for me. 

Urban Reviews:  Have you had any challenges with using a pseudonym?
Meesha Mink:  No, I Haven’t really had any challenges with it because I’m very open with the pseudonyms and promote them all together.  Like I’ll always say 4 Genres…3 Publishers…1 Writer. I’m not bragging or boasting, I’m cross branding. It seems to be working.

Urban Reviews:  What are your ultimate goals as far as the book industry?
Meesha Mink:  Longevity. Period. Point blank. My first book was published over ten years ago and ten years from now I still want to be going strong and hopefully with an even bigger following.

Urban Reviews:  How do you make time to write all of the different books that you release in the romance, urban, and teen genres?
Meesha Mink:  I am constantly writing. Almost every day of the year I am writing and creating--and thankfully--still enjoying myself. I don’t have a lot of holidays or weekends off. Every minute of every day is an opportunity for me to get lost in a story that I’m writing and I make use of every available moment. 

Urban Reviews:  What projects do you have coming up in the future?
Meesha Mink:  In 2011 I have four other releases besides Real Wifeys: On The Grind. There’s a new teen fiction, a new Strong Family romance, the follow-up to my very controversial book Message from a Mistress, and an romance anthology with to other authors. Also book two of the Real Wifeys mini-series will be dropping. What’s interesting about the book is that a  part of it will run concurrent with Real Wifeys: On the Grind but just from the viewpoint of the next wifey who is out to make Goldie pay. Book two will give one of the ladies from Real Wifeys: On The Grind her own book. I am really excited about the series but it will not go beyond three books--that I promise.

Urban Reviews:  Do you have any favorite authors or books?
Meesha Mink:  Definitely I do but it’s so hard to narrow it down because I read all genres from non-fiction to speculative fiction and I don’t limit my choice to only African-American authors. I can say that a new book by Gloria Naylor or Tina McElroy Ansa would give me palpitations! Love them both.

Urban Reviews:  What things do you like to do outside of writing?
Meesha Mink:  Anything that doesn’t involve the computer--especially sleeping and just lounging on the couch watching reality TV!

Urban Reviews:  What things in the book industry would you change if you had the power to change them?
Meesha Mink:  Honestly, there are some things that I have opinions on but opinions are like behinds and we all have one and so I don’t know if I would push my beliefs on others.  This industry is huge and has a vast history. I chose to step into it. I choose to remain a part of it and so I accept it as is--flaws and all.

Urban Reviews:  How has the explosion in the e-book business impacted you as an author?
Meesha Mink:  Predominantly my sales are via the paperback although I have seen an increases in e-book sales but I’m moving the majority of my units through the traditional method still.

Urban Reviews:  Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your novels?
Meesha Mink:  Just that I hope the readers enjoy the books as much I enjoy writing them and that I love to chat and interact with the readers via Facebook or Twitter, so definitely hit me up!

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