Monday, January 10, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Farrah Rochon - Huddle With Me Tonight

Huddle with Me Tonight (Kimani Romance)Farrah Rochon -
Huddle with Me Tonight -
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Paige Turner has done it now! Her latest review of a cookbook by NFL superstar Torrian Smallwood has ruffled some feathers, including Torrian's. Torrian is not happy with the comments that Paige has written about his cookbook because he does not want anything to jeopardize the opening of the restaurant he has purchased for his sister. When Torrian responds to Paige's blog, it starts an all out blog war. These were not his intentions...he was just upset. So he decides to call in some favors to straighten out this whole mess. Paige can't believe all the attention her blog is receiving. She is doubly surprised when she hears from Torrian and is blown away when he shows up at her apartment. Even through her shock, she is determined to keep this situation professional. After talking to and meeting Paige in person, Torrian has a different plan. Now he just has to get Paige to agree to it. Once Paige gives in, she falls fast and hard. It also doesn't take Torrian long before he is a goner. A secret that he has been keeping threatens to destroy the relationship they have started to build.

Huddle with Me Tonight is a great read by Farrah Rochon. The story has the right mix of romance and humor to keep you turning the page. Rochon does an excellent job developing the characters and their chemistry. She also does a really nice job of keeping the story flowing. Huddle with Me Tonight is definitely a feel good read.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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