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NEW REVIEW: Sheila Peele-Miller - Prey For The Wicked

Prey for the WickedSheila Peele-Miller -
Prey For The Wicked -
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Is it human nature to take advantage of people just because they let you? I have heard people say, “If she let it happen, then she deserves it.” Does a naïve 20-year-old who has lost her mother at an early age and has very little experience regarding life deserve it? Someone in Williamston, North Carolina believes she does.

Janeen’s mom passed away suddenly, and her life becomes a tornado of ups and downs. Accustomed to her mother taking care of everything for her, Janeen is left with her rent in arrears, utilities being turned off, and an eviction notice on her apartment in Greenville, NC. With nowhere else to go, she relocates to the place she was told not to return...Williamston, NC.

She calls her mother’s sister, Aunt May, only to find a bitter, greedy old bitty who at every turn puts Janeen down but never forgets to collect the $300 rent she is charging her to stay in one of her rooms. Knowing in her heart that this is just a temporary fix, Janeen deals with the lip service from Aunt May by staying in her room and out of her way. But unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what Janeen does because family history is playing against her and her relationship with Aunt May...a family history she has no control over nor can she change.

On the day Janeen moved in, she received a little bit of sunshine by ways of the handsome Sheriff Adam Sinclair. Her inner voice warns her in the words of her mother; “Stay away from high yellow men.” But her mother never explained the statement, and when she needed it, she couldn’t take heed to it. In Janeen’s mind, skin has nothing to do with how cute a man was.

Settling in at Aunt May’s, Janeen finds that all is not what it seems. Family secrets are used to hurt her and empower another. Her naïve ways are used against her by those who claim to love her. When she is pushed too far, the wicked find that sometimes love is the very thing that you draw strength from and the naïve will no longer be prey.

Sheila Peele-Miller has done a good job with the characterization in Prey For The Wicked. The situations assigned to each character were well thought out and complemented one another. Delivery of the plot was well served, but I had a small problem with the time it took to bring the situations to closure. But all in all. Prey For The Wicked was a good story and absolutely worth the read.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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