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NEW REVIEW: Karyn Grice - No Strings Attached

No Strings AttachedKaryn Grice -
No Strings Attached -
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What happens when you decide to have a relationship with No Strings Attached? When you tell someone that they can see and do whomever they want with no questions asked? You guessed it...although you may have went into the relationship with no strings attached, someone is bound to catch feelings. That's exactly the situation between Jasmine Taylor and Sean Williams.

Jasmine is a beautiful, successful woman who just recently came out of a bad relationship. Not wanting the heartache or pain, she is just living for the moment and enjoying her time spent between quite a few men. Sean Williams is a handsome successful music producer who goes through women like he changes his underwear. What happens when one or the both of them begin to catch feelings for one another? Will they give monogomy a shot, or will it be a disaster waiting to happen?

No Strings Attached by Karyn Grice was a story about sex, sex and more sex, with love eventually thrown into the mix. I found the story to be repetitive...with the constant back and forth between the characters and the lack of creativity with the sex scenes. Most of these scenes started off pretty much the same. All in all, everything was just cut and dry. No Strings Attached was just an alright read...nothing more, nothing less.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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