Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Monique D. Mensah - Inside Rain

Inside RainMonique D. Mensah -
Inside Rain -
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Rain is a woman that’s haunted by a horrific past. After witnessing the murder of her mother as a child, Rain has struggled with becoming a well-adjusted adult. But she keeps seeing terrible visions of her childhood that she’s desperately trying to run away from. Rain’s grandmother GiGi is trying to help her move forward by facing her past, but the pain is just too much. To make matters worse, Rain’s live-in siblings Danny and Carmen feel nothing but hatred and bitterness towards her. Danny has his own issues with abusive behavior. Carmen has issues with drugs and promiscuity. But when Rain, Danny, and Carmen are forced to take on their own demons, who will come out on top?

Inside Rain is an intense psychological thriller by Monique D. Mensah. Mensah introduces us to a very complex woman who is trying to move on from her terrible past. This story shows how one traumatic experience in a person’s childhood can haunt that person for years to come. Mensah did a great job of creating the characters in this story. Carmen and Danny are characters that you’ll love to hate. Rain is a character that you just want to jump in and save. This novel would not be complete without a shocking twist that will catch readers off guard. Inside Rain is an emotionally charged page-turner that doesn’t disappoint.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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Unknown said...

This review captured my interest in reading this book, I'll be buying it this weekend. One of RP reviewers read this one and she also enjoyed it.
Good job!!!