Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Forthcoming: Candice Poarch - Long, Hot Nights

Candice Poarch
Long, Hot Nights
Available Now!
Will A Spontaneous Encounter...
Detective Alyssa Claxton believes she's in control of her destiny, which is why she's finding Jordan Ellis so hard to handle. They spent one unforgettable night under the stars-and now the handsome businessman wants more. Lucky for him, Alyssa isn't exactly finding it easy to say no to his tempting offer of sweet seduction...
...End In Murder?
Now Alyssa has a perfectly good excuse for avoiding Jordan's hot pursuit. There's been a double murder on Paradise Island, and one of the victims is her cousin's husband, caught in a compromising position with a younger woman. Was it a crime of passion? Or does Paradise Island have a serial killer on its hands? When one of Alyssa's best friends becomes a suspect, she finds herself in a race against time with Jordan, trying to unravel the secrets behind these murders-before the killer strikes again and ruins her chance at happily ever after...
...Or Romantic Bliss?






Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Forthcoming: Suzetta Perkins - EX-Terminator

Suzetta Perkins
Available Now!
What happens to those who are left behind in the turbulent breakup of failed love and romance? A new novel from book club favorite, Suzetta Perkins.
The transition from despair to satisfaction is an emotional, and yet often hilarious road to bump along. Ex-Terminator brings a fresh view to life after divorce as four women and a man struggle to move beyond their feelings of loss, failure, and abandonment, in order to establish a sense of normalcy and discover who they really are again.Can new love be found, even while the old still lingers and haunts everyday thoughts and actions? As these brokenhearted people form a support group to shore each other up in the midst of their stormy lives, little do they know how much they will come to mean to one another, or how each one will be changed by the healing they discover.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Forthcoming: Wahida Clark - Payback With Ya Life

Wahida Clark
Payback With Ya Life
Available Now!
In the sequel to one of Wahida's most successful titles [Payback is a Mutha], old scores are settled and before long, new tensions arise.

Still recovering from the suicide of her best friend, Shan now pregnant by a married man is forced to make major decisions in her life. Ready to leave the fast life behind, Shan believes a move to Detroit will help her become a stronger woman-but someone wants revenge against Shan's brother and is willing to destroy Shan in the process.

Torn over his love for his sister and his desire to get back on top of the drug game, Shan's brother, Peanut knows the danger of the streets. Old beefs become new scores and before long, a turf war is raging. With the stakes as high as they've ever been, only a few people will be left standing-and Shan is determined to be one of them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Forthcoming: Lisa G. Riley - Simply Wicked

Lisa G. Riley
Simply Wicked
Available Now!
American actress Cassidy Hamilton accepts the role of a lifetime on a British television show, allowing her to pursue aristocratic British CEO Tony Carleton, a man she has wanted for years. Older sophisticated Tony has kept his own desires for the nubile actress in check. She is too young, too free-spirited, and as he's always believed, too dangerous for his soul.
Tempted by her nearness, Tony succumbs to her allure and begins a passionate affair with her while deluding himself that he's in control. But someone is stalking Cassidy, a man who will stop at nothing in fulfilling his twisted obsession. He makes London his bloody playground and Tony must protect the one woman he loves above all else - Cassidy.
As old secrets are revealed, Cassidy confronts the tragedy of her past while accepting the promise of a passionate future--with Tony.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Forthcoming: Dyanne Davis - The Critic

Dyanne Davis
The Critic
Available Now!
Anyone Can Write A Book. . .

At least that's what literary critic and talk show host Jared Stone thinks. After all how hard can it be to pen a romance novel? The women who churn those books are a bunch of empty headed, bored women, and the women that read that trash are even worse." It takes no skill to either write or read the dribble. Anyone with a weeks' vacation can do it. To prove his point, he's willing to walk the walk: by joining a local romance writer's chapter and cranking out a silly little novel. It should be easy once he penetrates the group and uncovers the formula for writing. And since it's so easy, he's sure he can finish in a single week, no more than two.
But That's Only The Beginning. . .

Toreas Rose has spent years crafting her novel, sweating through revisions and weathering rejections with the best of them. When Jared challenges her by promising he can finish a novel in a couple of weeks, she graciously steps aside, ready to watch the fun as he flounders through his personal learning curve at breakneck speed.
And Everything Has A Twist. . .

When Jared and Toreas match wits in a contest of the literary critic vs. the romance writer, no holds are barred. As challenges, insults and sparks fly between them things start to heat up. And quicker than you can crack the cover on a new book, the confrontation gets personal. So personal that they're creating a steamy subplot all their own. But will the ending be a literary tale of woe or a classic happily-ever-after?
A delightfully humorous tale of finding love.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Forthcoming: Sean Chandler - Gospel of the Gun

Sean Chandler
Gospel Of The Gun
Available Now!

Jeremiah Irons, known as Judas among the Disciple Gang, has always ridden the outlaw trail with only a good horse and the inscribed pistols Heaven and Hell at his side. It isn't until he happens upon Lucif R. Shadows and his eleven that he is convinced of the error of his ways. With Jeremiah's addition to the gang, the twelve go to thirteen and the legend of the Disciple Gang begins. Sean Chandler brings the Disciple Gang to vivid life as they bring the worst kind of villainy to fruition, and a new kind of religious zeal upon the frontier. Each man in the gang assumes the name of a Disciple after the crazed Lucif Shadows begins to believe in the stories written about him, and soon after Jeremiah Irons discovers it might have been best to remain on his own. Accused of stealing money from them, the Disciple Gang turns on him in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Fighting his way out of the trap laid for him, Jeremiah's travels land him in the town of Wewoka, Indian Territory where he unwittingly finds safety in the guise of a preacher. It is in Wewoka that Jeremiah begins to learn who he really is, and through the friendship of the townspeople, and especially the beautiful Hope West, a purpose for his life. Jeremiah's good fortune only serves to make it that much harder when the Disciple Gang learn of his continued existence. When the Disciple Gang arrives in Wewoka to exact revenge upon him, can Jeremiah forsake his outlaw ways or will he have to pick up the guns that made him a legend?

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