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Thursday, May 01, 2008

On Our Way To The Jam! (Romance Slam Jam 2008)

We are on our way to THE JAM! (Guy's song pops into my head....JAM!!!!!!....OOOH JAM!) *LOL*

This is our first major book event and we are excited (husband is coming along!).....time to pack up this lappy and hit the road!

We will be posting pictures and video from The Romance Slam Jam in Chicago (actually Rosemont, IL).

Got my suitcase of books to have signed at the free (yes, Open To The Public) Booksigning on Saturday!

The website will be updated 'on-location'....we made sure we had all the capabilities to do so....

So check out our blog all weekend for exclusive content!

Gotta go! We'll holla back soon!

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