Monday, October 31, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Teri Woods - Dutch III: International Gangster

Teri Woods
Dutch III: International Gangster
Available Now!
4 out of 5 books

Chris ‘Craze’ Shaw and James ‘Dutch’ Bernard have been friends since childhood. Their loyalty and allegiance to each other are indestructible and dangerous to any that threaten this lethal bond. Dutch, Angel, and One Eyed Roc are all incarcerated with promises of life imprisonment. The eve of Dutch’s trial has everyone on pins and needles as an air of anticipation lurks in the shadows. Craze has been approached by a very powerful and wealthy African offering to ensure Dutch’s release from jail…by any means necessary. Upon Dutch’s deadly escape, he enters into a lucrative deal with Joseph Odouwo to utilize his murderous skills for hire.

Dutch III is an engaging read interspersed with loyalty, bravery, manipulation, murder, trickery and love. Dutch’s devotion to his crew has always been an attribute, but could it prove to be his downfall? Has bitterness been disguised in this crew as someone seeks to destroy their private kingdom? Dutch has conquered death many times before, but will this international gangster be able to outwit this demon one last time? When the smoke evaporates, will there be anyone left standing?

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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Friday, October 07, 2011

On The Line With Radiah Hubbert - Ashley & JaQuavis - October 2011

On The Line with Radiah Hubbert - Ashley & JaQuavis - Author of 'Murderville' and 'Murder Mamas' -

Ashley & JaQuavis talk to Radiah Hubbert about:
- Their latest books 'Murderville' and 'Murder Mamas'
- Their new venture with Cash Money Content
- Their upcoming book and film projects
- Their literary journey
- Their writing process
- And Much Much More!

Click Here For Our Exclusive Audio Interview
With The Author Of 'Murderville' and 'Murder Mamas'
Ashley & JaQuavis

Or listen to the audio interview right now (approx. 16 mins):

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On The Line with Radiah Hubbert
Exclusive One-on-One Interviews with Today's Top Authors!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Mike Sanders - Thirsty 2

Mike Sanders
Thirsty 2
Available Now!
3.5 out of 5 books

The last we saw Justice, the beautiful half Black/Flipino, she had just killed the man she loved and just got the shock of her life. The man she was sleeping with was really her brother. This left Justice sick to her stomach, literally. Justice vows to herself to never let anyone find out that she had anything to do with his murder, especially for the sake of her father. Justice is now living in her hometown of Chicago and owns one of the hottest strip club's called Phire & Ice, located downtown on Michigan Avenue. Attracting some major players and stars from rappers to actors and athletes. Phire & Ice was the the place to be. Justice has tried to move on and put the demons of her past behind her, but with the threat of her secret being exposed, Justice will do anything to make sure her secret is never exposed.

Carlos feels remorseful for how he treated Justice and her girl Sapphire, and he is trying to make amends for the hurt that was inflicted. Sapphire has moved on and forgiven Carlos and urges Justice to do the same. Unfortunately, Justice is not so forgiving. She does not understand how Sapphire could possibly forgive him. But with the loss of Sapphire's mother, she soon realizes that life is too short to carry a grudge. Carlos wants nothing more than to have Justice back as his woman, but winning her back will not be as easy as he hopes. Justice will soon have to make a choice in either forgiving Tandora a.k.a. Tan, the woman responsible for killing her brother or seeking out revenge. Little does she know, it's not so much a decision she will have to make because Tan will stop at nothing to see Justice dead. So it all becomes survival of the fittest.

Thirsty 2 by Mike Sanders was a fast-paced read. In reading the sequel, there was never a slow or dull moment. There were some minor editing issues, and there was a part in the story that conflicted with the timeline that could have been easily picked up on with a good develepmental editor. There were times I had to just keep shaking my head at one of the characters in the book, trying to shake off my personal feelings towards how one of the characters in the story acted. I just could not fathom it. But I will say that by the time I finished the novel, everything made much more sense. Now this is the Mike Sanders I am used to reading!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Michelle Kershaw - Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight

Michelle Kershaw
Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight
Available Now!
3 out of 5 books

The main characters are introduced to the reader by their own beginning chapter. As the book progresses, the reader gets additional snippets of each character's life and circumstance. We first meet DeAndrea Patterson Black; whose name constantly reminded me of Pastor Patterson of Destiny Worship Center. But DeAndrea was a far cry from being revered. Next up is Emerald Lee, affectionately known as “M” to her circle. She became a millionaire by using her body. Jada Simone is a single mom with a successful career in communications. Felicia is the one in the circle who has lost her way, gained weight, and has low self esteem. She's not much of a conversationalist, but she is still loved and protected by her sister circle. Lastly we meet Lauren Bradley, who’s successful but also pretentious and very lonely. All five of these friends are connected in a way that they cannot see the truth for looking.

Gregg used to date DeAndrea, but is now married to April. April is cheating on Gregg, who is aware of her infidelity. He reaches out to DeAndrea to represent him in his divorce case. But on the same day they meet, April reaches out to her as well for legal representation. Not feeling any affinity towards April, DeAndrea calls Gregg and advises him that she will take his case.

Felicia’s husband Lynn is abusive and very disrespectful, and on top of that, he has a child outside of their twelve year marriage. Most; if not all might be the reason for her low self esteem, weight gain and victim mentality. Her marriage has taken a turn for the worse, but what Felicia fears the most meets her at her job early in the morning and this she cannot disguise. Not knowing how fate could deal her such cards, she has to decide whether she should fold or play them.

Outside of the errors in this book, it was a good idea. I really wanted to give the book a 5 rating but the typos and grammatical errors didn't allow me to. Also outside of the errors I was shocked with the duplicate sentences like the one on the bottom of page 142.

There has to be a business philosophy to what we do in this life. I like to live by "if it’s worth doing, you have to do it right." This book was not given the editorial attention it should've had and that is too bad. I enjoyed the situations and how the author displayed all the issues and how they played out amongst this circle of friends. But unfortunately, Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight fell way short with the grammatical errors, typos and repeated sentences.

Divorce, ill-legitimate children, infidelity, physical abuse, shame and murder happens amongst this circle. Finding out how they recover or not makes Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight worth the read.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Niobia Bryant - Mistress No More

Niobia Bryant
Mistress No More
Available Now!
5 out of 5 books

Message From a Mistress left us puzzled, piqued, and just plain perturbed with the infamous question…"Whose husband is the lying, cheating dog?" The ladies are back with their lives still in limbo, marriages hanging on by a well-worn thread, and their sanity questionable at the present time. The vindictive vixen, Jessa Bell, has ruined lives and still remains single without a love to come home to. The text message proved to be the motivation that Jaime Hall needed to release her from her husband Eric’s sadistic and degrading acts. Aria Livewell’s loss of control has caused her marriage to catapult into a tailspin as she terrorizes Kingston with harsh words of accusation and distrust. The ‘ever perfect’ Renee wishes that the text message was all she had to deal with, as she faces the betrayal of Jackson having an affair and bringing additional baggage into their marriage.

Niobia has skillfully filled in the blanks with soul stirring and emotionally spell-binding scenes. She places us in front row seats as we watch the remnants of ‘pseudo’ perfection unravel ferociously. Now that Jaime has discovered her sexuality, will she fall victim to lust or tuck her tail and go home to a humble Eric? While being stunned with the text message not being the worst of Renee’s nightmare, can she find the strength to stand or does she succumb to a mind-numbing, crippling crutch? Aria wears this hardcore persona, runs from a sordid past that haunts her, and viciously lashes out at her husband that loves her. Will she relinquish her guard for what’s real, or will she lose it all while trying to make everyone pay for her mistakes? Mistress No More proved to be an intensely enchanting read. If I have one complaint, it would be the minimized development of Jessa Bell’s storyline. Passion, betrayal, lust, secrets, insanity, love, and hate all play a major role in the unveiling of guilt or innocence as well as betrayal, loyalty, devotion, and even death while there glimmers a light with a new life. Travel this worthy journey with Niobia as she gives it all to you…love, laughter, delight, gloom, deceit, sexuality, addiction, tears, joy and renewal! Kudos to Niobia for a superb sequel with an outstanding finale!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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NEW REVIEW: Devon Vaughn Archer - The Hitman's Woman

Devon Vaughn Archer
The Hitman's Woman
Available Now!
3.5 out of 5 books

Dante Sheldon has come to Detroit to avenge his brother's death. He has hired a private investigator to find out who killed his brother. With that information in hand, all is left to do is to take out the guy who pulled the trigger and the one who ordered the hit. That is until he meets Beverly Holland. She is a diversion that he doesn't need but is enjoying anyway. When Dante causes a chance meeting between the trigger man and himself, he learns that Beverly is involved with the hitman. She has no idea what her live-in boyfriend actually does for a living, but he keeps her in a life of luxury. Although this is what she always thought she wanted, now that Dante is in the picture, she is not so sure that is enough. While Beverly is becoming more involved with Dante, her best friend, Marilyn, is sleeping with her man. When all of these secrets and lies come out, who will remain standing?

The Hitman's Woman by Devon Vaughn Archer was an okay read. There were a lot of different things happening in the story without a lot of elaboration. There were also several characters in the story, in addition to the main two characters, but there was not a lot of character development for any of them. The story read more like a movie than a book. Usually in a book, you get more details to help you paint a picture in your mind about what is happening and what the characters are like, but I don't feel that this was achieved in this particular story. I would still put The Hitman's Woman on my TBR pile, especially if you like romance/action stories.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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New Review : The Perfect Affair : Angela Henry

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