Wednesday, October 05, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Niobia Bryant - Mistress No More

Niobia Bryant
Mistress No More
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5 out of 5 books

Message From a Mistress left us puzzled, piqued, and just plain perturbed with the infamous question…"Whose husband is the lying, cheating dog?" The ladies are back with their lives still in limbo, marriages hanging on by a well-worn thread, and their sanity questionable at the present time. The vindictive vixen, Jessa Bell, has ruined lives and still remains single without a love to come home to. The text message proved to be the motivation that Jaime Hall needed to release her from her husband Eric’s sadistic and degrading acts. Aria Livewell’s loss of control has caused her marriage to catapult into a tailspin as she terrorizes Kingston with harsh words of accusation and distrust. The ‘ever perfect’ Renee wishes that the text message was all she had to deal with, as she faces the betrayal of Jackson having an affair and bringing additional baggage into their marriage.

Niobia has skillfully filled in the blanks with soul stirring and emotionally spell-binding scenes. She places us in front row seats as we watch the remnants of ‘pseudo’ perfection unravel ferociously. Now that Jaime has discovered her sexuality, will she fall victim to lust or tuck her tail and go home to a humble Eric? While being stunned with the text message not being the worst of Renee’s nightmare, can she find the strength to stand or does she succumb to a mind-numbing, crippling crutch? Aria wears this hardcore persona, runs from a sordid past that haunts her, and viciously lashes out at her husband that loves her. Will she relinquish her guard for what’s real, or will she lose it all while trying to make everyone pay for her mistakes? Mistress No More proved to be an intensely enchanting read. If I have one complaint, it would be the minimized development of Jessa Bell’s storyline. Passion, betrayal, lust, secrets, insanity, love, and hate all play a major role in the unveiling of guilt or innocence as well as betrayal, loyalty, devotion, and even death while there glimmers a light with a new life. Travel this worthy journey with Niobia as she gives it all to you…love, laughter, delight, gloom, deceit, sexuality, addiction, tears, joy and renewal! Kudos to Niobia for a superb sequel with an outstanding finale!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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