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NEW REVIEW: Michelle Kershaw - Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight

Michelle Kershaw
Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight
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3 out of 5 books

The main characters are introduced to the reader by their own beginning chapter. As the book progresses, the reader gets additional snippets of each character's life and circumstance. We first meet DeAndrea Patterson Black; whose name constantly reminded me of Pastor Patterson of Destiny Worship Center. But DeAndrea was a far cry from being revered. Next up is Emerald Lee, affectionately known as “M” to her circle. She became a millionaire by using her body. Jada Simone is a single mom with a successful career in communications. Felicia is the one in the circle who has lost her way, gained weight, and has low self esteem. She's not much of a conversationalist, but she is still loved and protected by her sister circle. Lastly we meet Lauren Bradley, who’s successful but also pretentious and very lonely. All five of these friends are connected in a way that they cannot see the truth for looking.

Gregg used to date DeAndrea, but is now married to April. April is cheating on Gregg, who is aware of her infidelity. He reaches out to DeAndrea to represent him in his divorce case. But on the same day they meet, April reaches out to her as well for legal representation. Not feeling any affinity towards April, DeAndrea calls Gregg and advises him that she will take his case.

Felicia’s husband Lynn is abusive and very disrespectful, and on top of that, he has a child outside of their twelve year marriage. Most; if not all might be the reason for her low self esteem, weight gain and victim mentality. Her marriage has taken a turn for the worse, but what Felicia fears the most meets her at her job early in the morning and this she cannot disguise. Not knowing how fate could deal her such cards, she has to decide whether she should fold or play them.

Outside of the errors in this book, it was a good idea. I really wanted to give the book a 5 rating but the typos and grammatical errors didn't allow me to. Also outside of the errors I was shocked with the duplicate sentences like the one on the bottom of page 142.

There has to be a business philosophy to what we do in this life. I like to live by "if it’s worth doing, you have to do it right." This book was not given the editorial attention it should've had and that is too bad. I enjoyed the situations and how the author displayed all the issues and how they played out amongst this circle of friends. But unfortunately, Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight fell way short with the grammatical errors, typos and repeated sentences.

Divorce, ill-legitimate children, infidelity, physical abuse, shame and murder happens amongst this circle. Finding out how they recover or not makes Fatal Deception / In Plain Sight worth the read.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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