Thursday, October 06, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Mike Sanders - Thirsty 2

Mike Sanders
Thirsty 2
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3.5 out of 5 books

The last we saw Justice, the beautiful half Black/Flipino, she had just killed the man she loved and just got the shock of her life. The man she was sleeping with was really her brother. This left Justice sick to her stomach, literally. Justice vows to herself to never let anyone find out that she had anything to do with his murder, especially for the sake of her father. Justice is now living in her hometown of Chicago and owns one of the hottest strip club's called Phire & Ice, located downtown on Michigan Avenue. Attracting some major players and stars from rappers to actors and athletes. Phire & Ice was the the place to be. Justice has tried to move on and put the demons of her past behind her, but with the threat of her secret being exposed, Justice will do anything to make sure her secret is never exposed.

Carlos feels remorseful for how he treated Justice and her girl Sapphire, and he is trying to make amends for the hurt that was inflicted. Sapphire has moved on and forgiven Carlos and urges Justice to do the same. Unfortunately, Justice is not so forgiving. She does not understand how Sapphire could possibly forgive him. But with the loss of Sapphire's mother, she soon realizes that life is too short to carry a grudge. Carlos wants nothing more than to have Justice back as his woman, but winning her back will not be as easy as he hopes. Justice will soon have to make a choice in either forgiving Tandora a.k.a. Tan, the woman responsible for killing her brother or seeking out revenge. Little does she know, it's not so much a decision she will have to make because Tan will stop at nothing to see Justice dead. So it all becomes survival of the fittest.

Thirsty 2 by Mike Sanders was a fast-paced read. In reading the sequel, there was never a slow or dull moment. There were some minor editing issues, and there was a part in the story that conflicted with the timeline that could have been easily picked up on with a good develepmental editor. There were times I had to just keep shaking my head at one of the characters in the book, trying to shake off my personal feelings towards how one of the characters in the story acted. I just could not fathom it. But I will say that by the time I finished the novel, everything made much more sense. Now this is the Mike Sanders I am used to reading!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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