Friday, August 31, 2007

The Forthcoming: Leslie Esdaile Banks - No Trust

Leslie Esdaile Banks
No Trust
Available Now!

Financial genius Laura Caldwell seems to have it all--beauty, brains, wealth, and love with her courageous husband, detective James Carter. But between nature's wrath and criminals who just won't give up, will these newlyweds ever have peace in their marriage?

Between bringing down Philadelphia's corrupt power brokers, surviving its mean streets, and recovering from a devastating natural disaster in the Cayman Islands, Laura and James are no strangers to danger. At last, they're ready to enjoy an idyllic retreat in Maui. But enemies of the past seem to have an endless appetite for revenge. This time it's Laura's Uncle Akhan whose life is being threatened--and Laura is in the line of fire as well. As the hits keep coming, with no clue to their source, it's all James can do to keep the woman he loves alive. And when a devastating truth is revealed, Laura and James know they must act quickly before their lives are shattered forever...

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Forthcoming: Angie Daniels - Trouble Loves Company

Angie Daniels
Trouble Loves Company
Available Now!
The acclaimed author of In the Company of My Sistahs returns with a sexy, sassy, and moving new novel about three friends who've had their share of life's ups and downs--with no sign that the rollercoaster is going to stop anytime soon...
For romance author Renee Moore, true love only exists in books. Despite a wealthy, adoring husband, Renee is unhappy--and deeply unsatisfied, which explains her bed-hopping habit. But Renee's husband will do anything to keep her, including embarking on an erotic lifestyle that includes swinging, which forces Renee to confront some painful truths about her marriage--and herself.

Practical Nurse Danielle Brooks has always had a thing for young thugs--until her latest, Ron, pushes her too far with his baby mama drama and freeloading ways. Danielle realizes it may be time to rethink her choices in men. But when her troubled teenage daughter ends up pregnant, Danielle's worlds collide as she finds herself torn between a girl who has a habit of crying wolf--and a man who swears he's not the father.


As far as administrative assistant Kayla Johnson is concerned, Reverend Leroy Brown walks on water--despite the fact that he's cheating on his wife--with her. Kayla is convinced the naughty Reverend is going to leave his family for her--until she catches him in bed with another woman. But walking away from Leroy is only the beginning of Kayla's troubles.


As Renee, Danielle and Kayla band together, they discover a world of secrets they never imagined--and learn a lesson about the power of love, truth, and friendship that makes it all worthwhile...


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nicole Rouse - Happily Ever Now!

Nicole Rouse
Happily Ever Now
Available Now!
In Happily Ever Now, all Renee Thomas ever wanted was to have a fulfilling life.  So, she married Jerome, her high school sweetheart and had two beautiful children, and was steadily climbing the ladder of success.  Months before her thirty-fifth birthday, however, she realizes that her life is slowly crumbling.  Her oldest son has become rebellious, and her once stable career seems like it is about to end.  In addition, Renee learns that Jerome has been involved in a long-term affair with Taylor Kimball, a thirty-three-year-old bus driver.


After a few bad relationships, Taylor has given up hope on finding the perfect man.  She settles on Jerome, believing he will eventually leave Renee.  When Taylor grows tired of being the other woman, she pressures Jerome to commit to their relationship.  When he cannot give Taylor the answer she wants to hear, she spirals into a slow depression.


At a low point in their lives, both Renee and Taylor find themselves longing for true happiness.  The phrase "happily ever after" has lost its attraction; they want the happily ever now.  Through God's love, can both women learn to forgive those who have caused them pain, and discover the true joy of life's happiness?


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Forthcoming: Maryann Reid - Every Man For Herself

Maryann Reid
Every Man For Herself
Available Now!

Nina is finally fed up. Now that she knows for certain that her husband, Trent, the pastor of a small congregation that meets in their rural Texas home, has been "borrowing" from the church, she is ready to leave him for a new life, in a new town. And since Trent has never been an honest man, leaving him for New York City isn't as hard as she thought it would be. Nina's quest to reinvent herself leads her down a road full of new experiences...and new men who want to share them with her.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Forthcoming Jihad - MVP (Murder Vengence Power)

MVP (Murder Vengence Power)
Available Now!
Jonathon Parker and Coltrane Jones have a history. The best friends and business partners have been involved in everything from murder to blackmail, whatever it took to rise to stardom they did. Now that they're sitting on top of the world, heading up the two largest and most infamous strip clubs in the nation, the duo has the world at their feet. But now they both want out for different reasons.
Coltrane is tired of the drug game, the seedy underworld lifestyle that playas only dream of. He's hoping to settle down with the new woman in his life. Jonathan, who is now a top sought after criminal attorney, is ready to get out of the game, too. But that's because he has his eye set on the Governor's Mansion. And now, with the backing of major political players, he just might get it. There's only one catch. Jonathan has to make a major coup. bring down his best friend the notorius MVP, Coltrane Jones.
As two longtime friends go to war, parallel lives will collide, shocking family secrets will be unveiled and the game won't truly be over until one of them is dead.
MVP is an emotional rollercoaster ride that will have you rethinking your own friendships.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Forthcoming: Che Parker - The Tragic Flaw

Tragic Flaw
Che Parker
The Tragic Flaw
Available Now!

An action-packed story of one man’s thirst for power and the ultimate flaw that is his undoing.

Cicero Day is a man who controls his territory with an iron fist. Following in the footsteps of his mobster father, Cicero dominates the Kansas City underworld with terror, brutality, and shrewd business sense. No one is willing to stand in his way, for they know the vengeance he will bring. Cicero fears no one – not even God.

But that is about to change. Cicero is haunted by recurring nightmares, and his mother’s constant preaching to him is beginning to wear thin. Cicero believes he is above such superstitious nonsense, but it continues to seep into his life no matter how much he tries to avoid it.

Can Cicero overcome his past and live to see another day? The Tragic Flaw barrels down a path of violence as Cicero is forced to choose between ambition and redemption.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Forthcoming: Jonathan Plummer with Karen Hunter - Balancing Act

Jonathan Plummer with Karen Hunter
Balancing Act
Available Now!

Jonathan Plummer made headlines when New York Times bestselling author Terry McMillan -- whose novel How Stella Got Her Groove Back is based on their romance -- filed for divorce, claiming that Plummer hid his homosexuality in order to marry her for her money and gain U.S. citizenship. Now, Plummer delivers a sexy and satisfying novel as deliciously racy as the life he lived.

Justin Blakeman is living an ordinary life in Negril, Jamaica, when vacationing Tasha Reynolds spots him selling sugar cane on the street. He, of course, has no idea that her modeling agency is fast becoming the hottest in the business. He plans to live the island life set out for him, stepping up to head the family sugar cane enterprise in time. In the ruthless modeling world, Tasha is a great white shark with an uncanny knack for finding blazing new talent in unusual places. She always gets what she wants and she wants Justin -- whose hazel-green eyes, offset by dark chocolate skin, make her palms sweat, a sign that she is on to something. His perfect body and defiant attitude will make him a mega star. But soon, a relationship that began as strictly business crosses the line into a complex game of sexual desire and control. Their crazy, volatile bond -- littered with dark influences from their pasts, complicated by ambition, and fueled by insatiable passion -- is as combustible as relationships can get. And when Justin discovers a hidden hunger for a male model, the stakes are higher than ever.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Forthcoming: Felicia Pride, Diane Rigaud, and Karen Valentin - Hallway Diaries

Felicia Pride, Diane Rigaud, and Karen Valentin
Hallway Diaries (Kimani TRU - Young Adult)
Available Now!

Three girls. Three high schools. Three gotta-read stories.

How to Be Down by Felicia Pride

When Nina Parker is forced to move from her small hometown in New Jersey to the urban streets of Baltimore, Maryland, she's instantly told by her new "keeping it real" neighbor Vivica that she's not black enough for her new school. In order to fit in, Nina keeps a cheat sheet called "How to Be Down" which contains advice she's learned: talk cooler, know the hottest rappers, and hide being smart. As Nina desperately tries to become someone she's not, she threatens to lose herself in the process. She eventually learns the true meaning of "being down" and discovers that those around her may not be as real as they claim.

Double Act by Debbie Rigaud

In the hood, Mia Chambers is "the smart girl," but at her prestigious new prep school, she hardly stands out. So Mia does what it takes...only to be accused of selling out by her old friends.

The Summer She Learned to Dance by Karen Valentin

At first, Giselle Johnson hates spending the summer with her cousin from the Dominican Republic. But she soon starts loving the island and even learns to dance to her own rhythm. That is, until her cousin attracts Giselle's high school crush.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Forthcoming: Portia A. Cosby - Too Little, Too Late

Portia A. Cosby
Too Little, Too Late
Available Now!

TAMEKA JAMES has always been a confident, outspoken, strong-willed woman with her one weakness being her ex-boyfriend, TJ. That weakness soon becomes the catalyst to a new life of fear, disease, and pain when one of TJ’s enemies rapes her and threatens to kill her if she goes to the police.

Now with a police report on file, an HIV diagnosis in her medical records, and the rapist running free, Tameka fights to maintain normalcy and save her new relationship. As tensions mount and stakes are raised, some lives are threatened while others are taken.

The phrase "too little, too late" becomes a reality instead of a cliché when last minute efforts are made in vain.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Forthcoming: Vincent Alexandria - Black Rain

Vincent Alexandria
Black Rain (re-release)
Available Now!

Kansas City detective Joe Johnson is a passionate family man, and a loving husband and father. But on the streets, he can go toe-to-toe with the toughest gangsters. Joe is also fiercely loyal to his fellow officers; so when FBI agent Cheryl Chase makes a distressed late-night call, he's ready to respond without hesitation. Cheryl's working undercover, trying to bring down a ring of dirty cops who've found murder a great way to handle business. But Joe's partner and wife are strongly against him getting involved—especially with a woman who nearly cost him his marriage before.

Now Joe's got to face his most dangerous case yet, and it will take every skill he has to infiltrate, outwit and bring down the psychopathic ringleader if he and Cheryl are to stay alive and make it back home.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Forthcoming: Reginald L. Hall - In Love With A Thug

Reginald L. Hall
In Love With A Thug
Available Now!

A controversial new novel from critically acclaimed Essence bestseller Reginald L. Hall explores the attraction of dating a "bad boy" - from an entirely new angle.

During college, Juan Jiles fell in love with Darrell, who convinced Juan to help him rob one of Philadelphia's largest banks. During the heist, Darnell is killed, and Juan escapes with more than $175,000. After mourning the loss of his lover, Juan begins rebuilding his life and uses the money to open a popular celebrity hair salon.

Then along comes Bryant Thompson, a street thug with drugs, drama, and deception in tow. Juan falls in love with the hustling, muscle-bound Bryant and soon succumbs to Bryant's addictive world. Juan's life starts to spin out of control and he realizes that his meeting Bryant didn't happen by chance.

A story of a man doomed by passion, In Love with a Thug is by turns a humorous, tragic and hard-hitting look at the cost of destructive love and the price some pay for true happiness.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Forthcoming: Percival Everett - The Water Cure

Percival Everett
The Water Cure
Available Now!

I am guilty not because of my actions, to which I freely admit, but for my accession, admission, confession that I executed these actions with not only deliberation and premeditation but with zeal and paroxysm and purpose …The true answer to your question is shorter than the lie. Did you? I did.

The Water Cure is the chilling confession of a victim turned villain. Ishmael Kidder is a successful romance novelist. His agent is coming to visit her usually productive client. But Kidder’s eleven-year-old daughter has been brutally murdered, and it stands to reason that he must take revenge by any means necessary. The punishment is carried out without guilt, and with the usual equipment—duct tape, rope, and super glue. But how will he explain the noises in the basement to his agent? How does he know he has the right man?

Percival Everett combines his prodigious gifts for gripping storytelling and lacerating satire as he explores the impact of national excess on individual conscious. He brings together disparate elements of Western philosophy, language theory, and military intelligence as he asks his most provocative question of all: What are we to think in today’s America, when society seems to be rewriting all the rules?

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Forthcoming: Darren Coleman - A Taste Of Honey

Darren Coleman
A Taste Of Honey
Available Now!
Honey Height learned early in life that her beauty and bedroom prowess are powerful, almost beyond her control. Forced by events that leave her to fend for herself as a teenager, she evolves into a money-hungry vixen as an adult. Using her physical attributes to lead a suspect lifestyle, Honey treats men like toys—good for a while, but always disposable.
That is until she meets handsome and charismatic Khalil Graves, an up-and-coming filmmaker who's desperately trying to escape the demons of his painful childhood. Already engaged, Khalil can't seem to shake his attraction to Honey. What he doesn't realize is that he's a pawn in Honey's plan for revenge.
Honey's attempt at vengeance quickly unravels, complicated by her possible involvement in a murder and a devious plot to score a payday lucrative enough to free her from her unsavory lifestyle.


Rahsaan Patterson - Wines & Spirits - Sept 25th

RAHSAAN PATTERSON - Wines & Spirits Street Date:  September 25, 2007
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Drops September 25! 
The release of Rahsaan's first new album in three years is just around the corner. 
"This musical iconoclast has fused fundamental soul with alternative funk for an eclectic twist on his signature sound... Rahsaan Patterson's most ambitious offering yet."
- Jawn Murray
AOL Black Voices
Rahsaan Patterson profile colorHits Radio This Week! 
Urban AC radio is picking up on this amazing track.  Stations including KJLH-Los Angeles, WSRB-Chicago, WMXD-Detroit, WYLD-New Orleans, WAMJ-Atlanta and WHUR-DC are already spinning it.
Listen to your favorite radio station and request "Stop Breaking My Heart."  Make your voices heard and show your love for this unique talent.
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Artistry Music

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Forthcoming: JLove - That White Girl

That White Girl

August 21, 2007

That White Girl is a fresh and hard-edged novel chronicling a young woman's quest for self-discovery while straddling two worlds, that of her middle-class Irish Catholic upbringing and her new family -- the Crips, America's notorious street gang.

What happens when a white girl flirts with the color lines and crosses the border into gang territory, where the bullets are in part real and the rules cannot be broken? JLove tells this incredible story inspired by her own remarkable life.

Amber, a fearless white girl, has a passion for rap lyrics and an addiction to graffiti, but her journey begins when she becomes immersed in the power and grind of gang life after holding a gun to an innocent man's head during a robbery.

That White Girl is a sharp and candid coming-of-age story, with hip-hop as its backdrop, that explores a young woman's struggles and triumphs as she crosses boundaries, discovers her own limits, and finds a new way to express herself in a world divided into black and white.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Forthcoming: Trisha R. Thomas - Nappily Married

Trisha R. Thomas
Nappily Married
Available Now!

Venus Johnston debuted with brazen personality and spirited humor in Nappily Ever After as she searched for the holy grail of marriage. Blessed with a beautiful baby daughter and a husband who is a former rap star with his own multi-million-dollar clothing company, her long journey to find love has finally come to fruition. But life as a stay-at-home wife and mother is hardly the end of the rainbow. In fact she's ready to do anything to jump start the career she's put on the back burner for the last two years. Against her good sense and her husband's wishes, she applies for a high profile PR job to help save a struggling city hospital manned by none other than her former boyfriend, Dr. Clint Fairchild, the very one and same who dumped her and married long-silky haired bombshell, Kandi Treboe. Venus soon finds out the two women are vying for the same job. This time competition between she and her old nemesis turns into a battle Venus is determined to win by any means necessary. With an unhappy hubby at home, a nanny who's becoming mommy in her child's eyes, while forming an uncomfortably close relationship with her husband, and a deviant at work sabotaging the hospital, Venus may have taken on much more than she can handle.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Forthcoming: Pat Tucker - Led Astray

Pat Tucker
Led Astray

Available Now!

Dexter Saint John believed that a party girl could be reformed. So much so, that he married Carla despite stern warnings from family and close friends. For five years things worked out just fine. But the tranquility of their marriage is suddenly rocked to its core when Carla's old running buddy, the twice divorced vixen Alex Perry returns home with a problem on her hands. Soon, the two are back to their old ways of partying like they used to back in the day, running men, and kicking up drama.

Carla Saint John is fed up with, and tired of her humdrum marriage. The sizzle is long gone and now she has to deal with the mother-in-law from hell who never thought she was good enough. It doesn't take long for her to be led astray-soon her life takes a series of drama filled twists and turns that leads to a torrid affair. Suddenly her life is spinning so out of control. Carla is forced to choose between the life she once knew and the one she never bargained for-the question is will Dexter still be around to see her through.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Forthcoming: Sherrance Henderson - The Ten Year Date

Sherrance Henderson
The Ten Year Date
Available Now!

Channa Renée Jones is no angel. As a matter of fact, she's far from it. How else can a woman get her date of ten long years to finally commit? Without his permission! Channa's gonna do wrong to get her Mr. Right, and when it's all said and done, what will be left? Despair? Or a long lasting love affair? Kevin Dean Walker, a.k.a Mr. Magnum Size Prophylactic, a.k.a Mr. Magic Stick, a.k.a Mr. Boomerang Love, will finally commit. Mr. Boomerang Love? Absolutely, because the deliciously memorable Kevin Dean Walker has kept Channa coming back for ten years to the same ole thing - a date! Deja, Channa's friend from the peach growing state of Georgia, deciphers the drama that is about to change this chapter in Channa Renée Jones's life forever, while Arnelle, the fair, outwardly looking white sista from Channa's old job, Morgan Pharmaceuticals, shares a little more of her soul while taking Channa on a trip to the crawfish and gumbo capital of the world, New Orleans. She leads Channa to a Voodoo woman, where Channa's deepest desires are made true. But not all seeds are meant to be sown. Will Channa's date of ten years be over? Will her new found power change her fate for the better? Or will all be lost? Will Channa pay with her life to have her ten year date commit? Who knows? Because Kevin Dean Walker has something to hide. Will Channa be too blinded by sex to see through his secrets, and discover that she has being living in Kevin's world of lies? Only time will tell! What's not meant to be, will be.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Forthcoming: Cheris Hodges - Just Can't Get Enough

Cheris Hodges
Just Can't Get Enough
Available Now!

Both down—home sweet and seductive, Cheris Hodges's new novel is about breaking the rules, going back home... and finding more than your heart's desire...

Celina Hart had security, a steady job, a predictable fiance'‚... and nothing that was making her truly happy. She gave it all up to gamble on her talent, and found success she'd never imagined as one of New York's hottest painters. But when she returns to her South Carolina hometown to care for her ailing father, she gets an even bigger surprise. That "bow—legged" neighbor's boy she used to play with has grown up into Darius McRae, a lawyer who gave up the D. C. fast—lane to get back to his roots. Now, Darius' dark—chocolate build and slow, easy smile are proving to be just as tempting as any city lights...

The last thing Darius was looking for was a relationship. He'd been burned by too many women who put finance over romance—including his conniving ex—girlfriend Cortina. But Celina's sense of humor and unpretentious ways are igniting more than his passions. And when Cortina starts stirring up a mess of trouble, Darius will do whatever it takes to show Celina a home—grown love is a dream worth everything...

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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Forthcoming: Shawna A. Grundy - Gotta Have It

Shawna A. Grundy
Gotta Have It
Available Now!

What do you do when everything you’ve dreamed of and ever wanted seems to always be just beyond your grasp? How do you learn to love again, when the person you’ve trusted with your heart is not the person you thought you gave it to? Meet Ashlei Thompson. A beautiful young woman, determined to leave her mark on the music industry, yet plagued by the scandal, lies and drama that come with living in the world of the rich and famous.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Forthcoming: Maxine Billings - A Time For Hope

Maxine Billings
A Time For Hope
Available Now!

In her poignant and insightful new novel, Maxine Billings explores the nature of faith and of friendship, and the ways in which each can change us -- and even save us . . . Two years ago, Hope Mason discovered her husband was having an affair with her best friend. Crushed by his betrayal and by her friends' lack of emotional support, Hope threw herself into working to provide for her three teenagers. With a full-time job at Mercy Medical Center and a part-time position at the local supply store, she's got no energy for socializing. Besides, Hope has learned her lesson about friends: the fewer you have, the better off you'll be. When Hope is put in charge of training Tyla Jefferson, the new emergency room clerk, she resists the younger woman's efforts to befriend her. Confident, bright and filled with optimism, Tyla is everything Hope used to be. But Tyla's life is not as uncomplicated as it appears. And as these two very different women gradually open up to one another, sharing their pain and their joy, Hope wonders if she can learn to trust again -- in friendship, in God's purpose in her life and in the promise that dawns with every new day.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Forthcoming: J. M. Jeffries - Virgin Seductress

J. M. Jeffries
Virgin Seductress
Available Now!

Nell Evans has a surprise inheritance, a lust for adventure and a makeover. But her plans for a new life in New York don't include being a virgin at age thirty! She never had the chance to dream beyond her small Mississippi town—but with a little help from Riley Martin, that's about to change...

This bad boy done good left for the big city but returned to his roots. Now divorced, he is just the man Nell should see about her…uh, problem. Riley can't believe the offer of seduction coming from the sweet, shy woman of his secret fantasies, but he's going to do his very best to convince her, in the most intimate ways, that her place always was, is and will be—with him.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Forthcoming: Kayla Perrin - Love, Lies, And Videotape

Kayla Perrin
Love, Lies, And Videotape
Available Now!

Jasmine St. Clair always dreamed of starring in movies. She just wasn't expecting her most famous role to be in the intimate home video that her sleazy boyfriend secretly made in hopes of furthering his own film career. With her "good girl" image in tatters—along with her faith in men—Jasmine leaves Hollywood and heads to St. Lucia. Against this lush Caribbean backdrop, Jasmine meets Darien Lamont, a sexy, mysterious American with secrets of his own. But after being so deeply wounded, can Jasmine trust her heart enough to embrace a red-hot new romance?

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Forthcoming: A. C. Arthur - A Cinderella Affair

A. C. Arthur
A Cinderella Affair
Available Now!

Clothing designer Camille Davis is sophisticated, ambitious, talented…and riddled with self-doubt—except when it comes to selling her father's home. No deal, no way. But Las Vegas real estate mogul Adam Donovan's negotiating skills are leaving Camille weak in the knees…and maybe, just maybe, willing to compromise?

Adam, the youngest of the "Triple Threat" Donovan brothers and the sexiest bachelor in town, is drawn to Camille's seductive mix of vulnerability, sweetness and strength. As for her take-it- or-leave-it deal—he's in. He's willing to see how this gamble plays out, because his heart says there will be no losers in Vegas on this bet.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Forthcoming: Cecil B. Cross II - First Semester

Cecil B. Cross II
First Semester (Kimani TRU)
Available Now!

James "JD" Dawson grew up in the hood, but left a life of violence three thousand miles behind to make something of himself at University of Atlanta. But when the freshman got off to a fool's start—kicking it with his new homeboys, showing up late to class, not studying and checking out the shorties—JD was assigned a tutor, the luscious Katrina Turner. She made studying real fun. But if JD wanted to get with a girl like Katrina, he'd also have to learn to grow up.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Forthcoming: Eric Jerome Dickey - Waking With Enemies

Eric Jerome Dickey
Waking With Enemies
August 7, 2007

Ten-time New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey sizzles in this rapid-fire sequel to Sleeping with Strangers, which finds international hit man Gideon waking up with his past haunting him and danger knocking at his door.

A heated encounter inside a London hotel room (where he was pursued by three very different women) leaves Gideon waking up to a world where there’s no one to trust. Someone has taken out a hit on the hit man—but who? The clock is ticking as Gideon tries to pin down the man who was sent to kill him – a mysterious man with a broken nose who shadows his every move – while also finding out who from his past might have ordered the hit. Could it be the man he left alive in Tampa, the woman who taught him to kill, the scorned woman he still desires, or some other unseen enemy? As the hunter becomes the hunted, Gideon will need to find his friends—and his enemies—to get out of the game alive.

From the back streets of London to Amsterdam’s red light district, Waking with Enemies is an international game of cat and mouse, in which Gideon must protect those he loves and face the possibility of his own death.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Forthcoming: Yahrah St. John - Risky Business of Love

Risky Business Of Love (Kimani Romance)
Yahrah St. John
Risky Business of Love
Available Now!

Reporter Ciara Miller is working the congressional beat, waiting for the big story that will earn her a spot on the evening news. Then she meets senatorial candidate Jonathan Butler.
He's powerful, charismatic and the sexiest man Ciara has ever seen. The chemistry they share is hot, thrilling and risky. But their illicit affair is about to lead Ciara to an unexpected crossroad—a choice between ambition and love…

A Washington insider, Jonathan knows the political game well. He knows romance with a reporter is playing with fire. And yet, he's willing to take a chance with Ciara, until dirty politics, betrayal and scandal shake up his world and his feelings for Ciara!

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Forthcoming: Noire - Hood

Available Now!
Lamont "Hood" Mason is a fearless nineteen-year-old gangsta who was born and raised in the projects of Brooklyn, New York. He was an abandoned child who roamed the cold city streets and fought hard for survival. The only thing constant in his young life was the safety of a Brownsville barbershop owned by a father figure called Fat Daddy.
The barbershop is where Hood comes of age, but cutting hair isn't the only thing Fat Daddy has going on. His daughter, Egypt, is the love of Hood's young life, and the one person whose dreams of a stable future can lead him off the grimy urban corners and out of the hustling life.
But when Fat Daddy gets caught slippin and crosses paths with Xanbar, a notoriously brutal drug kingpin, his vices threaten to bring death down on the family Hood loves. In an effort to protect his own, Hood and his best friend and hustling partner, Dreko, take to the streets on a bloody mission that doesn't go exactly as planned. Hood returns to find his world turned upside down by a wave of sex, violence, and betrayal. No longer the starving kid on the street, he's now a man seeking vengeance and retribution, and he might be forced to choose between bending or breaking as he picks up the shattered pieces of his life, one by one.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nikki Jenkins - Playing With The Hand I Was Dealt

Nikki Jenkins
Playing With The Hand I Was Dealt
Available Now!

A fresh new voice in fiction, Nikki Jenkins's novel imagines the life of a woman who experiences the best and worst of everyone around her - and tries to redeem every relationship she has, no matter how crazy and convoluted they become.
Natalie Kelley's world is in danger of falling apart, and she is the only one who can keep that from happening. Her husband, Anderson - who has an undeniable history of adultery - is once again preoccupied with something other than work. And that's not all. Natalie has to deal with her own spoiled mother, drug-addicted sister, man-crazy best friend, and her own children who are too young to take care of themselves.
Natalie goes through three days of her life, desperately clinging to the only life she knows and supporting everyone who relies on her, all at once. Her husband's actions verge on the edge of abusive, and it is only a matter of time before Natalie discovers what has been drawing him further away from their live - and the results will shock everyone.

Her struggles are contrasted with flashbacks that help make sense of the present, showing her relationships as they had been, and as they might yet become again. Through it all, Natalie strives to be available for everyone, but is even her indomitable spirit up to the task? Playing With the Hand I Was Dealt is an insightful debut about a woman's attempts to redefine "normal" in a life gone mad.


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Forthcoming: Geavonnie Frazier - After-Hours Girls (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Geavonnie Frazier
After Hours Girls (Choose Your Own Adventure)
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Looking for excitement, money, and temporary companionship, best friends Lisa and Tosha rule the night until the unforgivable Motown streets catch up to them. Which character will fall? This updated Choose Your Own Adventure gives the reader the power to decide.

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On The Line With Radiah Hubbert - Eric Jerome Dickey - August 2007

August 2007

Eric Jerome Dickey talks to
Radiah Hubbert about:

- His new novels 'Sleeping With Strangers'

and 'Waking With Enemies'

- His upcoming novel 'Pleasures'
- His thoughts on the AA Fiction market
- And Much More!!!

Click here for our Exclusive Audio Interview
with the Author of 'Sleeping With Strangers'
and 'Waking With Enemies'...

Eric Jerome Dickey

~approx. 40 minutes - 18MB~

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Forthcoming: Dynah Zale - Heaven Sent

Dynah Zale
Heaven Sent
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Heaven is a recovering drug addict who was just released from prison to a female Christian halfway house (G.I.S.A - God Is So Amazing). The problem is that she is convinced that she doesn't have a drug problem.  She signed up for the halfway house not to recover, but so that she could learn how to stop using drugs so often.   She has no intentions of staying clean until she meets associate pastor, Reverend Washington.  Reverend Washington's wife dies during childbirth and Heaven seduces the newly widowed reverend until she becomes the next Mrs. Washington. Heaven immediately becomes mother to the reverend's three young children. 
Heaven is very resentful of the deceased Mrs. Washington and plots to make her husbands first wife look like a lying adulterer.  All this deceit leads Heaven to start shooting up heroin and her addiction again takes over her life.  Hidden secrets are uncovered that threaten Heaven's new life with her new family, and has everyone asking if she was Heaven Sent.

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