Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Forthcoming: Angie Daniels - Trouble Loves Company

Angie Daniels
Trouble Loves Company
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The acclaimed author of In the Company of My Sistahs returns with a sexy, sassy, and moving new novel about three friends who've had their share of life's ups and downs--with no sign that the rollercoaster is going to stop anytime soon...
For romance author Renee Moore, true love only exists in books. Despite a wealthy, adoring husband, Renee is unhappy--and deeply unsatisfied, which explains her bed-hopping habit. But Renee's husband will do anything to keep her, including embarking on an erotic lifestyle that includes swinging, which forces Renee to confront some painful truths about her marriage--and herself.

Practical Nurse Danielle Brooks has always had a thing for young thugs--until her latest, Ron, pushes her too far with his baby mama drama and freeloading ways. Danielle realizes it may be time to rethink her choices in men. But when her troubled teenage daughter ends up pregnant, Danielle's worlds collide as she finds herself torn between a girl who has a habit of crying wolf--and a man who swears he's not the father.


As far as administrative assistant Kayla Johnson is concerned, Reverend Leroy Brown walks on water--despite the fact that he's cheating on his wife--with her. Kayla is convinced the naughty Reverend is going to leave his family for her--until she catches him in bed with another woman. But walking away from Leroy is only the beginning of Kayla's troubles.


As Renee, Danielle and Kayla band together, they discover a world of secrets they never imagined--and learn a lesson about the power of love, truth, and friendship that makes it all worthwhile...


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