Friday, August 24, 2007

The Forthcoming: Felicia Pride, Diane Rigaud, and Karen Valentin - Hallway Diaries

Felicia Pride, Diane Rigaud, and Karen Valentin
Hallway Diaries (Kimani TRU - Young Adult)
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Three girls. Three high schools. Three gotta-read stories.

How to Be Down by Felicia Pride

When Nina Parker is forced to move from her small hometown in New Jersey to the urban streets of Baltimore, Maryland, she's instantly told by her new "keeping it real" neighbor Vivica that she's not black enough for her new school. In order to fit in, Nina keeps a cheat sheet called "How to Be Down" which contains advice she's learned: talk cooler, know the hottest rappers, and hide being smart. As Nina desperately tries to become someone she's not, she threatens to lose herself in the process. She eventually learns the true meaning of "being down" and discovers that those around her may not be as real as they claim.

Double Act by Debbie Rigaud

In the hood, Mia Chambers is "the smart girl," but at her prestigious new prep school, she hardly stands out. So Mia does what it takes...only to be accused of selling out by her old friends.

The Summer She Learned to Dance by Karen Valentin

At first, Giselle Johnson hates spending the summer with her cousin from the Dominican Republic. But she soon starts loving the island and even learns to dance to her own rhythm. That is, until her cousin attracts Giselle's high school crush.

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