Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Forthcoming: Dynah Zale - Heaven Sent

Dynah Zale
Heaven Sent
Available Now!

Heaven is a recovering drug addict who was just released from prison to a female Christian halfway house (G.I.S.A - God Is So Amazing). The problem is that she is convinced that she doesn't have a drug problem.  She signed up for the halfway house not to recover, but so that she could learn how to stop using drugs so often.   She has no intentions of staying clean until she meets associate pastor, Reverend Washington.  Reverend Washington's wife dies during childbirth and Heaven seduces the newly widowed reverend until she becomes the next Mrs. Washington. Heaven immediately becomes mother to the reverend's three young children. 
Heaven is very resentful of the deceased Mrs. Washington and plots to make her husbands first wife look like a lying adulterer.  All this deceit leads Heaven to start shooting up heroin and her addiction again takes over her life.  Hidden secrets are uncovered that threaten Heaven's new life with her new family, and has everyone asking if she was Heaven Sent.

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