Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Forthcoming : The Reformatory: A Novel : Tananarive Due : Release date : 10/31/23


Gracetown, Florida

June 1950

Twelve-year-old Robbie Stephens, Jr., is sentenced to six months at the Gracetown School for Boys, a reformatory, for kicking the son of the largest landowner in town in defense of his older sister, Gloria. So begins Robbie’s journey further into the terrors of the Jim Crow South and the very real horror of the school they call The Reformatory.

Robbie has a talent for seeing ghosts, or haints. But what was once a comfort to him after the loss of his mother has become a window to the truth of what happens at the reformatory. Boys forced to work to remediate their so-called crimes have gone missing, but the haints Robbie sees hint at worse things. Through his friends Redbone and Blue, Robbie is learning not just the rules but how to survive. Meanwhile, Gloria is rallying every family member and connection in Florida to find a way to get Robbie out before it’s too late.

The Reformatory is a haunting work of historical fiction written as only American Book Award–winning author Tananarive Due could, by piecing together the life of the relative her family never spoke of and bringing his tragedy and those of so many others at the infamous Dozier School for Boys to the light in this riveting novel.

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Friday, September 08, 2023

New Review : Like A Sister : Kellye Garrett

4 out of 5 books

When a reality TV star Desiree Pierce is found dead on a New York City playground the day after her twenty-fifth birthday, the authorities are treating it like a regular tragedy. But her half-sister Lena Scott feels something is not quite right. Although the sisters have been estranged for two years, Lena won’t stop until she finds out who murdered Desiree. But this investigation may be more than Lena bargained for.

Some of the best mysteries are when the main characters that are investigating are not a part of law enforcement. Kellye Garrett did just that with having Lena dig into her sister’s murder in Like A Sister.You feel Lena’s frustration as she tries to track down Desiree’s friends and trying to get clues from her social media pages. Garrett did a good job of leading readers down one path and then switches it up. When the killer is revealed, readers will not guess who it is. Family secrets, betrayal and shady characters are what you’ll find in Like A Sister by Kellye Garrett.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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New Review : Neverwraith : Shakir Rashaan


5 out of 5 books

Yasir Salah is the new kid at his high school. He’s trying his best to fit in without drawing too much attention to himself. There is a storm brewing inside Yasir that he doesn’t understand. Why does his eyes change colors and where is this extreme heat coming from on his skin? His family always warned him to be careful. But no one ever told him about his past and exactly what he is.

Shakir Rashaan brings us into an entertaining paranormal world with Neverwraith. Rashaan does a good job with bringing Yasir’s story to life. It was refreshing to see an African American male teen as the lead character in this kind of story. While reading this book, you want to know more about Yasir’s background as he is going though his own self discovery. Rashaan does an excellent job of giving the reader just enough information without giving too much away. From the camaraderie among Yasir’s friends to him dealing with everyday high school issues, Neverwraith is definitely a YA book that is relatable to teens. But adults will enjoy this book as well. With Neverwraith, Shakir Rashaan lays down the proper foundation for an exciting series that will have you clamoring for the next installment.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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Friday, September 01, 2023

Book Preview of the Month : The Reverend : Kayla Perrin


Reverend Emerson James is a pillar of his community. The pastor of the High River North Carolina 7th Day Nondenominational Church, the biggest church outside of nearby Charlotte, has been a dream for him for the past twenty years. Emerson is loved and respected by pretty much everyone.

So why is someone trying to blackmail him? And for five million dollars?

And how far will he go to keep his scandalous secrets from coming to light?

Because Emerson James is no saint. His platform and his power have gone to his head.

And when one of his parishioners ends up murdered, it's the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. Because the church is about to be thrown into a whole lot of chaos--and it just might not survive.

Book Preview of the Month : The Trouble With Gabrielle : Sylvia Hubbard


Alone, Pregnant... And About to Be Murdered

Struggling and pregnant Gabrielle Payne is on the brink of despair when she discovers the father of her unborn child, the man from a fleeting one-night stand, was none other than the mysteriously wealthy Oliver Farnsworth—now dead and without an heir. Desperate and alone, she reveals her secret, hoping for some assistance from the Farnsworth family.

Taken in by Oliver’s seemingly benevolent stepmother, Neema McGee, Gabrielle is introduced to a world of opulence and grandeur, far exceeding anything she has ever known. But behind the luxurious fa├žade of the Farnsworth mansion, lies a web of intrigue, betrayal, and deadly secrets.

As Gabrielle delves deeper into the life of the enigmatic Oliver, she unravels startling truths: his untimely death by untraced poison, a disgruntled twin brother living in estrangement, and above all, Neema's insidious plan to eliminate Gabrielle and claim the Farnsworth fortune.

Every shadow in the Farnsworth mansion seems to whisper threats, every smile conceals a lie. With the walls closing in, Gabrielle must navigate the perilous undercurrents of her newfound existence to protect herself and her unborn child. But when her only allies could be her deadliest enemies, where is a woman to turn?

"The Trouble With Gabrielle" is a gripping tale of suspense and survival, perfect for fans of heart-stopping thrillers and chilling mysteries. Unearth the secrets of the Farnsworth family and join Gabrielle in her fight against the sinister forces that threaten her existence.

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Book Preview of the Month : Everything Platinum: Everything Series Book 3 : LaShelle L. Turner


Fresh out of federal prison for serving 18 months for fraud and identity theft, 25-year-old Farrah Sparks finds herself back in Atlanta, broke and lost. Despite it all, she can’t fight her inner dream of becoming a star. Down on her luck, she enters the world of well-paid acquaintances/sugar daddies and finds a billionaire, Saleh, who will finance of dream of superstardom. Through him, she meets legendary music producer Nero Noir. Farrah finds herself falling for the two men, her lover hired to help her music career and the man who paid for it all. Things get more complicated when she finds herself spiritually drawn to a neo-soul artist name Swann, the man who connects her to the true artist she yearns to be.

Farrah gets caught up in the glitz and glamour of fame until the dark side darkens her platinum life. She finally has what she always dreamed but will greed, lust, and murder end it all.

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New Review : The Perfect Affair : Angela Henry

  4 out of 5 books THE PERFECT AFFAIR is a gripping psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. When Paige Nichols me...