Saturday, December 10, 2022

The 15th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest : June 17, 2023 : Tickets are on sale now!



The 12th Annual Great Midwest Book Fest

This book event was held on November 7, 2020. Below are the list of of authors in the order that they appear. Enjoy! Intro : Radiah Hubbert J.D. Mason Sierra Kay LaJill Hunt Michelle Mitchell Naleighna Kai Stacy-Covington Lee Brenda Jackson Obelia Akanke Shakir Rashaan Portia A. Cosby Pat Simmons Bonnie J. Edwards Shana Burton Patricia Balentine Sheila Bell LaShaunda Hoffman T.C Blackwell Altonya Washington Vivian King Nakia R. Laushaul Lalanii Wilson Jones Treavion Davenport Wrap Up : Radiah Hubbert

New Review :Trinity: Zelda Lockhart

  5 out of 5 books This is my first read by Author Zelda Lockhart, however I plan to follow her writing journey. The story was full of drama...