Monday, December 09, 2019

The 12 Days of Christmas's been a few years and I want to do this again. presents The 12 Twelve Days of Christmas contest. Starting on Thursday, December 12th, an author gives away one copy of their book in the Urban Reviews Facebook Group. You must be a member of the group in order to win.There will be a contest posted by 7am each day. If you are an author that would like to participate in this, email me at with The 12 Days of Christmas in the subject by THIS WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 11th. You are responsible for sending out the book to the winner. It could be an ebook or physical book.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

New Review : The Other Side by Trice Hickman

   5 out of 5 books

Bernadette Gibson is a very successful business woman. The only area that is not successful is her love life. Bernadette is turning fifty and she thinks having a successful relationship is not in the cards for her. But when Cooper “Coop” Dennis comes into her life, she quickly changes her mind. When Bernadette discovers a secret about Coop’s past, it causes her to reevaluate their relationship. Testimony “Tess” Sinclair is a bestselling novelist that’s approaching  her fortieth birthday. Tess is devastated when she learns that her ex-boyfriend got married. 

To get away from it all, Tess goes to a small town to visit her cousin Bernadette. Tess ends finds an unexpected love connection but her secret may destroy it all. Arizona May is a make-up artist that is in a loving, committed relationship with her fiancĂ©. Arizona and her fiancĂ© promised to remain celibate until their wedding night. The day before Arizona’s thirtieth birthday, they decide to give in to temptation. But now Arizona is rethinking their wedding plans after finding out a disturbing secret. What will become of these three women?

The Other Side is a novel that was definitely worth the wait. Trice Hickman brought us a good contemporary story that shows three women at different pivotal points in their lives. What makes this story interesting is how each of these women are celebrating their milestone birthdays while trying to add romance to their lives. Hickman created very realistic characters that readers will be able to relate to. Shocking twists, secrets, and humor makes this book from Trice Hickman a must read and a perfect book club choice.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

Monday, December 02, 2019

Book Preview of the Month : Closer To You : Sheryl Lister

Located an hour away from San Diego, the small town of Blackmont, California is known for its peaceful surroundings and majestic lakes. However, secrets and danger lurk just below the surface. And some secrets could prove to be deadly.

Love may be a distraction neither of them will live to enjoy…

When Zahra Chandler unexpectedly inherits her grandfather’s small-town home and bookstore, she jumps at the chance to leave LA. There’s just one problem: she also, unknowingly, inherits a long-buried secret that someone would go to any lengths to protect, including murder. The only thing standing between her and a killer is the town’s arrogant, but irresistibly sexy sheriff—a man who ignites in her a passion she’s never felt.

Kendall McKnight takes his job as sheriff seriously and is always prepared for anything…except his instant attraction to newcomer Zahra. As they’re drawn together in their search for clues, protecting her becomes less about civic duty and much more about carnal desire and he’s in danger of losing the one thing he vowed never to risk again—his heart. But the threat is closer than they realize and the truth, when revealed, could tear them apart forever.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Book Preview of the Month : The Bag Trilogy: It's Me or The Bag: Beyond the Bag, Ralph Returns : Angelia Vernon Menchan

The Sears Men all have something going on in their lives, Raphael is chasing the bag at the expense of his marriage, Ralph is running from fatherhood and his demons, Jake just wants to have fun and Carlton is the keeper of their secrets and the sacrificer for the family. But what happens when ultimatums are given, secrets revealed and prodigal sons return home? 

Read The Bag Trilogy, it is all in there. A new urban story for the generation.