Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Forthcoming : Neverwraith : Shakir Rashaan : August 29, 2023


Bel-Air meets Cloak & Dagger in this explosive and innovative paranormal debut…

Being the new kid is always gonna land you in it.

Yasir Salah isn’t like the other guys in his new suburban Georgia high school. Lately, he can feel something shifting in his body. Raw. Edgy. 
Volatile. Like his eyes changing colors and heat on his skin when some alpha bro comes for him…or how just a grin from the gorgeous, untouchable girl at school sends vibrations shooting through his entire body.

Only it’s not just being at a new school. It’s a new town. New rules. 
New flow. And everything feels way smaller than his ex-life in Atlanta. All he can do is what he’s been told: keep a low profile and try to not be noticed…and keep his anger under control.

But they never warned him.
They never told him what he is.
And they sure as hell didn’t tell him that the world is gonna need him.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

New Review : American Gunner : Eddy Clark & D. Andrea Whitfield


4 out of 5 books

Raphael Waters has been a survivor his whole life. Things seem to be getting better for Raphael when he becomes the muscle for a leader of a criminal enterprise name Rah. But when Rah suddenly disappears, Raphael has no one to turn to. Enter Alex Gatts. Alex is the queen of South Bend’s nightlife. When Alex offers Raphael the job of being her bodyguard, he sees an offer that he can’t refuse. However, Raphael & Alex will get more than they bargained for when an international business deal goes south.

This story starts off as your typical street tale. But readers will soon find out that’s not the case. Eddy Clark & D. Andrea Whitfield brought us a fast-paced, gritty tale filled with action packed scenes and plot twists. Clark & Whitfield brought a hard hitting debut novel that will make you want to read more from these authors in the future. Crime, drama, and a little romance is what you find in American Gunner. 

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

New Review : Parade of Shades : Jewel Hopson


 3 out of 5 books

Karen Baker has had a rough life. When her mother abandoned the family, Karen was forced to raise her brothers and sisters at a very young age. Her father did nothing to help. Karen is in the midst of an identity crisis of her own. She’s trying to figure out her place in the world. Karen gets exposed to the better things in life when Alex Harper is assigned to be her Big Sister. But as Karen navigates her way to college & adulthood, will she find her way?

Parade of Shades is an interesting coming-of-age story by Jewel Hopson. Hopson shows us what happens when a child has to take on adult responsibilities. This book takes on a variety of topics such as colorism and what it means to be an African American woman. The conversations Karen had about race and equality were interesting. But they could have been shortened to include more of Karen’s every day life especially when she graduated from college and started working in the real world. With Parade of Shades, Jewel Hopson brought us a story of forgiveness, self-worth, and resilience.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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