Monday, April 30, 2007

The Forthcoming: Michelle McGriff - Colored Summer

Michelle McGriff
Colored Summer
Available Now!

Although attitudes have changed considerably since the 50’s, finding out that you have a trait for a blood disease predominately predisposed to black people would shake up the average person. That’s what happened to Thea Fairbanks when she went for a prenuptial physical. Thea looks to her father’s family for answers. She takes her grandmother Emma Fairbanks on an outing in order to ask more questions about their family’s past. Colored Summer is taught that her looks and skin tones are curses from God, punishments for her mother’s sins of having a child out of wedlock.

Hoping that somewhere the air is lighter, cleaner—blowing something other than prejudice and hate her way—Emerald starts her journey to discovery. Leaving behind her life—the good, a childhood love that will never die, as well as the bad, a life darkened by intra-racial prejudice—she comes out west, where the air is indeed blowing differently. For Emerald, who changes her name to Emma, it is blowing white and she finds herself in a new life, with a new identity. But can she cut loose her past and the tie that binds her heart; can she forget where she came from?



Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Forthcoming: Stephanie Johnson - Rockin' Robin (re-release)

Rocking Robin
Stephanie Johnson
Rockin' Robin (re-release)
May 1, 2007

Robin Sessoms spends her weeks working forty-plus hours as the head reservation clerk at the Gray Pearl, in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Her boss is Todd Kendricks, an undercover drug addict who is still sleeping with his drug-addicted ex-wife, the mother of his first son. He's also involved with Chanel, a friend of Robin's who is the mother of Todd's second son.

Todd's life might be scandalous, but Robin has some shadows of her own to deal with. She seeks the help of a therapist, Dr. Christopher, who she visits twice a week when she decides something inside of her just isn't quite right. What she doesn't know is that she's been living with a dual personality since childhood, when her father severely abused her and her mother. Rockin' Robin, her alternate personality, is lurking just below the surface, waiting to emerge.

When Nelson Bray, a powerful retired lawyer, checks into the Gray Pearl, Robin's world is turned upside down. He is definitely not the type of man she would be attracted to, but Rockin' Robin finds him irresistible. The pair begin a relationship that threatens to overpower Robin's personality and allow Rockin' Robin to take over permanently. The question is, did Nelson know from the start about Robin's dual personalities, and had he planned all along to bring out Rockin' Robin and use her for his own shady plans?


Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nichelle Walker - Doing His Time

Cover Image
Nichelle Walker
Doing His Time
May 1, 2007

Every girls dreams of meeting their Knight in Shining Amour and living happily ever after. But every hood chick dreams of meeting a baller so she can live happily ever “Rich!” When Emerald met Dollar, she knew she had found her ghetto Romeo and started living her happily ever rich life. Getting spoiled with the hottest whips, the finest clothes, the flyest jewels, and a unlimited cash allowance, Emerald represented a baller’s chick to the fullest. She lived, breathed, and swore by the hustlers anthem “Balling!” The night Dollar asked Emerald to marry him she knew her blood, sweat, and spit had paid off and she’d be forever fly. But when a drop goes bad and Emerald is forced to take the stand, will Dollar man up or will he leave her high and dry? Take this ride along with Emerald while she discovers the ups and downs of being a baller’s bit*h!

CLICK HERE TO READ A FULL EXCERPT NOW! (must have a myspace account)

The Forthcoming: Colin Channer - The Girl With The Golden Shoes

Colin Channer
The Girl With The Golden Shoes
Available Now!

The Girl with the Golden Shoes is a dazzling and picaresque novella of equal parts Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mark Twain, and Bob Marley. Set in 1942, on the imagined island of San Carlos, a cultural cocktail of Trinidad, Cuba, and Jamaica, it tells the story of Estrella Thompson, a 14-year-old who's forced to fend for herself when she's banished from the isolated fishing village where she's lived all her life. Her crime? Wanting to read and write.

But Estrella is no victim. Neither is she an ordinary child. Prematurely ripe in body and mind, and contemptuous of the boundaries placed on her by gender, race, and social class, she takes the villagers' rejection as a chance to change her life. She wants to go to Europe, the place where everything interesting seems to happen, including the war, which she's heard about incessantly on rediffusion radio. But she has to get money for a ticket on a steamer, which means she has to get a job--which means she has to get a pair of shoes . . . and she's never worn a pair in her life.

Estrella's journey goes awry when she takes the wrong bus and ends up in a hostile town. From the one-armed madman who steals her belongings, to the lonely black truck driver who forces her to listen to his lecture on politics and race, to the Spanish Creole seducer who rides into her life on horseback, to the white soldiers who attempt to break her spirit--the characters that come into Estrella's life are as changed by her as she is by them.

The Girl with the Golden Shoes is a deftly written story that swims against the tide of cynicism that has come to dominate the best American fiction. Its propulsive plot is driven by a heroine who's too naive to back down and too smart to swap hope for disillusion as a central belief.


Friday, April 27, 2007

The Forthcoming: Crystal Perkins-Stell - Life Afta Cash Money

Crystal Perkins-Stell
Life Afta Cash Money
May 5, 2007

The Prince Family Trilogy. In this last book Uncle Silk tells the story of his family from a ture Balla's status. Detroit has seen some heavy hittin players in its time. Raymond, Butch, Rick, Ed, Holloway, and the list goes on, and on. When you look at the current condition of the city, some playas are gon' sleep on the history and the making of the real city of Doe. Go back in time and let Uncle Silk show you his world as he introduces you to a side of the Prince family, you've never seen before.



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Forthcoming: Shannon Holmes - Dirty Game

Shannon Holmes
Dirty Game
May 1, 2007

Kenny 'Ken-Ken' Greene left his days as a hustler behind him when his wife was killed during a scam gone bad, leaving him with a baby daughter.  Now he's a cab driver, doing what he can to put food on the table and give his daughter, Destiny, everything she needs.  In spite of his past or because of it, he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep Destiny off the streets.  But when he is shot and paralyzed during a robbery while on the job, Destiny knows that she has to step up to the plate to take care of the father who has provided for her.  Allowing herself to learn from one of the fiercest street hustlers, Destiny becomes his lover and soon her skills rival his. But the longer she stays in the game, the deeper into the game she falls.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Forthcoming: Rachee - The Last Affair

The Last Affair
May 1, 2007

Every Woman’s Temptation...
He can capture your attention just by listening. He wants to know who you really are—and fulfill your most secret, forbidden desires. He can undress you with a whisper, respond to your every wish, every touch...and give satisfaction beyond your hottest dreams. But Kevin Richmond is a man as insatiable as he is successful and driven. And he never imagined that the mysterious woman igniting his fantasies would have secrets worth dying for...

One Seduction Too Far...

Now Kevin is the prime suspect for a murder he didn’t commit. The only way he can clear his name is to discover the real deal behind his lover’s deception—and confront his own troubled past. But as he’s drawn deeper into a nightmare of lust and betrayal, he’ll find that the truth is a tantalizing lie—and love the most seductive illusion of all...


Monday, April 23, 2007

The Forthcoming: Chilufiya Safaa - The Art Of Love

Chilufiya Safaa
The Art Of Love
May 1, 2007

Passions ignite as an independent woman and an international playboy are thrown together in the search for a valuable jewel...
Everything upscale art gallery owner Afiya Terrell does has a distinctly Afrocentric flair. Her gallery is filled with the work of artists of African descent, and she often adorns herself with beautifully colored African garments. Though happily independent, Afiya would love to settle down and raise a family...but most men find her work and travel schedule to be too much to handle.

On a business trip to Ethiopia she meets Senegalese art dealer Ibra Diop¯and the sparks are undeniable. But attraction turns to outrage when she finds Ibra is perfectly happy being a single man. Thrown together in a desperate search for a precious jewel, they’ll have to work together—and see if love can find a way...



Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Forthcoming: Alastair J. Hatter - It's On And Poppin'

It's On and Poppin
Alastair J. Hatter
It's On And Poppin' (re-release)
May 1st, 2007

Dee Dee is as laid back, sassy, and cute as they come, but two overprotective brothers like Jay and Bee who have clout in the Memphis streets makes finding and building a relationship seriously hazardous to a brother's health.

Things move fast for Jay and Bee after hooking up with a new connect, and both brothers see that their old lives will never be the same. All of the training that Jay was secretly putting Dee Dee through comes into play as Jay and Bee are locked up in the county jail for selling to an informant. The game is dominated by thugs until Dee Dee hits the scene.
This action-packed, grimey street classic shows how Dee Dee gets it poppin' in the Memphis streets.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Forthcoming: C. J. Domino - Sideline Ho

C. J. Domino
Sideline Ho
Available Now!

Why do men cheat? That's the million dollar question, to which most women reply, "Because they can!" Let me school you on the real reason. Men cheat because of women like me, women who give them the opportunity. Game recognizes game. With just one flirtatious glance, he knows that I'm the woman who will, when you won't. I am that pretty young thing with a big behind. I grin in your face while freaking your man on the side. Sometimes I'm a stranger, but usually I'm your friend. Don't take it personal, ladies. It's not about love, just the come up at the end. Meet Nikole Freeman, a best friend's worst nightmare. Follow along in outrage as she bounces from one unstable relationship to the next. Will Nikole learn a valuable life lesson before it's too late, or will her disgraceful life decisions finally catch up with her?


Friday, April 20, 2007

The Forthcoming: Earl Sewell - Keysha's Drama (Kimani TRU)

Keysha's Drama (Kimani TRU) Cover 
Earl Sewell
Keysha's Drama (Kimani TRU)
Available Now!

Sixteen-year-old Keysha Kendall is a judge's signature away from foster care when she's sent to live with the father she never knew. Suddenly she has her own room in his big fancy house, a high-powered stepmother and a popular half brother who can introduce her to all the right people at her new school.

But Keysha can't forget where she came from. And she won't let anyone else, either. Why should her father and his perfect family have it so easy when she and her mother had it so hard? And so Keysha hooks up with a rough crowd and does whatever she wants… until what she wants changes real fast…


Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Forthcoming: Linda Dominique Grosvenor - Spanish Lullaby

Linda Dominique Grosvenor
Spanish Lullaby
April 25th, 2007

After the tragic loss of her husband and daughter, Marsia Peterson is forced to make changes in a suddenly difficult life she no longer wants to live. Just as suddenly, a mysterious stranger enters the scene, beckoning to stay and take away the pain. Standing at the open door of redemption, Marsia must decide between refusing her own forgiveness and yielding to the healing melody of a sweet lullaby...
Bestselling author Linda Dominique Grosvenor returns with her highly anticipated 7th novel, a compelling tale of loss, survival, and redemption of ten sought but rarely found. Don't miss the story winning the praises of critics and readers alike.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Forthcoming: Thomas Long - Papa Don't Preach

Thomas Long
Papa Don't Preach
April 24, 2007

Nigel Hawkins was as gangster as they got on the streets of Baltimore. He was a killer, hustler, pimp, and strong arm robber all rolled into one. He also had a deadly addiction to heroin that winds up being his downfall. Fresh off of a ten year bid in jail, he comes home a new man after he finds religion. However, he is confronted by his past demons when he finds out that his twenty something year old son, Nigel Jr., is spiraling down the same path of drug addiction and crime that he took. Can this father's love save his son from doom and destruction or will the evil temptations of his past reel him back into the living hell that he escaped from once his new found spiritual faith is tested. Papa Don't Preach is a real life heartfelt drama about the underworld of drug addiction and Black male to male relationships that will pull at your emotional strings.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Forthcoming: Mimi Jefferson - The Single Sister Experiment

Mimi Jefferson
The Single Sister Experiment
April 24, 2007

Joan, Tisha and Lila are three single, ambitious, party girls embarking on a journey where they attempt to give up sex and draw nearer to God. But giving up their boyfriends and club hopping for empty beds and Bible Study is more challenging than they could have imagined. Follow the women on this turbulent ride as they face the demons of their pasts, build new lifestyles, and finally fall into the waiting arms of our Savior.

You can identify with Joan, Tisha and Lila if: 1. You don't know all of the words to Amazing Grace.  2. You couldn't find the book of Haggai in the Bible if somebody paid you. 3. Your husband is not the only man that has ever seen you naked.

The Single Sister Experiment
is Christian fiction for the rest of us.


Monday, April 16, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nishawnda Ellis - Wives and Girlfriends

Nishawnda Ellis
Wives and Girlfriends
April 24, 2007

Betraying vows taken for a night full of lust can lead to a lifetime full of pain. Wealthy Black prominent entrepreneur Dominic Jones' livelihood rests on money, power and women. He enjoys splitting his time between married life and serial love affairs with his girlfriends. Suffering from depression, being overweight and having to be the disciplinary for their bratty spoiled rotten daughter, Dominic's wife Donna has enough on her plate and is not ready to deal with the kind of man she married. Although Dominic proclaims to love his family, he's very careless with the women in his life and is use to them falling in line. That is until he meets Tera Larou, a woman who makes a career from dating married men. She and Dominic share a lustful and erotic affair. Against all her rules, Tera falls in love with Dominic and demands he leave his family for her. Under no circumstances is Dominic willing to leave his family for any woman.

Left with no other option, Tera plots to get rid of Donna and become Dominic's wife. But When Tera's advances threaten! the safety of Dominic's family; an already suspicious Donna is finally ready to do something about her cheating husband. Dominic has to act fast before he loses everything. Tera winds up brutally murdered and Dominic is the primary suspect. With his unfaithful ways out in the open and his ex-girlfriend death's hanging over his head, Dominic soon realizes the consequences of living a double life between his wife and girlfriend. Wives and Girlfriends is a seductive and suspenseful tale of lust, infidelity and murder, with a surprise twist at the end. Get ready to be entertained, as this story takes you through the life of a cheating ruthless husband and the women that love him.


Weekend Brings the Harlem Book Fair To Chicago - Sept 7th-8th

Weekend Brings the Harlem Book Fair To Chicago
Chicago IL - 220 Communications and QBR The Black Book Review have teamed up
to bring the famed Harlem Book Fair to Chicago on Friday and Saturday, September
7-8 2007, at Little Black Pearl Art Design Center, 1060 East 47th Street, in Chicago’s
Hyde Park Community. The two-day event features art, spoken word, and authors from
around the country, as well as a number of surprises including speakers and prize drawings.
The event will feature over 35 authors, poets, and artisans beginning with Friday
evening’s “Rock The Word”, a Harlem Book Fair spoken word music concert, from
6-10 PM. Performers include artists from Chicago’s popular Ear Candy poetry troupe.
Saturday is the 4th annual Authors and Artists Event from 1 – 5PM. The event will
feature authors selling their books, guest lecturers and the popular charity drawing.
Last year over $3000 in prizes was awarded to attendees.
Now in its 9th year, the Harlem Book Fair was founded by Max Rodriguez, founder and
publisher of QBR, as a community event and forum for readers to discover, experience
and celebrate African American history and culture through books. Harlem Book Fair
events are presently hosted in New York City, Buffalo NY, Boston MA, Hartford CT,
and Toronto CD. Visit for more information on the Harlem Book Fair.
220 Communications is the parent company for online art gallery
and online media (books, music, film) site The company is dedicated to
the marketing and promotion of the arts using a positive and innovative approach.
The organization stresses unity through diversity and supports a diverse clientele in
the arts and business fields.
Media Contact
Glenn Murray

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Forthcoming: Venesha - Mistress Me

Mistress Me
May 1, 2007

Inspired by true events MISTRESS ME is a behind the scenes look at male athletes and the woman who have the privilege of bedding them. On the come up... Channing L. Golden has rapidly came up in the industry as a well sought after publicist among professional athletes thanks to the support of her twin brother and first round draft pick Chase Golden and her love interest fellow baller, Cartier Smith. As personal assistant and self-taught publicist to Chase, Channing is the president of the Talk To Me Right publicity and management agency. Her undeniable good looks, charisma, sex appeal and promiscuous reputation captures the attention of a very important star player in the league Alonzo "Zoe" Butler, leagues hotshot and oversexed ladies man. Everybody plays the fool sometimes... Alonzo says he's looking for someone with Channing's negotiating savvy and expertise; however he's really seeking a personal playmate. Married for six years Alonzo initiates a five year love affair with his publicist and together they conceive three children. When Alonzo's barren wife Sheila Butler follows her intuition and hires a private investigator to get the drop on her suspected cheating spouse she is disgustingly surprised to learn that her husbands mistress is Channing L. Golden one of the biggest undercover hoes in the industry. MISTRESS ME is a tale of the highly coveted life of the sports industry elite and manipulating socialites within the world of the NBA. Experience an up-close and personal full court press in this tangled web of infidelities, backstabbing and catastrophe filled sexcapades, from an insider's point of view.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Forthcoming: R.L. - The Streets Love No One

R. L.
The Streets Love No One
April 20, 2007

The Russian mob wants them dead. The Feds are unable to incriminate them. And the streets fear them. However, no one can stop them. That is, until a 22 year old vendetta resurface and Rebel and Tangy find themselves entangled in a web intricately fashioned together by a dark secret. A secret so deadly, it may cost them their lives. Read this page turning, plot twisting tale of love, deception, loyalty, betrayal, and murder, and see for yourself why...The Streets Love No One.


Friday, April 13, 2007

The Forthcoming: Dejon - My Skin Is My Sin

My Skin Is My Sin
April 24, 2007

Pumpkin, a pretty, naïve teenage girl fresh out of high school gets hooked up with Goldmine, a stunning and conniving stripper, after being sexually assaulted by her aunt’s bi-sexual girlfriend.
Goldmine wastes no time in introducing Pumpkin into Atlanta’s cold seedy underworld of quick money, tarnished dreams, and exotic dancing. Pumpkin soon finds herself caught up in the middle of a brutal drug war between New York gangsters and Atlanta’s local drug dealers who will stop at nothing to protect their territory.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Forthcoming: R. Moreen Clarke - Quench My Thirst

Every wild desire, every illicit fantasy will be indulged—with pleasure. These men know how to leave their women breathless. For they live true to their motto: keep the customer very, very satisfied...
Trevor Calhoun and Damian Adams are ambitious, hotshot salesmen—by day. By night, they’re selling something very different—soul-searing bliss. Smooth, skilled, and oh so fine, there’s no appetite they can’t satisfy. That is, if the price is right. All it takes is a phone call, and these hunks of chocolate perfection are primed for action, ready to fulfill the secret needs of well-to-do Chicago women.
Women like Denise, a pillar of her community—with x-rated fantasies that would make the church ladies gasp. Or Agnes, the aggressive, high-powered lawyer who demands complete control, in and out of the bedroom. Nina, the beautiful, insatiable celebrity who’ll get her freak on anywhere, anytime. And Paige, vulnerable and shy, but with a hidden fire that Trevor can stoke to an explosive inferno. Every woman with a different craving, but with one thing in common—they all want Trevor and Damian. And these gorgeous, gifted studs are happy to oblige…



BIBR and NBCC form partnership, NBCC Chicago Conference in Aug 2007

BIBR and NBCC form partnership to expand black book club conference

(March 26, 2007 ) Black Issues Book Review and the National Book Club Conference have announced that they are forming a partnership to further expand one of the nation’s most unique literary events.

Four years ago journalist and author Curtis Bunn founded NBCC, a not-for-profit organization, which brought together African-American reading clubs and authors for a celebration and exchange of ideas. What began with modest support from publishers, book clubs and authors has grown into a major three-day event that last year attracted more than 700 participants.

The NBCC conference offers panel discussions with leading African-American authors and publishing professionals. It also bestows awards to upcoming writers, issued by literary pillars like Walter Mosley, Terry McMillan and Terrie Williams, and to book clubs for civic and literacy projects. This year, the NBCC will issue its inaugural  award in the name of the late Bebe Moore Campbell.

As part of the newly formed alliance, BIBR will become the exclusive marketing and media partner of NBCC. In this role, it will work with sponsors, advertiser and media partners to build greater support for the event. “Our magazine has been affiliated with Curtis and the NBCC since the beginning,” said Ken Smikle, publisher of BIBR. “As partners, we look forward to growing the conference to its full potential and providing attendees with an even more unique experience.”

"Black Issues Book Review is the leading resource on literature for and about blacks," Bunn said. "Its support over the years has been significant. Now, with Ken's initiative, we will collaborate to make a wonderful yearly experience that much more memorable and rewarding."

This August, NBCC will take nearly two hundred participants to
Ghana, West Africa for its first overseas conference. Among the authors attending will be Bernice McFadden, Nina Foxx, Ghana-born Ekow Eshun and Akosua Busia, among others.

Also this summer, Black Issues Book Review and NBCC will present the first regional conference, NBCC Chicago, to be held in August following the return of the
Ghana gathering. The Chicago event will give those clubs that have not been able to travel to the Atlanta conference the opportunity to come together. The date and location of the day-and-a-half conference will announced shortly.

Black Issues Book Review is the nation’s only magazine devoted to reviewing books by black authors and of interest to African-Americans. Now in its eighth year, the award-winning magazine is published by Target Market News, Inc., a Chicago-based company that specializes in publishing news and research about African-American marketing and media.

The National Book Club Conference is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization founded by Curtis Bunn on the principles of promoting the wonder of books, both to adults and youths. In addition to the annual conference, NBCC also operates the Youth Book Club Program, which works with public schools to support and develop reading groups as a way of addressing the alarming literacy rate among children. Please visit

For further information about the upcoming NBCC Chicago conference, please call Black Issues Book Review at 212-947-8515 or e-mail us at

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Forthcoming: Vanessa Davis Griggs - Blessed Trinity

Three devastating secret.
Faith Alexandria Morrell, the oldest of a mysterious trio of sisters, lives a troubled life and guards a horrifying secret. Yet few, least of all her new church family, would believe this always-impeccably-dressed woman is so utterly lost. But what lies beneath the surface of Faith's carefully constructed veneer could completely destroy her.
Needing help, Faith and her sisters, Hope and Charity, join Followers of Jesus Faith Worship Center. This new mega church, led by the dreadlock-wearing, Holy Ghost-filled Pastor George Landris, just may offer the solace she needs. But Faith soon discovers that all is not well in her new church home: Pastor Landris's marriage may not be as solid as everyone thinks and he's struggling to finance the church building; Thomas, the pastor's deadbeat brother, is diagnosed as bipolar; and Johnnie Mae, the pastor's wife, is facing some tough choices regarding her ailing mother's care. How can Faith and her sisters find comfort here when so many are wrestling with their own issues? And when one sister suffers a crushing collapse, prayer may be the only way to unravel the mystery shadowing Faith and her sisters--the blessed trinity.



Bertelsmann to Buy Time Warner's Stake in Bookspan - Your Thoughts

Bertelsmann Buying Rest of Bookspan

Literary Guild Book Club

Bertelsmann AG, the owner of the publisher Random House, said Tuesday that its DirectGroup unit bought the 50 percent stake held by Time Inc. in Bookspan, owner of 40 book clubs including Book-of-the-Month Club.

(This includes some very popular clubs, including Doubleday, Black Expressions, Zooba, Literary Guild, Quality Paperback Books, Mystery Guild, The Good Cook, and more - see complete list by clicking here)


Zane's 'Addicted' Scheduled for the Big Screen

  Zane’s ‘Addicted’ Scheduled for the Big Screen
Article was printed 3/15/2007.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Forthcoming: Andrea Blackstone - Nympho

Andrea Blackstone
April 24, 2007

Meet Leslie Thompson, a sexually frustrated thirty-year old teacher on summer break. Tired of being locked into a boring routine and conservative lifestyle, she just wants to feel good and have some erotic fun. Her fiancé Trey is everything she could hope for--minus the dull sex life.
When the best man, Rico, figures out that Leslie craves sheet-pulling orgasms, he proves to be the man who can deliver. After Leslie grows accustomed to having her cake and eating it too, sexing Rico ignites her desire to sow her wild oats with lovers other than her man on the side. 
All hell breaks loose when Rico decides that one night with Leslie is not enough to keep their indiscretion quiet, proving that there is no fury like a man scorned. In the end, pleasure leads to pain, but just not for Leslie.
How will signing up to live a promiscuous double-life destroy everything that's at stake in the lives of two close couples? Take a journey into Leslie's secret world and prepare for a twisted, erotic experience.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Forthcoming: Vincent Alexandria - Black Rain

Kansas City detective Joe Johnson is a passionate family man, and a loving husband and father. But on the streets, he can go toe-to-toe with the toughest gangsters. Joe is also fiercely loyal to his fellow officers; so when FBI agent Cheryl Chase makes a distressed late-night call, he's ready to respond without hesitation. Cheryl's working undercover, trying to bring down a ring of dirty cops who've found murder a great way to handle business. But Joe's partner and wife are strongly against him getting involved—especially with a woman who nearly cost him his marriage before.
Now Joe's got to face his most dangerous case yet, and it will take every skill he has to infiltrate, outwit and bring down the psychopathic ringleader if he and Cheryl are to stay alive and make it back home.



Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Forthcoming: Grace Octavia - Take Her Man

New York City “It Girl” Troy Smith thought she’d have her ring by spring. But there’s been a change in plans…
Troy is a beautiful, successful black woman who’s convinced her delicious boyfriend, Dr. Julian James, is the man of her dreams—until he says he wants a break. Brokenhearted, confused, and stuck in bed listening to Mary J. Blige, Troy knows there’s only one thing to do: get her girls to throw her an official 3T Break Up Party!
Established during their college days at Hampton University, the break up party was how Troy, Tamia, and Tasha—“The 3Ts”—survived the drama of relationship bust-ups by stepping out in their most scandalous dresses and dancing ‘til their feet hurt. Now it’s Troy’s turn. There’s just one problem: Julian’s stepping out too…with a new sister on his arm. Troy knows that should be the final straw, but she still can’t believe that Mr. Right is really Mr. All Wrong. So it’s time to get down and dirty and put the wicked 3T Take-Her- Man plan into action. And no matter how long it takes, she is going to win back her man. What follows is an adventurous, New York City roller coaster ride that even the 3 T’s could not have predicted.

A devilishly entertaining novel, Take Her Man also includes real-life rules, regulations, and recipes for becoming a real life “It Girl”…






Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Forthcoming: Cindy Brown Austin - By The Rivers of Babylon

Cindy Brown Austin
By The Rivers of Babylon
April 17th, 2007

What happens when a drug-lord and a church-girl fall in love? Operating as the Third World's most notorious drug lord and organized killer, Lincoln Duvall inadvertently falls in love with a street-savvy Christian journalist who reminds him of his own religious upbringing and threatens to dismantle his empire.

Two different hearts from two different kingdoms are battling for the souls of the other and there can be only one winner. Read it and find out who succumbs and who survives. An emotionally charged and compelling read, "Rivers" is guaranteed to be a life changing experience!


Friday, April 06, 2007

The Forthcoming: Tina Brooks McKinney - Lawd Mo' Drama

Tina Brooks Mckinney
Lawd Mo' Drama
Available Now!

Tina Brooks McKinney is back with the hotly anticipated sequel to All That Drama --with Leah and Sammie returning with ten times more problems and issues than before.

Leah and Sammie are two friends just trying to make it. They try their best to avoid drama, but somehow it always returns--and each other.


Leah thought she had found, and married, "The Good Man." Now, after a few years of marriage and three small children, her "good man" has eyes that are constantly roaming. Her bad turns to worse when she finds out that one of her children is autistic, and her house is soon to be foreclosed upon. In her lowest moment, she calls someone she knows will understand her plight--Sammie. Sammie hasn't changed much since Marie passed away--she's still looking for love in all the wrong places. Knee-deep in drama, Leah and Sammie finally realize that they can only count on themselves--and each other.


Brimming with juicy drama, betrayal, and family secrets, Lawd, Mo' Drama is funny and moving, heartbreaking and hopeful. Ultimately it offers a moving look at women's issues and the sisterhood that can also sustain us through life's toughest times.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Forthcoming: Eric Jerome Dickey - Sleeping With Strangers

Eric Jerome Dickey
Sleeping With Strangers
April 10, 2007

Hit man Gideon has always been master of his game, with plenty of money, women and power to his credit. But a heated encounter in a London hotel room could lead to his downfall.... With a supporting cast of grifters and killers, broken-hearted squares and streetwalkers, and three very different women who each want to become Gideon’s leading lady, this is a world that thrives on the darker passions of revenge and desire. Prepare yourself for a racy, rollercoaster ride of a read from an author who knows what you want—and serves it up hot and steamy, with plenty of satisfying twists and surprises!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Forthcoming: Lori Bryant-Woolridge - Weapons of Mass Seduction

Lori Bryant-Woolridge
Weapons of Mass Seduction
April 17, 2007

There comes a time in every girl’s love life when she needs a little help…enter Joey Clements, professional flirting coach. What she teaches Pia Jamison, Becca Vossel, and Florence Chase about the womanly arts of sensuality and flirtation turns them into bonified weapons of mass seduction. Armed and deliciously dangerous, the women return home in search of their desired prey, and though victory is ultimately theirs, the results are down right nuclear.

Pia , celibate and 41, has given up on marriage but not motherhood. Time is running out but she hasn’t a clue how to attract the man she needs in order to get the baby she wants. Tricked into attending the WMS workshop, a desperate Pia decides to stay and revive her feminine wiles. Back in New York, the lessons prove effective and Pia just might get the baby she wants but at what cost?

Florence is devastated when her husband of 20 years abruptly leaves. Heartbroken, the Texan belle goes to Joey in an effort to rekindle the romance and reclaim her spouse. But once reunited, the new sensually-improved Flo must determine if she’s staying in her marriage out of happiness or habit.

Rebecca is a 22 year-old plain Jane with no style and little pizzazz. Overwhelmed and ignored by Chicago’s men, she serious wants to break out of her restrictive upbringing and release her inner party girl, but will the new, super-sexed Becca recognize when she’s gone too far?

Part fiction, part flirt-manual, Weapons of Mass Seduction, is a fun and enticing read that promises to unleash the sensual woman in you.

On The Line w/Radiah Hubbert - J.D. Mason - April 2007

J.D. Mason talks to Radiah Hubbert about:
- Her new novel 'This Fire Down In My Soul'
- Her literary journey

- Her upcoming projects
- Her thoughts on today's book market
- Her advice for aspiring authors
- And Much More!!!

Click here for our Exclusive Audio Interview
with the Author of 'This Fire Down In My Soul'...

J. D. Mason

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Forthcoming: Tracie Howard - Gold Diggers

book cover
Traci Howard
Gold Diggers
April 17, 2007

Paulette, Gillian, and Reese are three gold diggers who have dollar signs in their eyes and gold digging in their DNA. Lauren is Paulette’s pampered cousin who never fails to remind Paulette of how different their lives have always been—Lauren the daughter of wealthy black urbanites and Paulette the daughter of the family black sheep who married “beneath her family pedigree.” Paulette will stop at nothing—not even sleeping with her cousin Lauren’s husband—to gain the social status she feels she rightfully deserves. Gillian is a second-generation gold digger and, having learned from the best, strategically sleeps her way to Hollywood—but does she have the talent to be a lasting star? Reese is a career basketball groupie turned NBA trophy wife, and she wears it well, taking advantage of everything her new position affords; but when she finds out that DL may be more than just her husband’s best friend’s initials, she may be forced to realize that all that glitters isn’t gold. The stunningly beautiful, well-bred, but naïve Lauren is the secret envy of her friends. She seems to have all the creature comforts money can buy, but when she’s confronted with a crisis of her own, just how will she respond?

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nikki Turner - Forever A Hustler's Wife

Cover Image
Nikki Turner
Forever A Hustler's Wife
April 10, 2007

Des, Virginia’s slickest gangsta, is about to become a dad when he is charged with the murder of his own attorney. But with Yarni, his gorgeous wife (and a brilliant lawyer), now calling the shots, Des isn’t going back to the slammer without a fierce fight. Even with the heat on, Des manages to take his game to the next level and finds a new hustle, one that will allow him to possess the three things all major players desire: money, power, and respect. He becomes a preacher. Reluctantly, Yarni stands by her man as he trades in his triple beam scale for a Bible and a Bentley and makes his Church of the Good Life Ministry a welcoming place for all sinners to step up to the altar.

But when Des’s nephew is killed in the high-stakes heroin trade and Des learns that someone close to him okayed the hit, the dyed-in-the-wool gangsta sets aside the Bible for the gospel of the streets–even if it means risking the one person who’s always had his back.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Forthcoming: Roland S. Jefferson - One Night Stand

One Night Stand
Roland S. Jefferson
One Night Stand
Available Now!

How did a street hustler, in and out of jail since he was ten, beat a murder rap, no matter whether he did the crime or not?
Meet Myra Cross, a thirty-one-year-old redheaded beauty with a take-no-prisoners reputation as a Public Defender. She confounds her colleagues and clients alike as she not only wins acquittal after acquittal but poses for Playboy in her spare time. She has the face of an angel, the body of a goddess, and a mind like a steel trap. But with secrets and demons, she neither pretends to be a Girl Scout nor to have all the answers. This time, when she's once again assigned the defense of Napoleon T. Booker -- aka Little Dog Nine, who's charged with another homicide -- she gets much more than she bargained for.
Acclaimed author of the cult classic The School on 103rd Street , Roland S. Jefferson weaves an explosive literary mix of contemporary urban authenticity and classic old-school crime into a mesmerizing, pulse-pounding thriller.