Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nichelle Walker - Doing His Time

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Nichelle Walker
Doing His Time
May 1, 2007

Every girls dreams of meeting their Knight in Shining Amour and living happily ever after. But every hood chick dreams of meeting a baller so she can live happily ever “Rich!” When Emerald met Dollar, she knew she had found her ghetto Romeo and started living her happily ever rich life. Getting spoiled with the hottest whips, the finest clothes, the flyest jewels, and a unlimited cash allowance, Emerald represented a baller’s chick to the fullest. She lived, breathed, and swore by the hustlers anthem “Balling!” The night Dollar asked Emerald to marry him she knew her blood, sweat, and spit had paid off and she’d be forever fly. But when a drop goes bad and Emerald is forced to take the stand, will Dollar man up or will he leave her high and dry? Take this ride along with Emerald while she discovers the ups and downs of being a baller’s bit*h!

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