Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Forthcoming: Cindy Brown Austin - By The Rivers of Babylon

Cindy Brown Austin
By The Rivers of Babylon
April 17th, 2007

What happens when a drug-lord and a church-girl fall in love? Operating as the Third World's most notorious drug lord and organized killer, Lincoln Duvall inadvertently falls in love with a street-savvy Christian journalist who reminds him of his own religious upbringing and threatens to dismantle his empire.

Two different hearts from two different kingdoms are battling for the souls of the other and there can be only one winner. Read it and find out who succumbs and who survives. An emotionally charged and compelling read, "Rivers" is guaranteed to be a life changing experience!


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Anonymous said...

Blazin'- I really found this book fascinating.. It was a great read. Full of twist, turns and mystery. The book gave me an insight into the drug culture that I hadn't been aware of. Human being inhabit this world! People searching for life's meaning. I think Brown-Austin captures the world's greatest thing - love between two people. She also invades our own psyche and causes us to rethink some obvious assumptions... I can be a cultural awakening for many. It can be life altering for those up to the challenge. Courage, change, romance, intrigue... it's all there!!!